The Harbhajan Singh case “scratched”, as expected…

As expected, the ICC has said that it is perfectly within the rules for cricket players to scratch their arm pits during any passage of play on the cricket field!

At the end of Sundays’ CB Series Finals game, that came at the end of a summer in which the Australians have been constantly beaten at their own mind games, The Sydney Morning Herald heralded new and hitherto unvisited depths of despair! The Australian media captured a photograph of Harbhajan Singh scratching his armpit and claimed that this was evidence enough that the feisty Sikh was making “monkey gestures”.

In doing so, the media in Australia merely demonstrated that, apart from the players — particularly the captain — who had already shown signs of getting there, it was possible for the media to mentally disintegrate too!

All of this emanated from the Australian media making a “mountain out of a molehill”. More precisely the Australian media caused a stink out of a Sikh’s public scratch by claiming that Harbhajan Singh imitated a one-handed monkey when he proceeded to scratch his right armpit!

To support such a wild and mildly obnoxious (Ooops! That word again!) claim, the smart investigative Australian reporters whipped up a photograph and thumped it on the desk of the ICC Match Referee. On close inspection, the photograph showed a cricketer — Harbhajan Singh — scratching his armpit! It may have been an ungainly scratch. And on Channel-9’s new and yet untested device, the scratchometer, that photograph did produce a bit of a stink! But apart from that there seemed to be nothing much wrong with that photograph!

But the reporters, the sub-editor and the entire editorial staff pressed on anyway in a gripping manner, straight from the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein territory! Either that or they thought they were filming an episode of Seinfeld!

The reporters proceeded to get a few random statements from a few Australian fans in the crowd. Nice idea, and smart thinking 99! But these fans were hardly credible! They apparently wore T-shirts with the words “Monkey See… Monkey Do” emblazoned on them!

Don’t laugh! This is really serious!

This was getting way beyond Seinfeld territory by now!

What was worse, however, was that these comments were procured from Australian fans in Bay 29 who constantly hurled racist abuse at Harbhajan Singh himself — they admitted to this themselves! Some of these choice chants included “show us your knot” and “get a haircut” – both references to Harbhajan Singh’s Sikh roots. These chants were spitefully racist in nature! Yet, the Australian media bent over backwards to concoct a case of racism on the person who was seemingly at the receiving end!

I mean, if things had gotten any funnier, it would have been part of a Monty Python sketch!

Fortunately for most people around the world, the ICC ruled that it was perfectly legitimate, although perhaps a tad noisome, for human beings to scratch themselves when they itch! It is a custom that is practiced with annoying regularity in most parts of the world although it would seem that Australians — particularly Australian reporters and even more particularly, reporters from the Sydney Morning Herald — have somehow been exempt from this particularly distasteful habit. Perhaps this is in their job description — although, it would make an interesting case for any equal opportunities commissioner to see a Job Description Statement that showed up employers as scratchists!

Newspaper reporters in Australia were last seen scrambling all over themselves in a bid to beat a hasty path to Australian Quarantine officials to see if they could press with a legislation that banned public scratching.

Meanwhile, Cricket Australia has not issued any comment on the racist abuse hurled in the direction of Harbhajan Singh!

— Mohan

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  1. Finger Pointing Aust Press left Red Faced,
    ONCE AGAIN !!!!

    Nice Try You Bunch of Misfits.

    Hope you get Banned from Entering India in Oct.

  2. Mark from Sydney

    Knob is not a racist term in Australia and short hair is a sign of civilty. So what’s the problem?

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  4. It’s pathetic how Sydney morning herald is trying to target Harbhajan. Even after the match referee dismissed the case they are not leaving Harbhajan alone.
    @Mark from Sydney: The same argument holds for the word ‘Monkey’. It’s not racist in India. So what’s the problem?

