Public Enemies #1

In the comments section of an earlier post, I postulated a hypothesis around why players like Harbhajan Singh, Sourav Ganguly, Arjuna Ranatunga, et al, are hated in Australia.

What wrong did Sourav Ganguly do? He was in the face of the Australians constantly when he was Team India captain. He made Steve Waugh wait for the toss repeatedly! He slowly, but surely, “mentally disintegrated” the Australians! Ganguly merely won that round in the Mental Disintegration Battle (MDB) match. What was wrong with that? Yet, he was labelled Public Enemy #1 in Australia!

What did Arjuna Ranatunga do? He was constantly in the face of the Australians. He was one of the first players in the world to say he wasn’t frightened of Shane Warne’s bowling! He constantly stretched the envelope and became a most hated player in the Australian team! Surely, all he did was to win several rounds of MDB! Nothing more. Nothing less.

What is Harbhajan Singh doing now? He is constantly under the skin of the Australians! He has stretched Matthew Hayden to the extent that the Australian opener loses the plot totally, goes to air in a radio show and jumps arms and legs flailing into the gutter. Is it not a mere instantiation of a round to Harbhajan Singh in the MDB stakes? Surely, this is allowed in the rules of MDB, a game invented by the Australians! Except that this game is now also being played on the other side of the “white line”.

What did Sree Santh do? He mouthed off at Andrew Symonds and Matthew Hayden after securing their wickets. Surely, these are accepted! After all, if Matthew Hayden can stand in the slips cordon applauding Brad Williams giving a send-off to Sourav Ganguly, all bets are off!

I see that Robert Craddock has already written about this issue. He has added to the list Douglas Jardine, John Snow and Richard Hadlee.

So, the question then is: Why is it that Australia’s “most hated players” are Douglas Jardine, John Snow, Richard Hadlee, Arjuna Ranatunga, Sourav Ganguly, Harbhajan Singh, and Sree Santh?

My hypothesis is that all of them employed an in-your-face approach to get under the skin of the Australians. They are as good at MDB as any Australian is. They play the game as hard and competitively as any Aussie that entered the field. Why is it that the Australians find it hard to digest?

Why is Sree Santh labelled (by Andrew Symonds no less) as “Public Enemy #1”? Interestingly, in this article, supposedly written while Symonds was perched on a tall pedestal at about 35,000 ft above sea-level, Symonds says: “It is fair to say there is not a lot of love between us and (Shanthakumaran) Sreesanth. His carry-on in this series has been way over the top. We don’t mind blokes having a go and standing up for themselves, but he has gone above and beyond what’s acceptable.”

Acceptable, to whom?

Why is it hard for Australians to stomach that there are a bunch of players who will stare the Australians in the face and give it back? My hypothesis is that if guys like Sree Santh, Harbhajan Singh, Sourav Ganguly and Ranatunga played for Australia, Australians would be celebrating them!

Hayden asks a wet-behind-the-ears Ishant Sharma to concentrate on his cricket and welcomes him to a boxing ring for a bout. Yet when Brad Williams indulged in a series of foul-mouthed send-offs, Hayden stood at first slip and celebrated. The whole of Australia celebrated. It is time to accept that there are other players in the world watching and aping (sorry for the marginal Darwininan pun to a taboo word in cricket circles) the Australians too! Time to be more accepting I think.

Time for a debate at least!

24 responses to “Public Enemies #1

  1. My sense is that Hayden was missing his favorite weed and got carried away.

    Rather than thanking India for withdrawing the charge against Hogg…Pointing goes and goads Bajji again…the guy is demented

    Peter Roebuck I think in SMH said that it is unfortunate that we cannot expect statesmanship from people like Pointing to diffuse the situation.

    Unfortunately what we have in Pointing is “spitter” not punter as he seems to be known. You cannot expect anything statesmanlike from someone who constantly spits into his hand!! the unfortunate thing is that you have his protege Clarke waiting in the wings (to spit)

    The aussie domination is over. They lost the plot in the test series and are loosing it in the CB series as well. The domination is over. When England won the CB series last year they did not take it well. Now they sense that things are slipping away.

    Bottom line the world has to realize that there is one rule for the Aussies and another for the rest of you folks.


  2. Tousch’e, SIR !!!!!!

    Well written, Well Said & Well Done.

