ODI Team India Balance…

I must declare that I am not a great fan of the current balance that Team India has got in its ODI Team. Having said that, I do believe that the ODI teams’ balance has improved substantially over the last 8 months or so, thanks to the return of Irfan Pathan.

I do believe that the return to form of Irfan Pathan is a definite positive for Indian cricket. After struggling with his rhythm for nearly a year, the young Irfan Pathan looks good today. He is running hard and bowling consistently in the mid-130kmph range. He also uses the slower ball and cutters quite effectively in ODI games. Throw in his competent batting and what you have is an effective package. Add to the mix the fearlessness of his captain M. S. Dhoni to use him in various different roles and you have the makings of an effective team-balance.

However, I do believe that India needs another Irfan Pathan to achieve that elusive balance.

If nothing more, this other allrounder could play when Irfan Pathan is either rested or injured.

With Andrew Symonds and James Hopes in its ranks, Australia has that balance. In Sundays’ game against India, Hopes had a tight hamstring and sat out the match. The result was there for everyone to see. The Indians knew the 5th bowler weakness in the Australian team and so, waited for Michael Clarke and Andrew Symonds to be wheeled in! The presence of James Hopes would perhaps have altered their approach a bit.

Similarly, in a tight game, I do believe India will get “found out” through the absence of that 5th bowler. At the moment, the team is making-do with a combination of Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh as that 5th bowler. Over time I do believe that the team needs to invest in another “allrounder” to achieve that elusive team-balance.

In Praveen Kumar, India has one such candidate warming the benches in Australia at the moment! I do believe that he ought to get a game against Sri Lanka today.

Other potential candidates include Yusuf Pathan, Joginder Sharma, Rajat Bhatia, Abhishek Nayar, although Manoj Tiwary, and S. Badrinath have also put their hands up, claiming to be allrounders!

Over time, it will be, I believe, players like these that will make up the core of a ODI team.

— Mohan

7 responses to “ODI Team India Balance…

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  2. You are right after Kapil’s devils we haven’t had any team with even one good all-rounder. Some show promise but time and again falter. Irfan showed promise but he has not been consistent.

  3. I agree form is temporary.
    But don’t we have too many players in our team who are not performing at their very best?

    1. Sehwag – I agree he scored an enterprising 150 in the last test, but he is no where near his best — ( Multan or MCG 2003 days) . He misses more often than he connects.

    2. Dhoni – he is hanging in there with some valuble runs and grit. But no where near his dominating best. His weakness against quality bowling is being exposed well in Australia

    3. Irfan Pathan – He has returned to cricket as a decent all rounder. But he is no longer the same Old lethal strike bowler for India .

    4. Yuvraj – No Comments. Even his fielding doesn’t seem to at its best.

    5. Harbhajan is again inconsistent.

    6. Sreesanth again is very inconsistent.

    7. R. Uthappa – No where close to the promise he showed in the T20’s. Its a little too early to suggest though given that he didn’t get enough opportunities.

    So are they all lacking motivation ?

    Having said all this. Gambhir seems to be at his best and so are the two young Sharmas .

  4. Sehwag has a high average in tests and should be included in the test teams. But his average in one-days is not that great.

    Yuvraj is not the same player (who hit 6 – 6s in an over) and his fielding is also slow. Perhaps, he is nursing an injury.

    SreeSanth is a strike bowler. He can take wickets, but he can be expensive. Without Zaheer and RP, there are not that many options.

    Why not try Suresh Raina or some other players.

  5. I was surprised when Dhoni brought in Sachin to bowl at the fall of sangakara’s wicket. I think it was 7th over. Mahela came into bat struggling for form and Dilshan was not yet striking the ball well, Ideally i would have thought that any other captain would brought in their strike bowler to attack and take more wickets. Surprise move.. your thoughts?

  6. That was very weird of them to play seven batsmen against SL, especially when the weather was looking bad.

    Also, I think Y. Sigh is India’s weakest link these days. Let’s give him a break and bring in someone else, at least for a while.

  7. Sreesanth is turning out to be another Agarkar.I hope he is not allowed to continue same way as Agarkar was ,well beyond time.

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