Australian cricket… an interesting read

Read this article in The Mid Day by Michael Jeh, a coloured player who has played club cricket for Mathew Hayden’s Valley Cricket Club in Brisbane. It might be of interest to you and adds more colour (pardon the pun) to recent goings on.

— Mohan

12 responses to “Australian cricket… an interesting read

  1. I do not agree with all the points Michael Jeh makes. For example, Sachin Tendulkar has been and is regularly sledged.

    In the Adelaide Test, the following is a reported sledge-fest involving Michael Clarke, our good friend Saint Hayden, Tendulkar and Sehwag.

    Michael Clarke: “Why don’t you retire now? You have become old and can’t even run.”

    Sehwag: “Just shut up. Do you know how many matches he’s played and how many runs he’s scored?”

    Hayden: “Here comes the big mouth.”

  2. What a Magnificent Article.
    It Should be on the Front Page of
    The Australian(maybe sports front page).

    Copy should be sent to CA – Ceo James Sutherland and also send a Copy to Ian Healy & Michael Slater.

  3. Excellent article and it is so good that you located it.

    I think(but I’m not positive) it has been on the ABC’s web site for some time, maybe a month or so. I only mention this to explain why a copy doesn’t need to be sent to CA et al as suggested by Vandy.

    No doubt everybody else is as appalled as me about the racism.

    This goes to show how right Symonds, Hayden & Pointing were to object to what they believed was Bhajji’s racist remarks.

    They were trying to show rascism at any level is wrong & explains their sensetivity

    It is a pity that they seemingly misheard Bhajji and that Bhajji himself did not explain what he really said until some weeks after the event.

    Just think without the events at Sydney this story would not have come to light.

    No doubt all your readers will now want to congratulate Symonds etc on their attempt to stamp out this abhorrence.

  4. H L Cadambi (Cad)

    This is ONLY about racist remarks. If someone started chronicling all offensive ( whatever the definition) conversations!
    Folks, this is a GAME. The soomer players and more so authorities realised that, and completely clamped down on all offensine behaviour, the better.

  5. chris hutchinson

    Hang on you blokes!

    Michael has blatantly glossed over the fact that not all Australians are like this. If you believe this then that is fine. Even some of the harshest sledgers havent a racist bone in their bodies (me).

    The world, and Australia has evolved over the years. Racism will always exist but there are those in all walks of life who just dont get it.

    The hypocrisy of Australians is being exposed.

    The hypocrisy of Indians is being ignored.

    Who is to say that you’re not making yourselves feel better in your own tongues. Which I would call quite sensible.

    Offensive behaviour should be carded as mentioned by Mohan.

    Racist taunts are just unnecessary.

    But I just cant help feeling that something else is a foot here.

    Bloggers seem to think that Australia are too rough and yet cry babies!

    Do some thinking please! You cant have it both ways.

    Australians sledge and they love it back! Ask South Africa.

    The score board to the legality of sledging is in the “crosses of the line” – the transgressions.

    If Australia are whispering all their sledges. Maybe India should to!

    p.s. Robert Craddock says India will be the No.1 cricket nation within 3 three years.

    I say you have had the talent for 30 years plus.

    PCL/IPL will improve Indian cricket no end. But politicking and FAILURE to address the real issues facing Indian cricket will mean you wont get there.

    Blog about that!


  6. @ chris.

    Sorry Mate truth is always bitter. I think you just got provoked 🙂

  7. @Chris (via Robert Craddock)

    Stop dreaming/fearing (as the case may be). India will not be 31 in 3 years. There are too many impediments and road-blocks in the way. One of them is called the BCCI.

  8. @Chris

    I have a hypothesis…

    Why is it that Australia’s “most hated players” are Harbhajan Singh, Ranatunga, Sourav Ganguly and Sree Santh?

    My hypothesis is that they are not great players but use their in-your-face approach to get under the skin of the Australians. They play the game as hard and competitively as any Aussie that entered the field.

    Then why is it hard for Australians to stomach that? Surely, if these guys played for Australia, you’d be celebrating them!

    Think about it…

  9. Chris, your comment,”Aust’s sledge and they love it Back” is True as long as
    their winning, under pressure they
    become Nasty Little Boys.

    What are your percieved real issues confronting Indian Cricket, are they the same issues confronting Aust cricket.BTW Sth African cricketers should not be Proud of being the second best sledgers in world cricket.
    They along with the Undisputed Kings of sledge could eliminate the ill feeling
    quite simply by showing some respect
    to their Opponents no matter where they come from.Robert Craddock’s
    Intestional Fortitude to EXPOSE the
    boorish behaviour of certain cricketers
    without fear of being labelled UnAustralian is to be commended.

  10. Mohank, Couldn’t AGREE MORE.

    Your Hammer has hit the nail on the
    proverbable head.

    For Hayden to challenge a young KID
    into the Boxing Ring shows the true
    Arrogrance & Bullying behaviour he is
    accustomed to. I’d like to see him invite Chris Gayle into the Ring.

  11. My last comment on this issue,

    CA’s Limp Wristed penalty(reprimand)
    on Hayden will NOT be a Deterrent for players making Disparaging Remarks
    of opponents in Public.

    He should Have been made to make a
    Public Apology or Stood Down from the Sri Lanka game. I would have given him the Choice and i am pretty sure I know which one he would have taken,
    Tricky thing those Hamstrings aren’t they.

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