    If you decide to run for ICC Presidency

    Youv’e GOT MY VOTE !!!!!!

  3. Sorry this post is so long and perhaps disjointed & rambling but I am supposed to be working & the boss calls round now & then.

    Remember the worst day of cricket is better than the best day at work !

    The players you mentioned aren’t “hated” in the conventional sense of the word. Rather they play the role of pantomime villians. They are the people we love to hate”. Their skills are admired and respected. They have personalities that Australians relate to and admire.

    They provide drama, contrast and interest.

    Just because players aren’t liked doesn’t mean they aren’t respected.

    Remember Larwood , the Bodyline villain, emigrated to Australia and lived happily and was respected. That was a crisis in cricket and he was Jardine’s main weapon.

    As Craddock put in his article it’s a back handed compliment although I exclude Bhajji from that category. He’s just an out and out tosser with no where near the playing credentials of the others. Bhajji is the one with five , repeat five, code violations. I think the others have about nil. Perhaps Bhajji is the only world record holder in Indian cricket.

    For example, most knowledgeable cricket fans in Australia’s assessment of Ranatunga would be along the lines “tough, ruthless, perhaps a bit grating, good cricketer, overweight knew his side was out classed but by crikey he would try anything to be competitive and good on him ”

    Warne might of hated him but it didn’t stop Warne being the leading wicket taker of his time.

    How’s Bhajji going on the wicket front?


    I don’t believe that any rational & impartial observer would accept that he “mentally disntegrated” the Australian team. Mild annoyance at his being late (don’t forget this would have also affected the TV coverage , umpires & spectators) My understanding is the first time he was late it was accidental. He saw that it annoyed Waugh so he decided to repeat the dose. I don’t have a problem with that aspect just how it affects others

    Given the inconvenience, arrogance & disrespect that his tardiness demonstrated to so many other people other than the Australian cricket team I would have thought that Indian cricket would have pulled him up. I;ve got the same gripe about Hayden’s Zen like trance before he faces up. If he wants to take that long get there earlier. I’ve got better things to do than wait for him to go through some arcane ritual.

    If I was an Indian player I would be giving him a huge serve. It’s a fee kick really.

    I’d stand close to him & comment along the lines of “We’re steady. Any chance you might be anytime soon or should we come back after lunch when you’ve finished your payer session”

    (Please insert the appropraite expleteives. Even better if Bhajji delivers it. Now I’ve thought of it I reckon the results would be incandescent. I hope it happens!)

    The most celebrated story in Australia about Ganguly is that he refused to share a hotel with team. The perception is that he is a bit of a snob. He is far from hated and isn’t really that noticed.

    If you think Bhajji has got under Hayden’s skin so much that he has lost the plot you are way off the mark.

    Hayden’s comments were “blokey , jokey type in a casual setting. It was not a descent into the gutter as you suggest and not even particularly insulting.

    The fact they were stupid & poorly timed is because of a pre-existing genetic condition that existed long before called “foot in mouth syndrome”. Don’t forget he lives in the “deep north” of Australia. Queenslanders are a bit strange. Look at their politics.

    The only test Australia lost was when Hayden was out injured and as soon as he came back he helped put the team in a winning position.

    Hayden might not have scored that many in the CB series but not many batsmen have.

    In contrast Bhajji’s figures are as bad as Hogg’s.

    I would suggest that the the “mental disintegration” lies elsewhere.

    Symonds comments on Sree Santh. So what. All he said was the truth. He wasn’t complaining or lodging a formal compliant or even telling him to stop. Just expressing the opinion that it was over the top.

    No formal complaint etc just a bloke expressing an opinion.

    And while on the subject of Symonds can I pose the following questions regarding Tendulkar.

    Did he nick the ball thru to Gilchrist the other night? (by the way no problem with him not walking)

    If he did and then was asked afterwards what would have been his reply?

    Symonds was stupid enough to be honest.

    Brad Williams. Quite frankly I don’t recall the event but he should have been pulled up & if Hayden was egging him on then the same applies . To say that the whole of Australia celebrated is just not true. I reckon you would be battling to find anybody in Australia who can remember Williams let alone his behaviour.

    Sree Santh

    He can carry on like a goose if likes but that’s not going to stop people commenting on it and if he cops a fine will he cop it sweet or will this be yet another case of injustice?

