Cricket Australia to reprimand Matthew Hayden?

Cricket Australia is reported to have said that it will make a “significant announcement about a current Australian player” at 5pm AEST (1130 IST).

It could be about the retirement of Brad Hogg. But then Hogg has already announced his retirement plans separately!

So speculation is rife that Matthew Hayden will receive a wrap (Edit: Sic! I meant to write “rap”) on his wrists from Cricket Australia — and so he should, in my view, for calling Harbhajan Singh an “obnoxious little weed”; a story that has received some discussion on this blogsite.

Matthew Hayden is also reported to have said that he would love to meet Indian pace bowler, Ishant Sharma, in a boxing ring!

Now, it is quite likely that Matthew Hayden will indeed receive his wish of being in a boxing ring soon! Unfortunately, he could well be facing off with his employers! Time will tell…

— Mohan

Edit: Matthew Hayden’s obnoxious comment is available here as an audio clip.

17 responses to “Cricket Australia to reprimand Matthew Hayden?

  1. I don’t think CA would do anything significant to Hayden.. but may be time will tell. (only 5 minutes now).

  2. Personally I think that for such a rude. tactless & tasteless comment ( no matter how true they may be) at a time when tensions are I high he should be suspended for three matches
    One for being stupid
    One for being tactless
    One for being rude

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  4. Was Hayden being a “racist” when he imitated Ishant’s accent in the radio show? I’d like Chris to listen to the show and tell me what he thinks…

  5. It’s sad that cricketers are stooping to this level. Can’t understand the reason for so much animosity.

  6. Well it looks like Hayden will be charged. Probally should have waited for the biography before he said it.

  7. Hayden should be charged no doubt. As Australians say that “we leave all the talk/banter inside the white line or the field” . This is a clear violation of that policy if that were to exist and emotions were carried outside the field.

    Two points –

    1. Remember Hayden beat up poor Zimbabwe for 380, I was so happy when Brian Lara made 401 to beat Hayden’s record. World record is better under Lara’s name.

    2. Hayden walks down the wicket even in the new ball spell against the current pace bowlers – Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan. This is a sort of intimidation to set the tone.

    Not sure if Hayden could do the same antics that against Holding, Marshall or Ambrose …

  8. I’ve been trying to figure out why Hayden would make such a stupid comment.

    Perhaps he is not as stupid as he seems.

    The fact is Bhajii has been pretty ineffective this summer. Very ordinary numbers. If he hadn’t got Ponting a couple of times he would have barely had a wicket

    Perhaps Hayden was worried that Bhajii might
    be dropped!!!

    Then stirring Ishant up could result in him trying to bowl too fast and then he goes for another 65 runs

    Just a thought

  9. H L Cadambi (Cad)

    This is what Hayden said on radio:” Its been a bit of a long battle with Harbhajan, the first time I ever met him he was the same little obnoxious weed that he is now”.

    And after the hearing, and reprimand, he says:”I maintain my innocence, my intentions were never to denigrate cricket or anyone. ”

    “Obnoxious little weed” not “meant to denigrate”?

    Perhaps whatever Harbhajan, Ishant, anyone from any team ever said – insulting, racist, obscene, offensive though it may seem to anyone – was not meant to denigrate anyone!!!!

    Never again whinge, or complain to the authorities, all. And, this includes the Aussies!


  10. All I can say is its needless to get into this mess and magnify this issue more.

    He is simply dumb.

    Digressing from the topic a little bit. I think Bhajji’s performance this series has been below par. M.Karthik who took 6 wickets in previous outing was overlooked because of Harbhajan’s good track record against the australians.
    But he has not repaid the faith of the selectors. He is afraid of giving the ball a flight and starts bowling flatter and flatter once he goes for runs.

    I think Bhajji has to do some introspection and see how he can get back to some form.

    Some body remind him of his exploits as a turbunator.

  11. Correcting my previous comment

    All I can say is its needless for “Hayden” to get into this mess and magnify this issue more. He is simply dumb

  12. Mohan…

    In your post you said
    >So speculation is rife that Matthew Hayden will receive a wrap on his wrists

    I suspect there was a Freudian slip…Hayden based on what he said in the interview clearly seems like he has been doing nastry things and hence cricket Australia is concerned about the damage (in addition to his brain) to his wrists…hence the wrap…

    What they may also deliver is a rap…a sharp rebuke or criticism


  13. Here’s a limerick I phoned into ABC’s Derek Guille’s show last night.

    Admittedly hastily composed immediately on hearing him announce the competition, however, here goes

    There was an Aussie named Matt
    Who carried a big meaty bat
    wrote a cook book as a stocking filler
    and pronounced ‘weed’ to be the name of a Sikh Spinner.
    The question though, is
    Is Matt’s bat good enough to be weed killer.

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  15. @ The Pav.

    “Perhaps he is not as stupid as he seems”.

    Nope! He is actually stupider than he looks! Dumber than a box of rocks! Thicker than teak Burmese wood!

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