Monkey Letter

Regular reader, Sampath Kumar has sent this letter in to The Age today. He sent it in to us and we thought we might share it with all our readers…

Dear Editor,

Has Pauline Hanson become the speech writer for Mathew Hayden and Sports Editor for The Age, at the same time?

Instead of The Age, publishing an action shot of Sachin Tendulkar,who scored a century and won the game, on the front page of the Sport section of The Age today, we see a picture of Harbhajan Singh scratching his right arm pit, with the caption,”more monkey business?”

I challenge you to show this picture to 1000 Aussie kindergarten kids and ask them what they think of the photo. I bet my house that not one — that is right — not one will connect a man scratching ONE arm pit with a monkey.

Instead of Harbhajan Singh facing an ICC tribunal, it should be the Sports Editor of The Age that should be worried about a phone call from the Australian Press Council, asking for an explanation.

Sam Kumar
Melbourne, Australia

27 responses to “Monkey Letter

  1. The letter is spot on. Who does the Age think it is???? Why would they possible cater to their domestic market?

  2. Hmmm! Interesting take on a newspaper catering to a “market”. I thought that responsible papers like The Age report on happenings. If only I knew that all they were doing was “peddling” views that the “market” wanted to hear.

  3. Absolute Disgrace, Talk about SOUR GRAPES.

    Harbijhan was feeling his right armpit after feeling the effects of Whizzing the ball in from the outer and nearly affecting a run out. I have seen Many,Many players doing this EXACT same thing, including Hayden & Symonds. If I was Bahji I’d be talking to some Legal people.

    The Aust Media has been Responsible for MOST
    of the Ill Feeling between the two teams.

  4. Perhaps you should take a course in marketing 101?

    However it’s great that the responsible Times of India are so balanced. I have been reading their stuff for a while now and it truely does report the only correct viewpoint. Afterall if the BCCI run cricket, there is the only viewpoint worth reporting right?

  5. JB, ToI or as it is affectionately called Toilet Paper of India is full of shit and almost everyone knows what to expect from it. SMH has been the standout paper IMO and it seems like even they are stooping down to the leve lof The Australian.

  6. Vandy,

    You are so right. The Indians have not done a thing wrong this entire series. Clearly Bahji didn’t do a thing to annoy anyone in that game.

  7. @JB

    We have, on this Blog at least, termed the cricketing press in India as BMIC (the Braying Mediocrity of Indian Cricket) from day-dot. I haven’t seen such objectivity from any of the Aussie cricket fans. They think that the word of their press is gospel.

    Harbhajan Singh is an instigator. Of that there is no doubt. But is that not the point of sledging? You just need to get ahead, any which way! He has! One would think that he has all the points in the war right now!

    Backsides are the go right now!

    Ponting is disintegrated and is kicking backsides. Hayden makes an ass (arse?) of himself. Symonds has had his backside slapped by a NZ Judge. Why don’t we just leave it there and move on?

    All’s fair in sledge and wedge.

  8. blogesh:

    I saw that picture and to have The Age (no less) cite that piece of nonsense as evidence in a monkey-gesture claim only goes to show that there are a lot more people mentally disintegrated by Harbhajan Singh than just the Australian cricket team!

  9. Hey, when did I say it wasn’t. Your beef is that the win wasn’t on the front page, the sledging was. I am asking why you are complaining about what an Australian paper choses to put on its cover?

  10. @JB

    True, The Age can post what it wants on its front page. Fair point. But to have that armpit scratch as evidence of monkey-business (if that was all there was as “evidence”) paints even The SMH (The Age) in bad light.

  11. There were also complaints from the crowd about that sort of gesture and spitting occuring throughout the game. If there is an enquiry into this and that picture is used as evidence, I agree it’s pretty flimsy.

    But this about public opinion. And like Indian supports have a problem with the Aussies. We very much have a problem with the Indians.

  12. chris hutchinson

    Ease up all of you!