    By the way has any Australian sledged players when 12th man or do you consider it acceptable conduct?

    Remember the basic rule is you can sledge all you like but you’d better deliver.

    MSD made the comment that his players weren’t as good at “it” as the Australians. Fair enough I’ll accept his opinion so why do you & other commentators bag the Australians. Why blame them for the failings of your own team?

    It’s not the Australian players fault they’re smarter.

    Australians haven’t got a problem with sledging and will wear it but that doesn’t mean they won’t comment on it or express an opinion. You could even say they are helping Bhajji et al by explaining the rules.

    You comment that other world players are aping the Australians, as if Australia is the only team that sledges . Even if you are right then they should be flattered. After all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    The fact that an Australian journalist has written the article he has indicates a degree of introspection and maturity that perhaps, dare I suggest, be emulated on the sub continent.

    By the way you seem to regard the Channel 9 commentary team as barracking for the Australians. Firstly I only listen to them by accident (please could Grieg, Chappell & Lawry tour a war zone with Healy as water boy. I think you would be hard pressed to find any Australian who isn’t brain damaged who likes the Ch 9 commetators Nicholls & Benaud excepted. They get the gig out of Packer loyalty hangover from WSC) preferring listen to the radio (ABC with Harsha Bhogle) and watch the TV with the sound off. I commend this too you. If they were such good supporters why did Gilchrist etc give them a serve as Clarke was being interviewed after Sydney.?

  4. @ Raj Toronto

    At least Ponting doesn’t spit at players !!!!

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  6. @Pav

    Phew! I thought I had rambling-verbosity-syndrome. After reading your comments I feel good about myself! 🙂

    Harbhajan is, was and will be an excellent bowler. He was “hated” from the moment he stepped into the Indian team. His debut was against Australia and the biggest mark he made in world cricket was against Australia in that most famous 2001 series. Right from that point on, he has been “hated” in Australia. So this is not a recent thing. Right from that series on, he has been an in-your-face player. Something that the Australians just do not have the stomach for.

    How Harbhajan Singh is going on the “wicket front” is totally irrelevant in the MDB game. One could argue that he has made Matthew Hayden look like an utter goose. MDB victory is good too. There’s nothing in the MDB rules that state that you earn sledge rights! After all, Brad Williams, a total nobody in the game did it.

    And when talking about Sreesanth sledging as 12th man, the Australian team and media say that the 12th man can’t sledge! Says who? Show me the MDB rule-book!

    But you did ask if any “Australian sledged players when 12th man or do you consider it acceptable conduct?”

    My personal view on sledging is that it ought to be banned. But more to the point, how about this sample from the past?

    Mike Whitney sledged as 12th man in that famous game in Sydney against Indian in which Shane Warne made his debut!

    Shastri hit the ball towards Whitney and tries to steal a single. Whitney snaps up the ball quickly, stops the single and yells “Get back into your f***ing crease or I’ll rip your f***ing head off”. Unfazed, Shastri responds, “Mike, if only you could bowl as well as you can talk, you wouldn’t be the f***ing 12th man!”

    Time to move on from that pearl I think…

    Point is: If you don’t have the facts, don’t effing argue.

    And then you said, “Remember the basic rule is you can sledge all you like but you’d better deliver.

    Why? Again, show me the MDB rule book that says that! Why? I might even one day employ a specialist sledger in the team who is a tosser with bat and ball. Why not take this whole MDB to the next level and start employing psychologists that can’t bat, bowl or field? Surely, stretching this nonsense to its logical conclusion (if there is any logic in this nonsense at all), that is where this crap-train is headed.

    Ganguly did win that MDB round. Steve Waugh admitted to this. End of story.

    Here is the “late for toss” story. In India the custom is that the visiting captain invites the host for the toss. The first time it happened, Waugh just trot off on his own. The “mores” were explained to him. When it happened a second time, Ganguly said, “Right, sweat it out on your own mate”. When Waugh complained about this as being not-quite-cricket, Ganguly decided to employ it to “break” Waugh. He did. He won those few rounds.

    And no. Ganguly is not a snob in the Indian team. What Australians think of him is somewhat irrelevant. So all the “celebrated stories” can stay here. Several Indian cricketers (Harbhajan Singh included) have gone on record to state that they would be prepared to give their lives for him. The rest is irrelevant.