  5. Dear Mark

    I know it’s beyond your comprehension but let me at least try… Your racist bretheren said ‘Knot’ not ‘Knob’… Short hair may be a sign of civilty in a colony of descendents of ex-convicts… For Sikhs, it’s sacrilege…

    You ask, so what’s the problem? Stealing an entire generation of aborigine babies is a problem? What do you say to that, you oaf?

  6. Folks Mark clearly is uneducated on Sikh customs and the religion. Whilst Mark perhaps genuinely believes what he says is right “cut your hair is a perfect statement to make and is a sign of civility” . Anyone with an aorta of cultural acumen might be able to quickly point out that to a Sikh it is sacrilegious. I believe it would be expected of CA to do its best to point this out to the uneducated Australian crowds (and deal with those that don’t comply)

    Let us by the same token forgive Mark (just the same way Sachin forgave Brett lee for the beamer) and move on…I think he has shown to date that he is a reasonable guy!!

  7. Short Hair = Civil.

    Oh My God…. Most Gods (any religion) themseleves didn’t have short hair.

    Symonds? Bracken ? Shane warne for some part of his carrier, Jason Gillespie, Boon ????

    OZ fans should first ask these guys to shave their… sorry shorten their hair.

    Mark.. get a better explanation next time around..

  8. Jesus did not trust barbers and Gillette came shortly after his time, so no shave either.

  9. Poor Aussies. Even if Bhajji had done monkey gestures towards a section of rougue WHITE crowd, there is nothing racial about it.

  10. @ Teri Maaka Pav

    If you can’t be civil on this forum, can I suggest that you do not visit? Thanks.

  11. On the ICC scratching the case that the Australian media had hastily drummed up against him, Harbhajan Singh said, “Obviously, they wouldn’t have anything because I didn’t do anything” on arriving in Brisbane for the second final on Tuesday.

    He added, “Some of the verbal attack which the crowd was directing at me was despicable. It crossed all limits of decency. But my word, as a professional cricketer, my entire focus was ensuring that we as a team did well in the match.”

    In the same report, we also heard that the BCCI had lost its patience with Australian spectators and media! Well, that is fine and there are channels through which the BCCI could vent such frustrations! Instead we have Secretary, Niranjan Shah, issuing a warning to the Australians. “Let Australia come to us and see what the (Indian) crowd might do,” Shah said.

    I shake my head in sheer dismay.

    I am amazed that Cricket Australia hasn’t moved to stamp out racism in its crowds. It has been “open season” all summer against Harbhajan Singh and the platitudes that CA issued at the start of the series remained as platitudes. At least the BCCI was seen to be doing something — albeit a bit late — in the monkey chant case involving Andrew Symonds. I am, however, amazed that the BCCI, through the offices of its Secretary, can issue a blatant call to crowds in India to get stuck into the Aussies when they pay a return visit! Sigh!

  12. “I am amazed that Cricket Australia hasn’t moved to stamp out racism in its crowds.”

    Do you seriously think that the crowds in Australia where being racist when they asked for hair to be cut? The difference between these racist subtitles and the monkey business is that prior to the tour it was agreed by both teams that monkey was racist. The only team, player or spectator that has been racist this tour is Harbhajan and he got away with it. Racist allegations by India are no longer taken seriously in Australia due this exact reason.

    As for the behaviour, where you do have a fair point. As I have said a number of times, what do you expect after the way Harbhajan has carried on this summer. And I thought he liked it anyway?

  13. @JB

    You say “The only team, player or spectator that has been racist this tour is Harbhajan”.


    Show me proof. If you do not have proof, don’t say it. At best, we have proof that the Australian media and crowds have promoted a vindictive campaign against Harbhajan Singh. My hypothesis is that Aussies just can’t players who play like them!

    As for behaviour…. I am shocked you say what you did! Do you proceed to a logical conclusion of such a train of though to then also say that a girl wearing a revealing skirt deserves to get raped?

    Racism — like rape — has to be an offence regardless of the provocation of/to the perpetrator and the victim can never ever be blamed.

