Will IPL bidding drama cause team friction?

Andrew Symonds is set to make more money than Ricky Ponting (USD 400,oo), Matty Hayden ($375,000) and Mike Hussey ($350,000) combined! Surely, Symonds is not worth more than the three combined or four times what Hussey is worth. Ponting may not be in blazing form this year – he averages 10.66 in the CB series, but Symonds hasn’t fared any better – he averages just 8.40. Compare this to Mr. Cricket, Mike Hussey, who averages 56.33 in the series, and you start wondering what the logic is behind the parity in the $$$ amounts.

Even if you leave current form out, none of the other factors I could think of (availability, marketability, and just ability) seem to justify the parity in the bids. I do however wonder, if any of this will cause any tensions in the dressing room. Surely, you can’t blame Ponting for being miffed at his IPL worth, particularly compared to Symonds’!

In other sports, when a player gets snapped up for more money by another team, he leaves all his original team mates behind to move to other team. In IPL though, after the tournament is finished, the players go back to their respective countries and share the dressing room with the same old players. There will be some initial teasing, but I wonder if it may end up becoming jealousy and lead to friction within the team.

I am probably not alone in thinking that some of the players’ allegiance will also come under scrutiny when their performance for their country slips, while their IPL form is strong.

Only time will tell….


4 responses to “Will IPL bidding drama cause team friction?

  1. I am not really worried about the friction…amongst teams…I think we should all be worried about the quality of international cricket deteriorating because of early retirements of players who could have easily given more…to the game of cricket.

    Lets hope our beloved game….stays the same…and rather improves…

  2. I am talking more about friction within the team…not amongst.

    It would be interesting to see if players do retire early to play in IPL. ICC may eventually cave in and organise international schedule around IPL…which could stop players from retiring early.

    I also wonder if some of the English county contracts will get affected by IPL…

  3. IPL is going to be a big success in a country like india. It wuld gradually be interesting for other countries as their top batsmen can play in IPL. important is the money flowing over IPL.

  4. Thank you Mahesh. You have pointed out some important aspects of the unnatural system of IPL player auction.

    The whole process of player bidding was of no base. How can David Hussey get more amount than his brother Mike Hussey and Ricky Ponting? Does he really deserve it? Only BCCI bosses will know about it.

    This shows that how much unprofessional the franchise owners are. They have no idea regarding the quality of the players. I do not think that they will look to anything else (like so-called cricket development) except money.

    Suppose Kolkata fails to reach the semi final of the tournament, but Shah Rukh Khan somehow manages to earn a descent amount from different sources. Then, do you think that Mr. Khan will have anything to worry about. I don’t find any reason to be worried as his investment is paid back in amount. Now, suppose, Mr. Ambani fails to capture a descent amount and faces some financial loss, but his team gets the title. Do you think that is there any reason left for Mr. Ambani to be excited.

    Thank you again that you have indicated a possible friction among the players. Yes, it is very possible to have that kind of friction among the international cricketers. It might affect the team spirit and the unity of the squad. Some players may join ICL after not getting an expected amount from IPL or some players may opt out to join IPL seeing that a less talented player gets higher amount. Thus, international cricket will also be affected. The way IPL is approaching, I think, they will face serious problem within few years, if not now.

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