India win CB Series 2-0

Not since the 1980s has Australia lost the tri-series finals twice in a row. India made sure that Australia lost in straight sets with a stirring victory in Brisbane. The fact that this victory came without India’s first choice pace bowling attack — Zaheer Khan, R. P. Singh and Ishant Sharma — made it all the more special. It was a sensational victory by a young and mostly inexperienced Indian team that had to surmount not only the strong Australian team, but also its hostile media and raucous crowds. In the end, the team found the strength to shut out the media and the crowds, focussed on the job in front of them and won a tight series.


In the end, in the same week the senior Team India as well as the under-19 Team India tasted victories and both teams celebrated these victories; not one of them looked in the direction of Andrew Symonds to enquire whether or not he had a view on the appropriateness or otherwise of these. The victories were well-deserved and losers have no choice but to watch the celebrations.

M. S. Dhoni rated this higher than the T20 win! It just goes to show the depth of focus that this team had. This focus, by the way, was evident in the way Sachin Tendulkar played yesterday. He eschewed the bold strokes and respected the conditions as well as the opposition. The Australians bowled a terrific line and pegged away constantly. The Australians fielded as only the Australians can. However, in the end, that will to win was, I believe, much stronger for the Indians.

Relentless cricket:

The Indian team wanted to win to have that extra time up their sleeves before their next engagement on March 17th. M. S. Dhoni joked at the end that he wanted to seal things in the second game itself because he has not ridden his “motorbike for quite a long time”!

The Australian media talks of non-stop cricket that the aging Australian team has been playing.

It is true that the Australian team has been on the road since October last year. In that time, the Australian team has played in the Twenty20 World Championship, 7 ODI matches against India in India, 2 Tests against Sri Lanka, 4 Tests against India and the CB tri-series.

The Indians have been on the road since July last year and it has been a non-stop ride. In that time, India has played 4 ODIs in Ireland, 1 ODI against Pakistan in Scotland (wash-out), 3 Tests in England, 5 ODIs in England, the Twenty20 World Championship, 7 ODIs against Australia in India, 5 ODIs against Pakistan, 3 Tests against Pakistan, 4 Tests against Australia and the CB tri-series.

I know which team has had the bigger workload. And if you consider that much of the time has been spent in the dreary surrounds of hotel rooms and in a hostile environment where the press and the crowds are constantly at your throats, I do believe this young Indian team needs to be applauded.

Off-field distractions play a part:

Ricky Ponting, on his part, was gracious in defeat. He admitted that his team had been outplayed in the finals series by India. However, even though he said that the off-field distractions did not hamper his team, one can’t help but think that they would have had an effect.

If you look at the off-field events, apart from the IPL which has presumably distracted all players around the world, the single factor that played a distraction-nuisance influence right through this tour has been Harbhajan Singh! When Harbhajan scratched the Australian media twitched. The captain, Ricky Ponting, appeared to have his mind on the off-field incidents involving run-ins that Harbhajan Singh was having with his own team rather than on his own game and form. When Harbhajan Singh fielded, the Australian public held their collective breath. And when he bowled, the Australian players had their minds set on dominating him instead of playing him as another bowler.

Almost single-handedly, Harbhajan Singh became the thorn in the flesh as well as the spot in Lady Macbeth’s hand that just would not go away. He was like a fly around the barbecue that just kept buzzing in the ears of people gathered around it. One could not hear the barbecue conversations; just the buzzing noise of this constant irritant that just would not go away!

That the Australian players did not respect him is not the issue. The fact that they did not respect his game/sport is a matter for much introspection in coming months. Here was a player that stood up to the Aussies and looked them in the eye. The Australians just could not deal with it.

In a strange irony, Harbhajan Singh was directly involved in the wickets of Andrew Symonds and Matthew Hayden — his two main off-the-field opponents right through this arduous summer — in both the finals matches! In the first match, Harbhajan Singh had the wickets of both players. In last night’s match, he had Symonds out LBW and was involved in Hayden’s run out!

At the end of the match, M. S. Dhoni lashed out at the Australian media for the focus that they have reserved for Harbhajan Singh. He admitted, though, that this focus made his job easier for, with each new article or episode, Harbhajan Singh just got tougher and tougher and did not need to be motivated!