    Cricket Australia has to jump in and stamp out racism in its crowds.

  14. where [sic]being racist when they asked for hair to be cut?

    So your arguement is that only words that have been agreed upon in advance can be construed racist ?!!!! Under such a logic, since ‘monkey’ was not agreed upon before Australia’s ODI tour in India, therefore, the Indian crowd was not racist ! 🙂

    It is quite sickening to see the Australians defending their actions, and even condoning racism, just because they dont define it so.

    The crowd at Mumbai dressing up as monkeys were racist, and so were the crowd at SCG (and I wont even go into the abuses of Indian spectators at the GABBA witnessed personally).

    Both BCCI and CA need to get their acts together.

  15. 1) Proof

    There were two trials on the “monkey” issue, both where flawed. You accept one, I accept the other.

    2) Harbhajan has been playing a game with the Austrlian public, media and cricket team since he arrived in this country. We have put up with this, which has been fully supported by the BCCI (who have never admitted that the guy has done anything wrong). He is getting what he asked for, no more, no less. Stop complaining.

    3) Continue this stupidity in India. I don’t care. But don’t expect relations to be solved as a result. In some ways I hope you win tonight, so at least your team will be out of my country sooner.

    4) CA should get rid of racism in the crowds. Completely agree, when there is an example of this, it will be done. You expect us to understand your cultural sensitivites and are not prepared to acknowledge ours.

  16. Harbhajan has been playing a game with the Austrlian public, media and cricket team since he arrived in this country.

    And that is bad … ? Wasn’t it Steve Waugh’s team who started this idea of ‘mental disintegration’ – sticking under the skin of your opponents even before the first ball is bowled ?

    Can’t take what you dish out, eh ?

  17. Bongo,

    You miss the point. I don’t have a problem with what Harbhajan has done. I am saying if you give it you have to cop it. And he is getting it back from the Aussie public. It is you that can’t take it when you dish it out.

  18. @JB

    1. The first case was conducted by a man without knowledge of the law. He found “beyond reasonable doubt”. Stunning. Please accept that if it suits you and your life. However, most reasonable people will accept case #2. That is not to say that you are unreasonable. But you need to decide for yourself whether that’s an area you may need to work on. I have decided my stance on that issue 🙂

    2. Harbhajan Singh is playing exactly the sort of game with the Australian public and media that Australian players have been playing for yonks. He plays it better. BCCI does not need to admit that Harbhajan Singh has done anything wrong. Because he just hasn’t. What has he done wrong? Please tell me. And when you do, please produce proff… Not a statement from a person who wears a “monkey see… monkey do” T-shirt, shouts “you are a wa**er” with his son standing next to him and then whines about appropriate behaviour from sportspeople. Show me tangible proof. There were 25 Ch-9 cameras and a few 1000 other still cameras at the SCG, Not one of them picked up any nonsense from Harbhajan Singh. Conclusions: (a) Singh is very very very very very clever. (b) The Australian media has lost the plot. I know which conclusion I have reached.

    3. Relations are doomed. It needs a fresh start and the time to do that would be today. However, I somehow suspect that that will not happen. Read an article from Malcolm Conn in The Australian, for example. I have no hope for better relations between these two teams unless Australia can accept that there is another team that looks it in the eye and gives back. Pity.

    4. What are your cultural sensitivities. Please explain. I will listen.

  19. @JB

    You say, “It is you that can’t take it when you dish it out.”

    Hmmmm! Let’s see… We’ve been taking it for near on 15 years! It is only now that we have started giving it back. And look what happens when the tide changes. Everyone’s knicker is in a bit of a twist in Australia!

    See my point?

  20. Mohan,

    1) I firmly beleive Harbhajan lied in the trial. There is no doubt in my mind he said it and was not couragous enough to admit it.

    2) Yes agree entirly. As I have said, no issue with what he is doing. The alligations of monkey gestures is pretty stupid.

