Sunday was heaven for a thwarted cricket ambition such as mine.

The Aham-udai-yaaL (Tamizh for owner-ess of the home) was away for the afternoon, the children were nominally in my care, but in reality were happily engaged in activities involving mud and water in the backyard, and I had a choice of two cricket games involving India on the widescreen.

India v Australia at the SCG on Channel 9.

India v England at the Kinrara Oval in the U19 World Cup on Foxtel.

And I kept flicking between both, with extended sojourns at Kinrara particularly when Ponting was brutalising the attack.

The Indian U19 lot are top dogs in this tournament. Dav Whatmore’s charges are an aware lot. In addition to having all the skills (fielding in particular) a lot of them move with the mien of future stars and have the hairstyles to prove it.

Some names to watch for.

Shrivats Goswami.

Packed as the side is with spinners, watching him keep to them is particularly pleasing. Light on his feet, he rises with the release and moves in early anticipation. (Parthiv, are you paying attention?) Therefore, he is in position early for leg side takes.

And athletic too. This episode is from the previous game v WI. Mid on (Srivastava?) threw into the gloves. It was a spectacular dive-surface and release effort, so a degree of waywardness was forgivable.

What stood out was Goswami’s acrobatic dive outwards, his collection and rapid underarm release-while airborne AND blindsided-to hit the stumps.

Virat Kohli

His century against the WI was urgent and a captain’s knock that I think put the match out of WI’s grasp. Unless he’s been coached, he seems to have mastered the soundbite as well. His post match interviews are crisp and to the point.

George Binoy writes that at the previous edition, Indian media interest swelled as India progressed, and he expects the same this time around.

Given the quality of the cricket on display I’d suggest that we, the great unwashed, tune in as well.


3 responses to “Heaven

  1. Soundar ,

    I agree , Heaven indeed but I respectfully suggest there is a greater joy.

    I was unable to watch either match and was pleased not to be able to.

    The reason. I was watching my son playing 1st XI mens cricket open the batting & score a good 80 on a dodgy track unfortunately losing his wicket just after tea to a blinding catch in gully. Hope he learns from this.

    Bliss indeed.

    As much as I enjoy international cricket nothing beats local cricket where there is involvement

    In all the rubbish that has gone on about Sydney/IPL/Touring Pakistan it is easy to loose the real game of cricket

    I hope this also awaits you

  2. The Pav,

    Oh yes, quite agree. As was said by the hacks in the context of the Vietnam war, a molotov cocktail next to their hotel had more immediate impact than Agent Orange on the Vietcong 100 miles away (or words to that effect).

    I quite look forward to the day when my boy runs onto the MCG as part of the lunch time Milo junior cricketers; early rises for junior matches and so on!

  3. I forgot to advise that Oz speak for Aham-udai-yaaL is SWMBO ( She who must be obeyed) or The War Office.

    It would seem men the world over have more in common than just cricket!

    Perhaps there should be a blog for that.

    By the way 10yearstoolate that Milo thing is cool.

    My boy did it during an Ashes Test. His group played in front of the Barmy Army.

    After hitting a few sixes when fielding he took a catch right on the line.

    The Army promptly asked if had an English mother so he would qualify for England!!!

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