This series win has not altered India’s position on the ICC Rankings table. However, it has taken India closer to New Zealand (3rd place) on the table and has made it easier for South Africa to reclaim the #1 position that it squandered to Australia in the last World Cup.

Meanwhile Sachin Tendulkar has moved to reclaim the #1 ODI batting spot.


I believe that M. S. Dhoni is a terrific leader. With the calm, experienced, gritty and fiercely competitive Anil Kumble at the helm of affairs in the Test arena and with Dhoni to nurture a younger set of players in the shorter form of the game, I do believe that Indian cricket is in safe hands for the moment. It is likely that the captaincy mantle will get another year at least — if not two — from Anil Kumble. The time would be right then for a hand-over of the responsibility to M. S. Dhoni. In that time, with the help of Gary Kirsten, India can form a core of players that can take over from the big-5 as they leave the scene. In that sense, we do have a “visionary” leader at the controls in my opinion.

If Sourav Ganguly was the first leader of men in Indian cricket, in Dhoni, we have a visionary leader. To him processes may not matter as much as it did to Greg Chappell and Rahul Dravid. His leadership style is more instinct driven. But he has got most things right! He asks his players to be always ready and throws them into the deep end. They produce every time. This shows that he knows what they are capable of, believes in them, backs them and then extracts the best out of them. He threw the ball to Joginder Sharma in the T20 finals and to Praveen Kumar and Piyush Chawla in the CB series finals. They delivered. He fought for the inclusion of young players like Rohit Sharma, Gautam Gambhir, Manoj Tiwary, Praveen Kumar and Piyush Chawla ahead of senior pros. He got them. At crunch moments, he surprised the opposition by including the likes of Praveen Kumar and Piyush Chawla. They delivered! It is a strategy that could have back-fired. But rather than launch into long explanations, he simply says he is looking at 2011!

He has set for himself a road-map to 2011 success. Rahul Dravid would have cogitated over it in a scholarly manner and produced a strategy paper at the end of it. He would have then used this as a leverage in team selection meetings. He would have gone to great lengths to form a coalition of like-minded souls who would back his vision and roadmap. Dhoni has it in his head and articulates it by simply saying, “Even if we had lost this tournament, we should have stuck with the young boys. This will be the team’s core.”

This was a good victory for India, but much more is needed in the months ahead to build on the hard work that has commenced here. Australia have some work to do of its own. The players need a break from the game and its captain needs to rediscover his ticker.

It has been a long summer and frankly, I am glad it is over.

— Mohan

53 responses to “India win CB Series 2-0

  1. Srikanth Mangalam


    I agree it has been a long winter, can’t wait for the summer to kick in…A winter that could have been worse, was fortunately warmed up by this amazing series.

  2. These one-day matches are day night matches to suit in the TV audience of India, it gets very late here on a working day.

    MahaSivarathri is only tomorrow – Wednesday. I am used to this now, since I have been watching these games pretty late in the night.

    Praveen Kumar bowling at low 130 is a find. The Aussies are not able to figure him out. Same with Piyush Chawla. Good decision on their selection. The real find of this tour has to be Ishant Sharma. Gambhir in one-days, Rohit Sharma seems to have potential.

    Granted the talent of all the youngsters, but Tendulkar was a crucial factor in both wins. Some combination of experience all helps.

    India has to solve the opening batsman puzzle in one-day and also tests.

    Sachin + ? – One-days (not sure how long Sachin will play one-days ?)

    Sehwag + ? – Tests

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  4. A very Satisfying WIN considering the
    Crap they have had to put up with,both
    from the Aust Team and Also Aust Media.

    Hoping to hear from JB & Dave from
    Sydney.Better luck next time Fellas,
    Was it Karma or Justice or Both.

    The West Australian Newspaper thought it was more appropriate to have a Picture of Gillchrist abusing a
    Photographer rather than a Indian
    Cricketer Celebrating a Huge Win.

    The WEED(villian) played another big
    part in Sorting out the Banana benders.

    All the Best

    vandy – Ecstatic Indian Fan

    BTW, their saying that Symonds decked the Streaker because he was Jealous at the size of the Streakers you know what.Tut,Tut, Zinco.