    3) Relations are improved by understanding and acknowledgment of the issues. If you think relations are doomed, then thats what they will become.

    4) Happy to discuss this, but not sure this forum is an appropriate place. This is a conversation in its own.

  21. Mohan,

    I do see your point and I have no issue with what you are saying. However, it is neive to think that if you change your behaviour suddenly that we will just accept it. These are realities, it is not a perfect world.

  22. @ JB

    you may say that you would like to see the back of Indian team sooner the better.

    Ask your greedy players or the Greedy cricket authority to say so.. If they are so bothered about Indians and Indian players. Stop signing those expensive IPL deals or be prepared and accept with joy when India cancels a tour.

    Some one who sells his/her conscience for money is worse than a w….re. May be even that is culturally acceptable to you.

    I knew that OZ Cricket team is filled with cry babies. didn’t know that the media and the supporters were also the same.

    So when we file case in Australia, doesn’t the Jury need evidence. wow then Australia is a nice place to commit any crime.

  23. @JB

    You say, “However, it is neive to think that if you change your behaviour suddenly that we will just accept it. These are realities, it is not a perfect world.”

    That’s exactly what I have been saying all along… Australia had better accept that “getting under the skin of an opponent” is not the sole right of herself. And the sooner it accepts that the less we will have of the “you effing twit, how dare you sledge me” reaction which is what I believe we are seeing now. There are teams and players who probably sledge better than some of the Aussies now! Harbhajan Singh, clearly, is one of them. Have a beer with him. Give him a medal. Quick!

    You believe Harbhajan Singh lied. I know he was exonerated for lack of evidence. End of story. Time to leave that baggage behind and move on.

    We tried to understand cultural sensitivities on this blog. We interviewed Peter Lalor. He then proceeded to, in my view, jump off the deep end during the current tour.

    On the issue of developing an understanding of cultural sensitivities, why don’t you write me an post by email. I’d be happy to post it on here.

  24. Srikanth Mangalam


    I admire your patience to continue trying to have a rational discussion with this dude, JB.

    Just my personal opinion…

  25. @ JB:
    1) I firmly beleive Harbhajan lied in the trial. There is no doubt in my mind he said it and was not couragous enough to admit it.

    So were you allowed plant your own stump Microphones and stump vision cameras through which you found that he said it.. Stop dreaming..

    I firmly belive that Symonds and all OZ players racially abuse all the time.. there are no more trials because Its a known fact that Ozs always lie in trials , Now thats my belief.

    Mate believing is nothing.. seeing evidence and seeing proof is everything.

  26. @Karthick,

    Agree, I wish they didn’t sign with IPL.

    @ Mohan,

    Harbhajan got away from justice in the eyes of the Aussie people. There is a lot of ill feeling about that result. But we didn’t go threatening to pull out of a tour of anything like that. We got on with it. Harghajan has been rubbing salt into this wound ever since, with the complete support of the BCCI. He will cop it until he leaves.

    I’ll take you up on that offer. Where do I find your email address.

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  28. Back to cricket field, only few hours to go for the war at Gabba! I believe Aus batsmen will target Harbhajan and Ishant, so they will have to do some creative bowling. Also, they will try to take Sachin out early

  29. Ishanth looks uncertain to Play.

    As for Harbhajan, he has to watch out.. if he is going to bowl flat without flight , he will pay for it.

  30. @ JB

    Yeh, And i have No Doubt the Aust Press have a Vendetta against Harbi.
    CA is conspicously Quiet about the behaviour of Sections of Sydney crowd
    and how some Aust fans were allowed into the ground wearing T-Shirts with Monkey slogans on them.The ICC should be Demanding a Please Explain
    from CA.

    This Latest Episode should be Investigated by the Press Council of Aust, IF they have the Guts.

