Daily Archives: 16 February 2008

Permutations and Combinations

The tri series tournament (What a long one at that?) is exactly at the half way mark now  and the current standings  in the points table is as follows –

Team Points
Australia 12
India 8
Sri Lanka 6


Australia is in the driver seat and probably need just another win (against any team) to book a place in the finals. So, what about India and Sri Lanka? Here are some permutations and combinations –

1. In the worst case scenario for India, they lose all four games –  in which case they pack up and leave.

2. If India win one against SL and lose all other games, they will end up with 12 points. SL will still  have to beat Australia in at least one game to reach the finals.

3. If India win one against SL and one against Australia, they will end up with 16 points, SL on 10 points and Australia 16. Sri Lanka will have to beat Australia in both their games to be in the finals.

4. If India win one against Australia but lose all other games, India will end up with 12 points, Sri Lanka 14 and Australia 16. Irrespective of Sri Lanka’s other results, they would qualify for the finals.

5. If India win both their games against Australia, India would move on to 16 points. Irrespective of the results of the other games, India would then qualify to the Finals.

6. If India win both games against Sri Lanka, India will automatically qualify as they would move to 16 points and the second finalists place will be a fight between Australia and Sri Lanka

In short, Sri Lanka’s loss to Australia today has strengthened India’s position. Sri Lanka needs to win at least 3 games to be in with a chance and that is a tough ask. On the other hand even a single win for India against them could secure them a place in the finals.