More monkey controversy

Harbhajan Singh seems to have been embroiled in another “monkey” controversy during India’s win over Australia at the SCG. Got to wait and see how this one unfolds…



4 responses to “More monkey controversy

  1. I doubt if any sane person would do such things after what has happened in the last few weeks.

    If found Guilty Harbhajan should be punished severly..

    But then, if what the Newspaper and the spectator involved were just making it up, they should be dealt with more severity.. I feel that Media has more social responsibilty than Individuals or Players,

    what if Bhajji had an itch in his arm pits and he scratched them and if thats what the newspaper has captured on camera :))

  2. Australians would not leave Harbhajan alone ever since he dismantled their batting in 2001 series. Aus newspapers did report last year’s crowd abuse of Symonds in India, but they seem to be absolving religious and racist Aus crowd behavior and charging Harby for reacting. It is time Indian board and public stands up for good of the game! Australia just cannot seem to adjust to the situation that anyone can stand up to them verbally and in the area. Speaking of spitting, McGrath was fined just $3000 for spitting at W. Indies player on the playfield.

    It is time Indian board assembles Indian spectators who attended the game to testify in what seems to be shaping up as contentious hearing.

    Also speaking of issues, how about enquiring Lee (however affable he may be) for beaning Sachin in yesterday’s game?

  3. The only advice for Bajhi is to seek some Legal Advice over this matter.

    I seems the Aust Media need to take some lessons
    in Losing Gracefully.

    Sour Grapes Personified.

  4. Poor Harbajan may be needed a spray of deodorant or something?? Folks lay off. Leave the poor man alone. Now, he can’t even scratch his arm-pits?? Not the decent thing to do in public sure, but what if it itches and you are middle of field for 8 or more hours??

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