    Where’s the other Picture of Harbijhan
    with both hands under his armpits,as
    Reported by your PRESS.
    With ALL the TV cameras at the Ground,Still Nothing.No Wonder O’Seas Guests have such a Low Opinion
    of Sections of Aust Media.Not one Mention of Winners of U19’s World Cup, Why ? Because it was won by those Cheating,Racist,Indian U19’s.
    Where did Aust U19’s finish, I think it was 5th, The great AIS Cricket Academy, The BEST in the WORLD.

    Aust coach could not Bring Himself to
    Give ANY Credit to India for their Humiliating & Comprehensive Defeat of Aust,Fine Sportsmanship, Goose !!!

    Your great Allan Border has Said REPEATEDLY that Harbijhan handled Himself EXTREMELY WELL, He was right there amongst the thick of it.

    Yeh, I know mate ,He’s a Liar, thats why CA has named the Most Prestigious
    Award for Cricket in Aust after Him.

    As I have said before, Lets see IF the Aust Cricketers behave in the Same manner when in the West Indies.

  31. Vardy,

    What exactly are you so upset about? The Australian press? Are they not giving your team the respect you think you deserve?

    Respect is earned my friend. And your team has not earned one ounce of respect from the Aussie public this series. And I know it cuts both ways

  32. JB

    Respect is earned on the field by India day in and day out, inspite of some shoddy sledging from Shemonds and skipper vonting, given the provocation, I am surprised Indian team is as composed as it is. Only two days back some arses got kicked on the field…

    Cricket on!

  33. Noflylist,

    Australia has been the most dominant team over the past decade. And look at these posts. It appears that the majority of people contributing here do not respect the Aussies.

    Why do you think it would be any different for your team?

  34. As you say, the Oz cricketers and now some of the OZ fans did not earn their respect.

  35. @JB

    You said, “Harbhajan got away from justice in the eyes of the Aussie people.”

    As I said earlier, if pain persists, see your doctor! As far as the records go, the case against him was chucked out — as it should have been — for lack of evidence. Courts of law do not run on a “I am a good and honourable man. I told you. So believe me.” principle.

    You say, “There is a lot of ill feeling about that result.

    Get over it… Tough luck mate. Live with it. Gulp a few times. Take a few deep breaths. Drink some water. If pain still persists, see a doctor.

    In the eyes of the law, he is innocent. There ends the matter!

    If anything, the record books indicate that Andrew Symonds was given a slap on his backside for being a naughty boy.

    Then you said, “But we didn’t go threatening to pull out of a tour of anything like that.”

    I supported the Indian Team’s decision to stay on in Sydney. The Kangaroo Court presided over by Mike Proctor was a disgrace and the subsequent ruling in Adelaide proved it to be just that! BTW, I did not support the standby plane in Adelaide when the court was in session. I thought that that was a disgrace too.

    And then you said, “Harghajan has been rubbing salt into this wound ever since, with the complete support of the BCCI.

    And so he should…

    You conclude by saying, “He will cop it until he leaves.”

    So he has… admirably! In fact, he has coped with it better than Andrew Symonds did in India! One could almost say that he has coped with so well that it drove the Australian press into a tizz and made them produce a scratchy photograph…

    — Mohan

  36. @JB

    Respect is a Two Way Street, Not just because you win Cricket games.

    Where’s the other picture my friend.
    Answer the Question mate, Where.

    And in Answer to your first Question,
    Yes, Certain sections of Aust Press are a
    an Absolute Disgrace.

    I really Don’t think the Aussie Team has earned Much respect from their own fans from what I’ve read and Heard since the Sydney Test.

    Many Past Aust Sporting Greats have had a crack at Aussie Team, maybe their all UNAUSTRALIAN as many of you would call it.

    India has 1 Loose cannon, Aust has at Least 6.

    long live Allan Border & long live the
    Governor General.

