U19 World Cup

The start of the U19 World Cup is just around the corner. The teams are in the midst of practice matches. India won both its practice games so far (against New Zealand and England). The team that has gone is a strong one and contains some players that may well make it big in the future. Names like Virat Kohli (captain and middle-order bat from Delhu), Pradeep Sangwan (young fast bowler tyro from Delhi), Iqbal Abdullah (left arm spinner from Mumbai), Tanmay Srivatsa (the 18yo left-hand bat from UP) and Abhinav Mukund (left-handed opener from Tamil Nadu) are names that we should hear for a long time in Indian cricket.

Keep an eye out on that tournament too, as it unfolds…


9 responses to “U19 World Cup

  1. It would be a huge boost for Indian cricket team if some players of U-19 can make it to the final team. The names you mentioned are not that much popular yet, but a few impressive performances can bring them under the lime light. So, the tournament is very important for the players. Players like Irfan Pathan, Robin Uthappa, Suresh Raina first got media attention while playing in U-19 world cup. So, it would be nice for India if the flow continues.

  2. Hey man,

    India lost to SL. How come no report or do you only report wins?

  3. Srikanth Mangalam

    Hey Pav,

    India actually beat England convincingly. Get your facts right. Sri Lanka is not even in India’s group.

  4. Hi Pav,

    S Mangalam didn’t or didn’t want to understand your comments re THE match at Canberra!!!

    Another example of being in denial when beaten by the little brother Sri Lankan!!!!!

  5. The context for a comment is set by the thread. The context for this thread is the U19 WorldCup.

  6. Thanks Govinda.

    S Mangalam does have a point I should have made it clearer but it never occured to me that anybody could get that confused.

    Actually India have done pretty well in the CB series. They have beaten Australia & run SL close.

    Not bad for a team that didn’t make it through the first round of the world cup

  7. Pretty hard to follow the thread when it ain’t there

    had to use something

  8. Pav

    Point taken about the absence of a thread for you to comment in. But for you to assume that the thread wasn’t there just because India lost seems to suggest that you are an occasional visitor who hasn’t read the numerous threads that have been generated on this blogsite when India has lost in the past. I can provide examples, but they’d be pointless. You can read them yourself.

    I can’t speak for the other contributors but I, for one, just haven’t had the time to blog that particular loss.

  9. I appreciate that and perhaps I am being a little bit cheeky. If I have offended I apologise.

    I actually expected India to beat SL in Canberra even with the over reduction.

    Recent form of their bowlers has been that impressive. Having said that it means I found SL win with a couple of overs to spare meritorious

    You are right that I have only recently ( last month or so) found this site.

    I genuinely like it & respect you efforts despite frequently disagreeing with opinions expressed by all & sundry.

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