  5. All in all a great team effort and what is clearly a well deserved victory. I would also give the Indian team a moral victory in the test series…after that stuff they had to put up with in Sydney…IMHO, they won Sydney and Perth.

    I have been trying to put my finger on why the Aust. team an media were so hostile to the Indians. They targeted Bajji and Ishant and in the past they have targeted Sree Shant as well. Luckilly he did not take bait on this tour. I am sure glad that it is all over and both MS and Anil can hold their heads up high after a gruelling tour of duty. One or two of the Indian players may have played their last game on Australian soil. Sad to see Hogg not get a game (after he is the 4th highest wicket taker in Australian ODI cricket), however Michael Clark justified his inclusion (as a bowler not bat) with 3 wickets and 50 odd runs and hence hogg was not really needed. Gilly fizzled. Pointing and Clarke were damp. Hussey Symonds Hayden and Hopes did their collective best but it clearly was not enough. The pitch seemed good but I am sure was not easy to play on. Well done India.

  6. I don’t know if the folks picked this but it looks like Symonds may face action for the tackle on the streaker when he was at the crease in Brisbane. This will be a final kick where it hurts and would add insult to the injury caused by the defeat in the CB series however appropriate as it is a shoddy example to set by sports personalities (in a world stage) to fight like they are in a WWE bout.

  7. Well said Mohan for your excellent contribution throughout the test and ODI series. Keep it up and three cheers to you !!!!

    Our boys did it at last on foreign soil beating the world champions and MSD deserves to be applauded for his courage and conviction in leading a young inexperienced team at this level.

    Poor show by Aussie media in targetting yesterday on Bhajji with special camera many times. Also very poor show by Mark Taylor in doing the closing ceremony and very sad to see that no one handed over the trophy to the Indian boys in the end. In the end summing up by Mark, Ritchie and Michael they had to chew up their own words in passing praise for the Indian team and a lot to be desired in one-way treatment of our boys by the media here !!!!

  8. @ Mohan,

    If you don’t like this country, leave it.

    @ Vardy,

    We were beaten by the better team.

  9. JB

    Before you have the audacity to tell Mohan to leave Australia, consider the following

    As a high earner, the likes of Mohan keep some of your unemplyable and the unwilling dole bludgers alive on a diet of ciggies, beer and pokies

    It is your forefathers and foremothers that killed off aborigines by giving them the grog, syphilis, malnutrtion, diabetes etc when the bullets ran out

    You changed the laws to suit the white sycophants, jailed whatever number left –after killing as many as possible of aborigines for fun

    You are an aussie by passport only–same as Mohan and others

    Unless you have koori blood, we don’t accept as an Aussie–true blue or false pink!!

  10. Govinda Iyer,

    Sorry? Are you saying that I am not an Aussie? And your reason for saying so is that 30 years ago the Australian goverment had policies that I didn’t agree with?

    What about you? Where do you live out of interest?

  11. @ JB

    I have been trying to figure out what JB stood for . Just Biased…..or…. Just Beaten…. now I figured it out. Just Bull s**t.
    What do you know about Mohan to advise him to leave the country? That is the typical aussie arrogance. Do you have any knowledge on his professional contributions to this country? Mate… there is a job waiting for you with the ministry of immigration. You will do well there.

  12. JB

    If it really matters to you as to where I live–

    I live in the town that is famous for the Golden Guitar–TAMWORTH

    Other than the passport that tells the rest of the world that I am an Australian Citizen, I consider myself as a CITIZEN of this world–as Oliver Goldsmith once put it.

    My point is that people like Mohan has as much right to live in Australia as you and I–you have no special right to tell people to leave this country—that is just a simplistic cop out that the inebriated wankers shout at visiting sportsmen and women to this country–be in MCG or SCG or Telstra dome. No more. And no less. Just like the use of FOUR letter words, when one has limited vocabulary!

  13. Siriram,

    Why stay in a country full of theives, convicts, racism etc? I don’t get it. If you don’t like the place or its people, why stay?

    JB stands for Jitendre Bagga, I moved to Australia from Mumbai at the age of 2. I love it here and obtained my Australian passport at 18. The most proud moment of my life.