    Hayden’s remark was a clear indication that he lost the plot. You just don’t go around calling another bloke an “obnoxious weed”, unless of course you were a sandwich short of a picnic or if you were totally rattled.

    — Mohan

  7. @ Mohankaus

    Glad to have made you feel better about yourself although my friends would probably suggest that that if I made you feel better than you have some serious issues to work thru’.

    However I’ll take your comment on face value & thank you for the compliment.

    Just a couple of points to keep this short.

    You’re wrong if you think how many wickets Bhajji takes isn’t relevant. What’s the purpose of sledging? to reduce performance of your opponent whilst maintaining your own.

    As I pointed out the only test they lost was when Hayden was out & coincidentally so was Bhajji.

    If the Australians can’t stomach Bhajji why are his numbers on this tour so ordinary? What were Bhajji’s figures in the last ODI against Australia? How many runs did Hayden get. Who won?

    Feel free to pick a specialist sledger. That way you play one short. History records who wins & loses not who sledges.

    12th Man Different situation

    Whitney was playing Sree Santh was just running the drinks or whatever or sitting on the boundry. If he had been fielding Ok get involved.

    Shastri handled Whitney perfectly. I think he also got a couple of hundred didn’t he.

    Williams might have sledged but couldn’t bowl so he’s gone . In fact until you mentioned him I had forgotten all about him.

    The point. How you play counts not how you sledge. Good players rise above it all

    And if winning isn’t important then why bother keeping score.

    Actually I agree that the Australians have gone overboard but I reject the contention that they dish it out but can’t take it.

  8. Good Day Pav,

    Thanks for your Interesting Point of View. Lets get real though mate, Aust’s
    cricketers have had an extremely Questionable & Well Documented Past
    History of Dissrespectfull Attitudes
    Towards their opponents.

    Please explain WHY Australia was the
    ONLY Country so DEAD SET AGAINST having Stump Microphones
    introduced. Pretty OBVIOUS one would think. Now all of a sudden they
    are bleating as their Onfield and now
    their OffField behaviour is once again
    Being Exposed. I suppose Hayden is the Victim this Time.

    WHY is Everyone Picking on the Aussies ? Turn up the volume on the Stump Microphones and you’ll see why.

    Cricket Authorities,Umpires and Last but not least Captains are to BLAME for Allowing Continous Boorish behaviour from Cricketers whose Egos
    need to be brought down a Peg or Two


    After all isn’t Sledgeing the Main Culprit responsible for bringing the
    Great game of Cricket into Disrepute.

  9. @ Mohan

    Did you get my response to your response?

    @ Vandy

    Three things

    1) Define sledging only then you can ban it.

    2) Frankly I’m sick of the whole issue it’s just that the over the top reaction forces a defence

    3) Although it is not for me to speak for Indian supporters I would suggest that it would be more profitable to find out what the BCCI is doing with its vast wealth.

    From this series I have followed a number of sites on the internet & two things seem to have come through.

    There needs to be a vast investment in stadiums and playing facilities.

    Money is like muck. Unless you spread it about it stinks

  10. Dear Pav

    Taking side of the Australian side like this will not get you anywhere.

    If you are willing to be fair in accepting their dark side, you’d find us Indian equally (even more) willing to share ours with you.

    Cheers, Mate

  11. Pav,

    With your last Comment about Spreading the Muck around,
    I am starting to get suspicious you are
    really an Aust Cricket Adminstrator
    trying to get a Pay Rise out of BCCI.

    Mate who do you think paid for the ICC’s lavish offices in Dubai.You can be
    rest assured it wasn’t CA.If you are suggesting CA is cash strapped, maybe they should put the pinch on Channel 9

    The Last thing the BCCI need, is Aust
    Cricket Administrators & Supporters telling them where they should be spending THEIR Revenue.

    Aust cricket has a chip on its Shoulder
    about the revenue generated by Cricket
    in India. Its a simple numbers game
    mate, try comparing populations for a
    start. Aust needs a vast investment in
    controlling the antics of its Players,
    rather than getting concerned about
    other Countries Backyards.