    Media in this country is nthe last throws of censure and furthermore ownership control for the reasons JB suggests. I am sure you are the first person to note this.

    I dont read The Age because its full of lefty, social conscience crap.

    We have talked before about holier than thow and I agree it’s time to move on.

    The talent of the brave new India is there for all to see.

    Still! If Ponting doesnt play on and Sachin does, what would the result have been?

    I would like to see Indian bloggers be braver and come out and say we’re going to be the best.

    But even you guys dont seem to think so – yet!

    We’re coming back to the field during the LATEST transition period. We’re old but still good.

    Can India’s talent overcome the spectre of players being on the take. The IPL and ICL leaves them, and cricket there, ready to explode.

    How else could this talented group, or the exceptionally more credentialled group you just sent hom, have performed so badly in the WC?

    It;s got me beat! I hope I am wrong.

    With regard to Harbhajan, i think a cricketer should give as good as he gets as far as crowd taunting goes.

    But he is a problem.


  13. @JB

    Whats the matter mate, Don’t you like Kangaroo Vindaloo.

    Aust Media are well known for Distractions when their Team is Humbled.

    The media people are saying that the Published Photo is not the one which Harbijhan is accused
    of, there is another SUPPOSED photo of Harbijhan With both hands under his armpits, WELL, why wasn’t that photo used, BRING IT ON, Lets have a look, come on,lets have a look.
    Funny how none of this was Picked up by TV cameras (Eagle eye Ian Healy would have Definetly picked it up and headed for the Match Referee’s Dug Out) another case of Finger Pointing by the Aust Media.

    If the other photo exists,which I seriously DOUBT, it would have been used without any
    Doubt whatsoever to Hang Harbijhan. I would have been one of the first Persons to CONDEMN
    Harbijhan IF this was the case.

    Do you really believe the Aust Media would put a similar Picture of an Aust Player scratching his armpit and accusing him of making a Racist Gesture, The Aust player’s Legal Representative
    would be licking his Lips and ordering his new Porsche.

  14. @JB: Whats your problem ? The Age of course can pander to whosoever they want, and just the same, one of its reader of course has every right to write a letter about it. And a blog has every right to criticize the The Age and other newspapers of playing sore losers.

    You mentioned complaints from the spectators about Harbhajan’s gestures and spitting – yet any word on what the same spectators were saying ? So far I have heard, it addition to the usual, friendly ‘wanker’, words like ‘knob-head’, ‘cut off your hair’ etc were being used ! Not justifying Bhajji’s actions – if any – in response to this. But the spectators weren’t sitting idle out there.

    Finally, note how the SMH is starting to backtrack on the issue:

  15. Vandy,

    I have actually had Kanagroo Vindaloo.

    My point was simply about why there are complaints about how an Australian paper chose to represent the game yesterday.

    Harbajhan made a special effort to annoy every Aussie player and supporter yesterday. Surely you have to admit that, the monkey gesture aside, there were plenty of other examples.

    If he chooses to do that fine, but don’t complain about the fallout. That’s all.

  16. @chris

    Why is Harbhajan Singh a problem? If he was in the Aussie team, you’d be celebrating him and Peter Lalor would write about how honest he is. Get over him. He has got everyone in Australia doing exactly what he wants them to do! Scratching their heads wondering why they really hate him so much! I believe he is having a laugh at the consternation he has caused.

    It is purely pointless and hypothetical to ask what the result would have been if Ponting hadn’t played on or if Sachin had played on or if Dhoni had a gluteal muscle twitch or if Rohit Sharma sneezed.

    But you know what? On the evidence of last night, apart from a brilliant fielding effort, I believe only one team really wanted to win and only one captains’ mind was on the job.

    I don’t think I can confidently say that India will be the best in 3 years.

    I do believe that India’s talent will overcome the opportunities that the IPL and ICL throw at them. You can be whoever you want for 44 days of the IPL. Ultimately, what counts is what you do when you don the whites or the blues!