  14. Now that Brad Hogg has retired, Cricket Australia is desparately looking for a spinner for the future.
    They dont have look far…
    The SMH has many a good spinners in thier sports editorial team.
    Who can delliver a better SPIN than them.

  15. JB

    The most proud moment of your life is also the saddest chapter in the history of multicultural —remember this word–Australia!!

  16. Govinda,

    Enjoy the next country music festival and dream of India.

    I know where I am happy.

  17. Jitendra Bagga,

    You completely missed the point.

    Being critical of a certain behaviours, traits and vocally expresssing them is part of “freedom of expression/speach”.
    If all those who criticise and question certain non-acceptable part of the soceity/system have to leave the contry…. you would have the immigration departments all over the world busy with work. ( Have you ever read Khuswant Singh. I personally beleive he has done more to his countury than a passionate blind follower)
    All I have seen so far in this blog by Mohan is his distaste for sledging and that is his opinion and learn to respect it.
    He has been critical of both Indian public on their racial slur and the Aussie.
    Yes. He is passionate about Indian criciket and I do not believe that would ever compromise his eligibility to stay in this country.
    I hope you can see your arrogance in judging some one without learning fully about him/her.
    For your information, Mohan also had his proud moment much earlier than you.
    Now, please stop being an Amanda Vanstone.

  18. I just really struggle to understand, why I have been arguing wtih a bunch of Aussies, who can’t stand Australia.

  19. Yes. It is tough for you. You need to GROW UP.
    And who says it is an argument. To me it is a banter from a ‘judgemental infant”…
    If Australian cricket team is AUSTRALIA to you… yes I can not stand it. Now send home some immigration police officers . I am all packed and ready.

  20. JB

    The reason for your struggle is simple

    Get your parents to get a mirror in the bathroom

    You need to have good look at yourself every morning–before you leave home

    Or in the bedroom–when you can really open your eyes and become part of this planet!

  21. @JB

    You said, “If you don’t like this country, leave it.”

    Two points:
    1] Thanks for the advice. Sound.
    2] I like the country. So, can I stay? Please? 🙂

  22. @JB If you don’t like it leave here…you missed the point mate. This is about making that a better place isn’t it. If you something that does not sit well with you do you just run away…how many things can you run away from.

    We enjoy Mohan’s musings and those that contribute here. They come down hard on any bad behaviour (with a little bit of an Indian bias).

    You misunderstand all of this with “can’t stand Australia” Try and interpret this as can’t stand can’t stand Peter Lawlor and his one sided reporting. Can’t stand SMH stooping this low. Can’t stand the silly cliches that seem to be provided by auzzie players. Hope when you get a little older (and wiser) you will be able to appreciate differing points of view and stop kicking off with “if you don’t like it go back”

  23. Mohan,

    Of course you can stay if you like it. I don’t see how anyone couldn’t like it.

  24. I dont think anyone can say to stay, or not to stay, except the Minister in the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, and unless one has done any crime which is not acceptable in the rule book.

    Mohan is a professional and a globe trotter and he chose to live in this country for his contribution [to this country] in the sphere he chose to do and NO ONE can dare ask him to leave !!!

  25. JB,

    I was also of the same opinion ” I dont see how anyone could not like it”… until I realised that a judgemental juvenile who had his most proud moment at the age of 18 calls this my country too.

  26. Sriram,

    I am confused. Are you against citizenship?

    “I hope you can see your arrogance in judging some one without learning fully about him/her.”

    Please take your own advise.

  27. @JB

    First thing, my name is VANDY not vardy, Get it right laddy.

    Secondly I still haven’t seen you give any Credit to the Indian team for their
    Spanking of the WORLD CHUMPS.

    Thirdly, I had the impression from some of your earlier posts that you sounded like someone who may have had some sort of education, However
    after seeing your Comment to Mohan I am starting to have some doubts.
    It was a very Immature Comment comming from someone who portrays
    himself as being smarter than the average YOB in the outer.

    Kind rgds

  28. Sorry Vandy, it was a typo,

    I said we were outplayed. And we were. Full credit to India who won the ODI series on and off the field. “God” shone with the bat and the Indian bowlers were supurb. Australia were outplayed and outclassed.

