Just shuddap and play

Is it just me or are others getting tired of the sledge-fest that is happening between India and Australia, too?

I have reached a point where I don’t care if  Harbhajan really called Symonds a monkey. Nor do I care if Symonds (who earlier said that a cricket field is no place to be friendly) gave Ishant a friendly compliment on his bowling when he got out. I am really tired of the Australian players’ comments about Indian players and I am also tired of the Indian players’ poor attempt at trying to out-sledge the Aussies.

Just get on with the game, will ya? And I mean both teams…

All this is just proving too much of a distraction – not just for the players – but to us Cricket fans too.What would you rather read about in the press – Gilchrist’s final innings in International Cricket or Gilchrist defending Hayden for his stupid comments? Would you rather watch a young Ishant Sharma troubling Ponting and Ponting picking up the challenge or watch Ishant Sharma giving Symonds a send off by pointing the way to the pavillion?

Well, frankly I’ve had enough.  There are just 2-3 games remaining in the tournament and I know it must be hard for players who earn millions to shut their mouth and just play cricket – but can you guys please do just that?

Thank you!


18 responses to “Just shuddap and play

  1. Yep, me too. I’m bored to the point that I’m now blogging about U19 rather than the CB series.

    This is just TOO much. Everyone enjoys a little bit bad blood, but at some point, you’ve to get your bat swinging and balls rolling.

  2. Guys,

    Use energy wisely–use the remote control when the sports news commences–do not watch any cricket that involves Indians and Aussies–get your wife or child or brother to tear up the sports page before you read the rest of the news–go and do some social work, like sweeping the roads in a slum or educate the educatable poor and unfortunate kids–cricketers are an incorrigible breed–as an Aussie PM said of the malaysian PM, these cricketers are RECALCITRANTS!!!! –with millions of dollars and rupees thrown to these idiots by ICL and IPL, the behaviour of these prima donnas will get worse –not improve. It is only a four figure fine these days for bad behaviour –and that is peanuts for them while earning seven figure income for 44 days of playing cricket–finally, if these tactics don’t work, immerse your computers and Blueberries in the loo and flush twice

  3. Guys,

    Use your energy and brain wisely–use the remote control when the sports segment starts on evening news–get your wife or brother to tear up the sports page before you get to read the rest of the news–do some social work–sweep the roads and clean the toilets in the slums–educate the poor educatable kids there–these cricketers are recalcitrants and hence, incorrigible–four figure fines are chicken feed when they are paid seven figure sums by ICL and IPL for 6 weeks of playing cricket and abusing each other and the umpires–if this doesn’t work, flush your computers and blueberries down the toilet–remember to flush twice!

  4. chris hutchinson

    I dont qite agree with shaddup an play but yes the whole thing is becoming rather tawdry.

    How India actually feels about sledging is up in the air! Obviously for all its a matter of what is said.

    It’s lost on most “no sledging” activists that sledging is not intended to hurt people. It is intended to ensure that the person batting (usually) does not bat the way the sledger’s team thinks he can.

    This obviously gets out of hand from time to time and shouldnt.

    I know for a fact that Australians dont sledge particular players – for good reason! Therein lies the answer.

    Think like the sledgee does for a moment and pretend your holding a bat.

    The challenge for you is to bat – not respond.

    The silence will be deafening and as your self-awareness, mutual respect and batting average go up; you will wonder what the fuss was all about.

    Please stop calling Australia bullies! That’s crap!

    Just beat us and we’ll soon shut up.


  5. Simply put: ICC Convictions
    1. India 45

  6. Simply put: ICC convictions 1 India 45, 2 Pakistan 39, 3 ?, 4 Australia 26!

  7. @rext

    That’s the point Dhoni made. Australia are good at what they do. They cover it up well. Those stats don’t prove a point. It does to the Lalors of the world though. You don’t want to be known as a mere Lalor do you? 🙂

  8. theblackirishman

    “It is intended to ensure that the person batting (usually) does not bat the way the sledger’s team thinks he can”

    If that is attempted using devices other than a cricket ball (E.g a mouth), isnt that simply cheating?

  9. Sampath:

    Good advice. I like it…

  10. Australians are saints. They undoubtedly are world champions in cricket. In all other aspects too they are saints. They never sledge but still all opposition team accuse them of sledging.

    They accept defeats gracefully.

    They are so friendly to players they play against.

    I wonder why they are playing cricket, they should be worshipped as Gods

    They are so ethical in what ever they do..

  11. @Karthik @ theblackirishman

    Sledging is completely Justified. infact Every team should have their own sledging coach.

    May be Chris wants to apply for position as the Sledging coach of Austral.. errr… sorry One of the franchise teams in IPL.

  12. Pick me, Pick Me.!!!!!!!

    I believe I would make a Terrific Sledgeing Coach.

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!

    As far as Experience goes, well, I have lived in OZ for 40 odd years & being a
    Keen gardiner, I know a WEED when I see one.Hee,Hee.

  13. Mohan,

    “Those stats don’t prove a point”

    After reading your posts and even having my own discussions with you I have understood that no stat or example proves anything to you.

  14. @JB

    Not true. Those stats mean that India is worse at hiding their “antics” than Australia! Sadly, as Dhoni said, India will have to get better at the “Art of sledging” and match Australia! Sad, don’t you think?

  15. Mohan,

    Of course it does.

    Harbhajan is the most cited player in history. This proves the bias of the ICC…..

    I understand.

  16. JB out friendly aussie whiner!

  17. Teri Maaka Pav

    Arre yaar India jeet gaya… Where are our friendly Aussie neighbours now? Hope some of them turn up here congratulating the young Indian team on a fine performance…

    Oh no… I hear they are busy raking up some more “imaginary” muck on Bhajji after abusing him racially throughout the match… Well, I guess some things will never change…

  18. I am at a point where I might just get sick of cricket if both the side don’t shaddap and play cricket. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do in the first place.

    BCCI surely has control over Indian cricketers . Can’t they get all these youngsters into a behaviour class or something and ask them to ignore the provocation, the sledging and comments and taunts?

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