    Good luck Today, and IF Aust happen to Lose,Give Credit where credit is Due

    All the best

  37. Mohan,

    The verdict on Symonds was heavily influenced by the BCCI. As I said Harbhajan lied because he was a coward and got away with it due to lack of evidence. If you want an extreme comparsion, compare this with OJ Simpson. He got away with murder, literally.

    Don’t expect better behavior from us than you are prepared to display yourselves. Your press has being going nuts about Aussie sledging for years. Now you are doing it back. Good on you. But don’t expect our press to behave any better than yours.

    We are going around in circles so this is enough from me.

  38. Vandy,

    All the best to you.

  39. H L Cadambi (Cad)

    I just wanted to clear one point. You said in an early post: “Do you seriously think that the crowds in Australia where being racist when they asked for hair to be cut?”

    Maybe they didn’t intend to, perhaps they do not understand (perhaps you don’t either) the significance of long hair to the Sikhs (Harbhajan is a Sikh). Long hair is compulsary for all Sikhs, they are not supposed to cut or shave hair; which is why they wear turbans and have beards.

    A remark to a Sikh about cutting off his hair, or anything similar, is like telling a Christian to do things with the Holy Cross round his neck.

    Maybe not “racist”; but deeply wounding his religious sentiments.


  40. @JB

    The verdict was not at all influenced by the BCCI. Harbhajan did not lie. He was framed by Symonds.

  41. Watch this link about a Symonds catch in a recent match, this just came out on indiatimes website, and judge for yourself if he is a serial cheater!

  42. H L Cadambi (Cad)

    Would be interested to know what you think re my last post ie is a religion related taunt same as / worse than / less offensive than a racist taunt?

  43. Hi Cad,

    In actual fact, I would say that persecution for religion is possibly worse, when you consider the number of people killed via religious persecution throughout the ages, even now!

    I think these issues are complex but the overall answer to your question is yes. They are as bad as each other.

    In this instance, most Aussies won’t know that asking Sikhs to cut their hair is insulting. I certainly didn’t know this about Sikhs. so I don’t think the intention here was to be racist at all.

  44. H L Cadambi (Cad)

    Agree, religion related taunts are at least as bad as racist ones. Re ignorance of the significance of keeping ones hair in the Sikh religion – I had in my original post mentioned that a lot of Aussie fans (and you) may not have been aware of it.
    One important point though – from Harbhajan’s point of view, taunts asking him to cut his hair would in any case be extremely provocative to him; I would give him some credit for not reacting viciously.
    Just imagine a crowd in India or Pakistan asking Hayden (who I believe is a particularly devout Christian) to &%@**&# the cross around his neck.
    My whole point is – a lot of people are sensitive to a lot of things these days; and, the atmosphere in this series has been hyper; crowds and players perhaps need to be pretty quiet re taunting individuals in any manner.

  45. Mark from Sydney

    I wrote before that I thought this was a good blog. That was because I was saw an Indian perspective that didn’t just resort to racist rants, outright abuse etc. that Indian cricket supporters on other blogs have resorted to.

    However Mohan I feel you have really lowered the standard here with your rants. And as you live in Melbourne I thought that perhaps you might bring a different and perhaps more thoughtful perspective. Alas you don’t.

    I’m dissapointed as I love cricket and the rise of the Indian team has been a great thing to witness. But the rise of the indignant supporter and the serial rant has not been.

    A good man once said: “It’s only a game”. How prophetic and how true. Do you guys believe that? Is there an Indian (male) pride that exists beyond young men proclaiming their manhood and nation through the deeds of a bunch of men whose claim to greatness is the mastery of a few motor skills?

    I know there is but I can’t access it through cricket.

    A months ago I caught up with three friends (two of Indian descent). We were at a pub and we were watching the news. Harbhajan was doing his “monkey” roll after getting Ponting out in Sydney. Parmod said: “Bhaiji is real dick”. And our Aussie mate said he’s not alone out there”. (meaning Australian players).

