How about some quizzing? – I3J3 Quiz #1

Here is a shot at the first of hopefully many cricket quizzes to follow. Based on the responses, I hope to continue this for a while. I will post the answers two days after every quiz.. How about that? Let’s get cracking!

1. During the recently concluded test series, the Indian pace trio of Ishant Sharma, Irfan Pathan and RP Singh took the help of a “doctor” during the perth test match. Name the “doctor” in question.

2. Which cricketer is known as “Lagaan Bhai” as he hails from Bharuch and resembles characters from the Aamir Khan starrer, “Lagaan”?

3. Anil Kumble, at the end of the recent Sydney test, said, “There are two teams out there. One is playing cricket and the other is not”. These lines were originally said by whom and when?

4. Connect Stuart Broad, Tilak Raj, Dan Van Bunge, and Malcolm Nash

5. What was unique about the second game of the Zimbabwe – England one day international series in 1996/7, which Zimbabwe won by 7 runs?

– Srikanth

6 responses to “How about some quizzing? – I3J3 Quiz #1

  1. 1. Dennis Lillee .
    2. Munaf Patel.
    3. Bill Woodfull.
    4. All were hit for 6 sixers in an over! (by Yuvraj Singh, Garfield Sobers, Ravi Shastri and Herschelle Gibbs).
    5. First use of Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis Method. (D/L Method).

  2. 1 freemantle Doctor

    unless Chennai University has given a Honorary Doctorate to D K Lillee for services to Indian fast bowlers !!!

  3. Yep you are right. I was refering to the person who gave the tip!
    “Australian fast bowling Dennis Lillee provided Indian fast bowlers valuable tips on using the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ wind in Perth.”
    Yeah, the answer should have been ‘Fremantle Doctor’!
    There goes my US $10,000 prize that the site was offering!

  4. Mark from Sydney

    Srikanth, Woodfull said the above quote, but I think you will find that Kumble said: “Only one team was playing in the spirit of the game.”

    Sorry to be a pedant, but this is cricket

  5. Srikanth Mangalam


    Point Taken.

    Hedge has got all correct including “Freemantle Doctor”.


    Another one coming up soon unless there is unanimous oppostion to the idea.


  6. yup !! quizzing is fun.. and I liked your Quiz

    Just a small suggestion though. use comments approval feature and hold all answers for a day or so that people don’t get to look at the correct answers in the comments section :).

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