    In Answer to your first Question about
    Defining Sledgeing, You would need to
    Ask Certain Aust Cricketers,after all,
    Aren’t they the Experts

  12. The bickering on these comments is as bad as listening to the Indian and Australian teams. Players should be allowed to say what they like in the middle unless it becomes racist. Umpires should step in when it becomes continually abusive (but there should be no post match hearings unless players ignore the umpires and continue). Anyone that has played half-decent cricket knows where the line is instinctively – players and umpires don’t want to end sledging….it’s part and parcel of the game.

    I hope blogs like this don’t add weight to the rediculous argument to end sledging as any attempts will become farcical – as someone has said, it’s impossible to define sledging, so it’s therefore impossible to do anything about it.

  13. Bajhi may not have done much as Far as Dismissing
    Hayden,But he sure did make Kangaroo Vindaloo
    out of the Aust Captain, Reportedly, the best
    batsman in the world.

    Like I said, turn up the stump mic’s and we’ll see who’s got what to say. Then again there can be
    technical difficulties when Aust is Fielding,just
    like in the Harbijhan – Symonds encounter.
    Channell 9 cut the stump mike feed to ESPN on
    the morning of that incident, Allegedly.

  14. Ed Lamb,

    That is PRECISELY the problem. sledging is OKAY to you but it is not to many other cultures. (please note: I am not saying that teams from the subcontinent don’t sledge).

    This is a cricket match- its a bloody test of skills in cricket, not in psychology .

    The continuous inability of both teams and commenters like yourself to understand where the other team is coming from is perplexing.

  15. Teri Maaka Pav

    “Players should be allowed to say what they like in the middle unless it becomes racist.”

    – I fail to understand why racism is such a big deal for the Aussies and not insults to one’s family esp. females. Is it cultural difference?

    “Anyone that has played half-decent cricket knows players and umpires don’t want to end sledging….it’s part and parcel of the game.”

    Man, you’re so wrong. This may be true in Australia but nowhere else in the world is sledging a part or parcel of any game.”

  16. @ Terri Maaka Pav.

    I hope you name is a variant on what Bhajji said in Sydney.

    You wrote “If you are willing to be fair in accepting their dark side, you’d find us Indian equally (even more) willing to share ours with you.” yet in my posts I have made clear acknowledgements that the Australian behaviour needs to improve & criticised Hayden in particular. I suspect that you have either not fully read them or under stand them but would rather wish to continue the ill will.

    I am still waiting for anybody on this site to comment on Kartiks behaviour in Adelaide when he carried even tho’ the umpire was right.

    I am still waiting for a comment on a previous post when I noted the team manager & Ishant said two totally contradictory things so one had to be lying.

    I have acknowledged failings so will you now do so!!


    Your response shows the apparent paranoia of so many Indian supporters . Either that or it is a joke so subtle I can’t get it.

    Please re -read my comment. It was based on comments from India that many areas had poor cricket facilities & yet the BCCI was not investing in this infrastructure.

    Investment in stadiums could also be on the agenda.

    Again read my comment I was not telling anybody where to spend money just an opinion that perhaps Indian cricket supporters might find it more profitable to take an interest & that some may consider it more important than a spat over name calling

    If there are lavish offices in Dubai my comment is ” So what” other than that I would consider it a waste of money& more an indication of the management skills of the ICC.

    It is certainly not something I would be jealous of or even consider a matter of pride.

    Curiously tho’ when I saw the TV program “guru Greg” about Chappells stay as coach there was a scene where he visited what was stated to be the BCCI’s head office. It certainly didn’t look like they had spent any money there. It was positively Dickensian. I sure would support a significant spend there assuming the TV reporter got it right (not always a given as I sure we can both agree)

    Your final comment is hardly worth bothering about but I’ll try again.

    Banning sledging is the “simple solution” however I have learned over time simple solutions to complex problems just don’t work.

    To ban something you have to define what you are banning.

    To say Bhajji made a mess of Pointing sure, but so what. Ponting is not the team. If Bhajji is there just to bowl at Ponting the I think you’ve got the tactics wrong. By the way how many did Ponting get in Adelaide?

  17. @The Pav

    I am not going to buy in to your debate with Vandy and others.

    You say, “You’re wrong if you think how many wickets Bhajji takes isn’t relevant.”

    And yet, in response to ‘Teri Maaka Pav’, you wrote, “To say Bhajji made a mess of Pointing sure, but so what. Ponting is not the team.”