    With that we went out the back and talked about our kids and what we we used to get up to when we worked together. We planned our next fishing trip (last weekend).

    Since that day non of us has talked to each other about the cricket. We have differing opinions on who, what and where. But we value our freindship too much to see it sabotaged by a rather silly (at least at times) game.

    I appreciate that this is a fan for Indian fans and have been mindful of that when blogging here. My earlier post was in jest and not intended to offend.

    I’m going to stay away for a while but I’d like to come back in October and hopefully blog with you all again.

    Sorry for the length guys.

    Best Wishes Mark.

  46. @mark – the dick would hayden for going public with his thoughts.

  47. “And as you live in Melbourne ”


  48. Boley So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal…

    Well done Bhajji and the rest of Indian team… You beat Aussies at their own game in their own frontyard (and it wasn’t just Cricket…)

  49. By any chance what exactly do the initials JB stand for? Just a Bastard is my guess.

  50. The series is over, let the issues rest! Let us be civil please in this blog.

    BUT, the Indian management has to learn few lessons:
    1. Comprehensive policy on dealing with indiscipline.
    2. Policy on reporting every incident where Indian players are attacked on and off the field.
    3. Policy on reporting every nasty crowd behavior.
    4. Plolicy on sledging issues.
    5. Policy on dealing with hostile foreign press.
    6. Policy on defending professionally every Indian player hauled up before referee.

  51. SMH repored content “Michael Clarke might be slim but he made use of his rugby skills to pin down the unstoppable Tendulkar. Gambhir pushed the ball towards mid-on and Clarke tried to stop it in his followthrough. One hurdle: Tendulkar was standing to his left . Clarke ended ramming straight into Tendulkar, who was turning back, and pinned him to the ground. Good ‘n you mate, the Aussies might have said; however, it didn’t stop Tendulkar from making runs. ”

    Was it deliberate OZ plan continued?

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  53. @Noflylist

    Interesting with that video footage, that it only showed that angle, there exists a perfectly good shot, from the opposite side of the ground (and the shot from behind the bowler for that matter) both of which were repeated in slow motion at the time on Ch9 which clearly showed the ball being court at least an inch OFF the ground and Symonds landing on his wrist. Michael Husseys catch in the deep (can’t rememer which game) looked just like Michael Clarkes famous slips catch from the head on view, yet the side view clearly shows it as a catch….

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  55. @ Mark & JB,& Chris,

    come out,come out, wherever you are.

    Mr Cricket Stands his ground after seeing the ball carry clearly into Dohn’s gloves, if he wasn’t sure, why didn’t he ask Dohni, isn’t that what ponting has been preaching.

    As far as Michael Clarke’s Rugby tackle
    on Tendulkar, What a Jerk, and he’s going to be the next Aust captain.
    This incident has been conveniently
    glossed over by Aust Media,but then again Rugby tackling a batsman in Aust
    is normal, I think.

  56. As I said somewhere else on this blog all players irrespective of their country, irrespective of provocation have to learn to behave properly in public.

    They set example to millions of kids watching them and any bad behaviour is likely to be aped by them in millions of homes around the country and world.

    Sachin has had a career spanning two decades playing in all kinds of conditions and countries. Do you think in all this time he has not be sledged, not provoked, not been been the butt of jokes and criticism?

    When you don’t react and carry on with the business of playing the others stop it. It is when they get a reaction out of you that they keep provoking you.

    I am sad that the current breed of young cricketers from India are falling prey to behave badly in public and passing it off as a sign of their confidence or whatever of shining new India. If this is shining new India I don’t want any part of it. Behave well, and you earn respect, you earn love and you earn fans.

    Is it true that you can win tournaments only if you behave badly. NO! Australia is case in point during this series. They behaved badly yet lost the one-day tri-series!

    Gandhi is revered as Mahatama for a reason even today. And make no mistake he got results too. He chucked out the British with our dignity in tact.

