IPL update: The BCCI is serious about this?

A quick update on a few things that have been happening on the IPL front. I will update the “Who’s Who in the IPL Zoo” and post a 3rd update on that shortly.

In a completely bizarre move, the BCCI has said that it sees the IPL coaching offers of Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh as a conflict of interest with their national team roles. Venkatesh Prasad is set to be associated with the Bangalore franchise and Robin Singh is associated with the Hyderabad franchise. The BCCI official is reported to have said, “There might be a conflict of interest later on and we want our coaches to be wholly dedicated to the national side.” You could replace the word “coaches” in the above sentence with any of the pillars of cricket in India and it would be equally applicable, would it not?

This is surely nothing short of a stunning comment from the BCCI! Using that yardstick, the following people/organisations are also, in that case, likely to be in conflict with their national team roles: BCCI, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, M. S. Dhoni, Sourav Ganguly, V. V. S. Laxman, Anil Kumble… you get the drift, don’t you! Going by that simplistic in-conflict rule perhaps the only person-in-cricket in India that is perhaps not-in-conflict is Gary Kirsten, Team India coach — Kirsten does not have any IPL role… yet!

The BCCI spokesperson goes on to say (clearly a case of foot-in-mouth disease here), “We need to consider future possibilities. What if Hyderabad want Robin Singh when India are playing a series? It’s ok if coaches have a consulting role in the IPL but to be full-time with a team may be a problem. We need to discuss. Nothing is finalised yet.

Good point 99! But then, if Team India are playing a series and Hyderabad wants the services of Robin Singh, then Team India will have to play the games that the BCCI has scheduled for it without the services of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, R. P. Singh, Zaheer Khan, Anil Kumable, V. V. S. Laaxman, et al, who will be busy playing IPL games that the BCCI has scheduled! Surely this is a left-hand-right-hand problem? It may be hard for the BCCI left hand to know what its right hand is doing. But surely, the time to start fixing this lack of ambidexterity is now!

All IPL teams have been asked to have their agents stop approaching India U19 players currently on national duty in Malaysia. The BCCI has said that each franchise would have their say in picking U19 players from their own catchment area before the players are available for “poaching” by other franchises.

The Delhi Daredevils team has secured the services of Mithun Manhas, Shikar Dhawan and Rajat Bhatia and signed them up.

The Bangalore Royal Challengers is close to signing up Martin Crowe as Coach. Local bangalorean, Venkatesh Prasad, current Team India Bowling Coach is also set to be associated with the Bangalore team.

The Bangalore Royal Challengers has also signed up Praveen Kumar, hero of India’s last CB Series win against Sri Lanka. Now, given that Praveen Kumar is not in Bangalore’s Catchment Area, would Praveen Kumar not have to go through the “auction process”? I am a bit unclear on this one.

The Hyderabad team (that Andrew Symonds and Adam Gilchrist have signed up for) are close to signing up Robin Singh, Team India Fielding Coach, as their Coach. Former Hyderabad off-spinner and domestic veteran Kanwaljit Singh will assist Robin Singh, perhaps as Bowling Coach!

Current Team India Manager/Coach, Lalchand Rajput, is the hot contender to take over as the Mumbai Team coach.

Shane Warne is set to captain and coach the Jaipur team.

— Mohan

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