Australian captain insults Team India…

Take a look at this picture of Ricky Ponting at the prize distribution ceremony at the end of the CB Series Finals game in Brisbane last night.

It is clear to me from this picture (courtesy CricInfo) that he is showing his middle finger to the dignitaries, the visiting captain and to Mark Taylor the MC of the ceremony (and potential future Chairman of the Cricket Australia Board)! Ponting shows his middle finger…

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, leaders in photographic-evidence-based investigative journalism should look into this matter and thump this photograph on the desks of the ICC Match Referee, Cricket Australia, The ICC, The Australian Prime Ministers’ office and the Ricky Ponting household and proceed to crucify the said culprit till an explanation is found in much the same way as they proceeded to hunt as an unruly pack for the guts of Harbhajan Singh, that recalcitrant serial scratcher in the previous match!

[Tongue-in-cheek off]

— Mohan

21 responses to “Australian captain insults Team India…

  1. If you notice Michel Jhonson is saying I see you pointing and know what you are up to! Hold on what is Hayden doing scratching his forearm…good lord…throw him in Jail immediately. The ICC has already sent a set of knives for sharpening to stick it into Pointing. New meaning to Nail biting finish based on Clarke Brakken and Gilly…good stuff Mohan

  2. It is utter shame that Ponting has shown his un-professionalism, contrary to his professing that he is a professional. In fact the picture should be blown up and publicised in all national dailies around the cricketing world and a special copy should be sent to the ICC for their Board Room !!!

  3. Brilliant Mohan !!!!

    Be most Appreciative if you could send
    that Pic to Sports Editor – The West
    Australian newspaper in Perth,WA.

    Rgds – vandy

  4. Haha… thats a nice one, Mohan!

    In fact, Bananas are not allowed inside the Indian team dressing room as it accounts for serious M@#$%y business and going by the present developments, this be a potential disaster!!

    Seriously thats how things are heading!

    Few things for which I would remember the tour for :

    1)Ishant’s brilliant spell against Ponting at Perth!
    2) Ponting’s grounded catch off Dhoni in the earlier test and his attitude throughout.
    3) Umpiring standards in the tests.
    4) Sachin’s brilliant innings and this new shot “the late jab” over slips!
    5) Dhoni’s project co-ordination!
    6) Lastly, the soo “made-up” contoversies which pepped up a true team spirit that the Indians have shown!

    Have been a silent reader of your blog and being an avid cricket follower, it just rocks! Between if you remember me I am Rethas’s friend (We travelled to a Sanjay Concert at PSBB on his car…). Please do visit my space : my work on Photography!


  5. Holy cow! Would you say that if someone uses the middle finger to scratch his nose? Man, you guys are pathetic. You are no lesser than the australian crowd when they said that harbajan was scratching like a monkey when he was actually handling an itch.
    Dont blog for the sake of it. And dont look at things exactly the way they are not meant to be.

    Blind Bu…

  6. The Wind, a few suggestions to you:

    1. Search for the word “sarcasm” on google
    2. Search for the expression “Tongue-in-cheek” and
    3. Watch the episode “The Pledge Drive” in Seinfeld


  7. If only Ponting had stuck his middle finger up his backside , THE WIND wouldn’t have had this chance to write to this blog!!!!

  8. LOL 😉 That was funny.

    I guess from now on all the cricketers will need to walk around with their hands stuck firmly inside their pockets. But, how will they field? Why not get Steve Bucknor to do the job. I heard he is cooling his heels somewhere?

  9. well ,good observation ..thats all i can say could have been unintentional too..
    lets not do the same thing what aussies did to harbhajan..then there woul be no difference between us and them…

  10. haha brilliant! …

  11. Bucknor is in Bangladesh as far as I am aware.Commiserations to Bangladesh.

    @the wind
    Bit precious aren’t we, the Aust media
    were prepared to Hang Harbijhan on
    a photo, How very UNAUSTRALIAN.

  12. @Prabu,

    Hayden’s comments could also be classified as tongue in cheek or a poor attempt at humour but he was quite rightly pilloried for them.

    Whilst a blog site is a different kettle of fish I would suggest that given the heated atmosphere some discretion should be applied particularly if it aspires to a quality site

  13. @ Vandy

    Re your response to the wind.

    Bit of an insult to this site to suggest that it should slip to the level of the Australian media.

    Shouldn’t the aspiration be a little less base.

  14. @Pav

    The post was in jest, as indicated by the “tongue-in-cheek” sign-off.

  15. I know & quite enjoyed it but some people missed the point hence my comment to Prabu

    In my post to Vandy I was paying you a compliment


  16. Unlike you Mohan, not funny, and lacking in grace. Take the win and move on.

    PS Please stop your mob f(ICL etc) from chucking money at our players, we cant chew gum & walk at the same time, see you next time around

  17. Actually Mohan,

    Given where Ponting and crew were standing, to the right of the Podium as you llook at it (ie the podium is towards the left of that picture) Ricky is obviously giving the finger to either:
    a) the crowd- on behalf of Harbijan for giving him such a hard time.
    b) The nine commentary team whos bias has made him enemies by stirring the pot.
    c) the television audience, coz they didn’t wish hard enough…
    You have got to get your orientation right before making these allegations!

    P.S again no mention of the Indians storming the podium grabbing the trophy ala Australia at the World Cup. AND before anything else is said I thought it was poor form to do the retirement presentations before the awards.

  18. Nigel

    I think we should let the investigative reporters of The SMH onto this case. This is just too hard for you and me. Unfortunately, their investigative juices will not be fueled compellingly enough for there is not a single turban in the picture!

    I did think that the Indians were wrong to storm onto the dias. However, in their defence I will say that the entire ceremony was badly organised. Mark Taylor had a rabbit-in-headlights evening. I don’t believe he had organised someone to actually make the presentation. The players, therefore, just went ahead and grabbed it. But having said that, I agree that it was in poor form.

    I thought it was ok to do the retirement presentations before the awards. I did not see anything wrong in that personally.

    — Mohan

  19. According to SMH (c/o Ian Healey)

    “Whilst it looks like Ponting giving the finger, stump microphone recordings and hot spot technology actually prove that the finger belongs to a certain Sikh protagonist who remains nameless……

    who said I was one eyed

  20. A bit late, but I must protest The Pav. 🙂

    I thought I pointed out the “tongue-in-cheek” in my post and talked about “The Pledge Drive”. If you watched that episode of Seinfeld, you will know what I was referring to.

  21. you asses some people point like that

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