    Respecting other cultures should come naturally to a land as varied, as diverse and as different as India. But sadly, we are losing that very essential part of our civilisation. Our North-Eastern brethern are case in example.

    Forget the Australians, their media, their crowds. Focus on our behaviour and try to improve it, that’s the way great success and glory.

    We can’t be all Gandhis for sure but we can behave well. We owe it to children of India who look up to the cricketing heros like gods.

    That’s not a tall order.

  57. @ Vandy,

    If you really believe there was something in Michael Clarke running in to Sachin, you are really clutching at straws. I am starting to understand this, one of the Australian supporters on this site pointed out that Bahji, Muralidaran, etc are not ‘hated’ as such, they take the role of the pantomime villain, classic example is Tony Grieg he was an absolute lambasted villain in Australia when he played, he received more deriscion than the previously mentioned spinners, and yet he eventually moved to Australia and ist now part of the overwhelmingly biased channel9 commentary team. Australia is YOUR pantomime villain, you don’t give an inch, never respond or create any outcry when your players do wrong (Karthiks carry on in the test)or appear to maybe do wrong(M.S Dhoni’s baseball gloves). The video footage mentioned above- as I have pointed out, from other angles it is clearly caught, not grassed- but admission, apology, of course not, Australia are the bad guys- you do what you accuse Australian supporters of, then complain when we don’t change. But there is no problem with that, sport is supposed to be divisive, that is why you have winners and losers, so long as we can all go on with our lives after the game.

    @IPL Delhi

    I wish all sportspeople could be held aloft as role models and icons of virtue- unfortunately few will ever make the grade.

  58. @Nigel,
    If Clarkes contact was Accidental,
    Where was the Humble Apology,Clarke
    is being touted as the Future Aust
    Captain,It’s gone to his head allready
    Why do you think he shaved his head,
    Trying to give the impression he’s a
    Tough Guy,He’s a little UPSTART.
    There was no need for him to drag Tendulkar to the ground.

    As for Tony Greig, the moment he points out ANY shortcomings of Aust team he is ganged up on by Rest of the
    One eyed commentators.Greig has also
    sorted a few of them out as well lately;
    ie, Slater & Healy.

  59. He did apologize, and helped Sachin to his feet, what do want, him to get on one knee?

    and the points you have just raised, and the ones you ignored perfectly proved my point!

  60. @ nigel, no sir, Clark did not apologise, and ABC Australia radio commentary team along with Bhogle commented on it and were truly embarassed and seemed to apologise on Clark’s behalf. Also I saw reports in OZ media that few Indian supporters were bashed up and Indian tricolor was dishonored by being wiped on the ass.

    So drink and heat must do something to the brain…

  61. Yes he did, all Australian news stories carried the shots of Michale Clarke shaking Sachins’ hand and apologizing- funnily enough that bit didn’t make Indian news- however there was a delay- he followed the ball. I am not now and never have condoned the actions of Idiots in the stands…

    I am still waiting for your response on Karthik, and Dhoni’s gloves…….;-)

  62. I am positive I there was an apology- after Clarke had chased the ball, I distinctly remember Clarke and Tendulkar shaking hands, but seriously you guys are all Lawyers aren’t you! I really like this forum, because I get to see cricket fans from the opposite part of the world but you really believe you aren’t as one eyed as the average Aussie fan…. Read my post, where is the retort to your teams incidence of poor form? Instead, you hit back at one of two points I make, and then bring in a new one, I do not condone the racist, bigotted acts of any cricket fans anywhere in the world, especially in Australia.
    Something else to think about is, the cricket teams no. one supporter for the past 11 years as been Presidente El Rodente who has just been ejected, and as part of the Latte set I believe, on the wole Australian behavioural standards will improve from here. So, in answer to your response, did Karthik apologize for carrying on before lunch in the test, once he discovered that it was not out and he was beeing a bit of a ninny?

    didn’t think so…..;-)

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