    — Mohan

  17. Ever since Harbhajan Hattrick against Oz in India, they are trying to get (sic!) him. And it does not help Harbhajan that he gives more back then he gets! So Oz media suck it up and get real and start reporting on fine effort on field.

    I saw one photo series on last night’s game in SMH, it showed two photos of streaker running across the field and two photos of Sachin out of a total of 16. Talk about priorities

  18. @JB

    So ok. Harbajhan made a special effort to annoy every Aussie player and supporter yesterday. The problem with that is what precisely?

    Isn’t that exactly what Steve Waugh called Mental Disintegration? Should he not receive a medal for causing fumes to fly out of Aussie players, media and fans? He did what only Ranatunga could do time after time! Why can’t you celebrate him as a legend?

    — Mohan

  19. @noflylist

    I don’t see the lack of proportion/priorities as an issue at all. Harbhajan Singh has got everyones’ knickers in Australia in a horrible twist. Everyone has failed to recognise that he is probably that much better at sledging than the Aussies. Period. There’s nothing more to it.

    And talking of spitting… The only person I saw constantly spitting in last nights’ match was Ricky Ponting!

    — Mohan

  20. JB, Oz fans were spitting venom all the time Harby was nearby, wanker, cut the hair (a religious racist reference if any) etc…

    BTW, Indian management is furious over this nonevent of latest Harby saga.

  21. @Mohan,

    I have no issue with what he is doing. He is behaving like an idiot, but that is what he is, so why would I get upset?

    I repeat, my point here is your post seems to suggest there is something wrong with the article in the Age. I am saying if your team seeks to try and piss off the Aussie pubic, you won’t get praising articles in our press.

    @ Noflylist,

    Why do you think that is? This player in particular has come to our country and actively sought to piss off the Australian public. If someone throws something at him or actually racially abuses him (I note you are suggesting he was, but honestly if you guys are going to say that Monkey isn’t racial abuse but “cut your hair is” there isn’t much point in this conversation) I would agree that this would be unacceptable. He coped it, and he says he loves it, so don’t complain about it.

  22. Mohan,

    I don’t have a problem with him acting like an idiot. He is an idiot.

    He came to this country and actively sought to piss off the Aussie public. So don’t expect a flattering response from our press.

    We all know what he is doing and he is to much of a coward to just admit it.


    He deserves what he coped from the crowd. No one threw anything or said anything racist (please if monkey is not racist then how is cut your hair?). What annoys me most is you guys seem to think you are innocent if you retaliate.

  23. Bhajji can be proud of being called ” a wanker ” by the inebriated Sydneysiders–as he joins the elite group that have been called that in the past

    –Sir Ian Botham
    — Sir Richard Hadley
    –John Snow
    –Javed Miandad
    Arjuna ranatunga

    I didn’t see any black Australian sitting in that side of the crowd that was having a go at Bhajji

    That must be enough circumstantial evidence that Bhajji’s getures were mere scratches of an itchy armpit and not directed at blacks as monkeys

    But then Sydney was celebrating gay and Lesbian mardi Gras over the weekend–a few of the ALBINO Monkeys might have lost their way from Kings Cross into that section of SCG for some fun–and action.

  24. Sorry to be so unparlimentary, But to my knowledge monkeys not only scratch their arm pits, they pretty much do that with every part of their Body..

    I’m sure there’s a Guy in who is paid full time by the ” The Age” to watch out and capture

    “who’s scratching where?”

  25. Teri Maaka Pav

    Abe yaar, ab bhajji ko khujli hogi to woh apni khujayega ya jaake symonds ki maaki khujayega… Saale baat kartey hain… Losers!!!

  26. @JB

    Aust Cricket’s Bully Boy tactics are over They have been exposed for what they are once again.

    BAD LOSERS and the Aust Media are not far Behind.

    I have given some Mental Dissintergration Therapy to some of my Aussie Cricket Supporter friends,
    and you know what,theyv’e crumpled.

    Oh Well, What goes around, comes around, Famous Aussie Saying.Ha ha

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