    Make up your mind Pav. Which side do you want to get out of bed today?

    In general, my view is that Harbhajan has bowled well. His job is to steady the runs. If he takes wickets, it is a bonus. Then again, that is only my view. There are more Indian fans that will disagree with me than agree.

    You say that the 12th man situation is different and that a fielding 12th man can sledge while a drinks-carrying-12th-man can’t sledge! How ridiculous this is!

    Next you’ll say “a player who wears a size 38 pink underwear can’t sledge especially if it is a Thursday and if Joe Blog’s mother has a headache, but that it would be ok if that player wore a size 39 green underwear on that same day particularly if he got permission from Sunny Pew’s mother-in-law”

    Get real. Who makes these rules up? But then, I forget. These rules are all made up anyway, aren’t they?

    Stay with the rules mate.

    The ICC Rule Book doesn’t have any rules on appropriate code of conduct while sledging. So, anything goes.

    The mafia can’t whine about appropriate forms of killing. Once you are in there, you are in there. One day you get the horse’s head. Another day, you get your own son at the doorstep.

    — Mohan

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  19. Teri Maaka Pav

    Well done Pav. So you do acknowledge that the Aussie cricket team is not the pristine white & pink daisy that some people would make it out to be. It’s probably the most arrogant callous group of people anywhere in the world. And yes, some of them play good cricket too…

    Of course, in a similar vein, the Indian team is a bunch of talented but unproven youngsters. We have our own set of spoilt brats like Bhajji & Yuvraj. And the BCCI is probably one of the most loathed organization in India – full of politicians and their cronies, many of whom have not even a remote connection with cricket.

    There you go, feel better now?

  20. @ Mohan,

    Both comments re Bhajji are totally consistent. That you refuse to see it merely confirm that you have taken a position and refuse to accept logic.
    Lets put it mathmatically

    In a four man bowling line up you are effectively conceding that 25% of your asset are limited to taking 10% of the wickets

    For a five man attack the ratio is 2 to 1.

    Taking the odd wicket (Ponting) still leaves nine to go.

    If you reckon it is not a bowlers job to take wickets we must be talking about a different game. What’s next batsmen whose job is not to score runs (having just watched the Aust batting against SL perhaps they agree with you) & fielders to drop catches?

    I have yet to see a batsman score runs after he’s out!!!
    As to the 12th man issue there is a world of difference. Sledging from the sidelines is the worst kind of cheap shot and if you can’t see this an accept it then there is little more I can do to help .

  21. Teri Maaka Pav

    Dear Pav

    You do seem to know a lot about what is sledging or what it is not! You also contend that all teams sledge, some more than the others – giving them an unfair advantage over the other teams.

    From this description, it appears to be a fairly acceptable widespread tactics for all practical purposes. So why don’t you give us all an operational definition that could help in regulating it?

    After all, people still smoke and drink because others respect their choice to do so but there are laws and rules to ensure they don’t cause any inconvenience for the others.

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  23. @ Teri

    “Players should be allowed to say what they like in the middle unless it becomes racist.”

    – I fail to understand why racism is such a big deal for the Aussies and not insults to one’s family esp. females. Is it cultural difference?”

    As I have pointed out in previous posts it is cultural differences, but more than that it is a world wide thing that Racism is unacceptable- however I would punt that it is more of an issue in less homogenous cultures ie. Australia, U.S, etc.

    “Anyone that has played half-decent cricket knows players and umpires don’t want to end sledging….it’s part and parcel of the game.”

    Man, you’re so wrong. This may be true in Australia but nowhere else in the world is sledging a part or parcel of any game.”

    I am sorry, but on which planet are you watching sport? who could forget Zinadne Zedane’s response in the World cup final to a bit of sledging, who could forget the “Dream team” being held aloft as the ultimate guttersnipers (basketball folks), how about Valentino Rossi’s use of MSD (thanx Mohankaus :-)) to reduce Sete Gibernau to a quivering mass on a motorcycle, or Michael Schumacher doing the same to anyone in the F1 world, do I need to continue??

    Seriously, I do believe that some blinkers need to be removed, again I am not condoning the Aussie teams behaviour, but I do believe that you are protesting a bit more than is warranted…

  24. oops, sorry MDB not MSD, (that just leaves you wanting more) 😉

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