    Kind Regards,


  29. JB,

    You always seems to be “confused” and “struggle to understand”.

    What else I ( for that matter any one elsoe) need to learn about you . You have the audacity and dare to tell off fellow blogger to leave this country and if you could read all the posts from rest of the world after your ‘judgement on Mohan’, all of them seem to have learnt the same about your maturity (or the lack of it).
    My first impression of you is that … you can not agree to disagree. If someone has a different point of view that yours, you tell them off.
    Just imagine a situation where you are in an arguement with a person of a different view and he tells you to leave the scene. Does it sound alright to you? This is lack of respect for others point of view.
    What else I need to learn about a fellow blogger who tells people off.

  30. Sriram,

    You are absolutley right.

    Kind Regards,


  31. @JB

    Your typo error apology is accepted.

    Good to see your Acknowledgement of
    the Indian win without any excuses.

    Its typical of the Aust Media to gloss over the Rugby tackle from your future captain on Tendulkar.His typical non
    apology is the same arrogance some members the Aust team fail to accept
    critism for.If you are going to say it was an accident, surely that little upstart should have apologised, I am certain Brett Lee would have.

    Another example of the Aust print media is my local paper, The West Australian,it couldn’t bring themselves to show a pic of Winning Indian team but found it more appropriate to Show a pic of Gillchrist having words with a photographer who got in his way,
    How bloody pathetic and negative can you get.So I don’t complain about the
    Aust Media just for continually harrasing the Indians.The channell 9
    cameras were quite busy with the weed
    last night but failed to convict again.
    Better luck next time, Listening to Healy as Aust were being given their
    last rights was just pure gold.

  32. .. Sometimes I see more sledging going on here than on the cricket field 🙂

  33. sometime back..when the “obnoxious weed” comment had come out, and before the finals,I had said that This is Youung India..they dont give a tinkers cuss about such stuff and will give it back,win or lose.

    And win they did.with one of the all time great s and a bunch of kids led by a steely eyed leader.remember the name MAHENDER SINGH DHONI.

    Inspite of all the BS and the horse manure in the media,in spite of the day light robbery at SCG,inspite of

    The World Order has changed.Hail India.

    and as a channel back in India said”aussie Ki Taisi”..derived from the Hindi/Urdu “aisi ki taisi”

    meaning,sort of ..”tit for tat”

    Actually its more than that.A slap in the face of all the naysayers, and a stinging reply to the learned Matthew Hayden’s observation”they are whining because they are losing every game at this stage”

    Haydos..just let your bat talk mate,and dont embarass yourself and your nation…

  34. The little weed had the last laugh. The little master took the final bow in Australia as only he can. The rest of team – I mean every one of them contributed their mite to get the final revenge.

    The mighty Aussies need to re-group and learn to focus on the postives and not the negatives as they did on this tour. Their talking tough and sledging and war of words in the media got out of hand this time around.

  35. “Those who laugh last, laugh best”
    Bajee must be pissing his pants laughing all the way back to India!

    The expression on Hayden face when he was run out and Symonds lbw – BLOODY PRICELESS!

    Well done Bajee!

  36. @ Mr jb
    remember last time ,i told ,u have an superiority complex ..well ,you have proved yet again ..
    and being an indian by birth and talking ill abt india
    (the political drama u mentioned last time) shows the depth of negativity u have against india..
    remember one thing when india was accused of being racist country ,even u become one …and u were supporting them….
    you might be an Australian citizen now but they would still consider as an india never forget that and its good u have respect for te country u are living in but forgetting the motherland is very wrong of you ..

  37. i see only one reason for all that..
    u were being brough up in australia so i see a typical australian attitude in you..

  38. Where do you live Arvind?

  39. Actually scratch that question. I don’t care.

    I am Australian, Arvind. This country has accepted me as they accept anyone who wants to be an Aussie. And you call us racist.

    You really have no idea.

  40. True JB. And by the same token, Australia accepts that it is ok for a citizen that contributes to this country to barrack for India. In much the same way as St Kilda accepting that a person that lives in St Kilda may be critical of the St Kilda team and barrack for Collingwood.

    This is exactly where former Tory, Norman Tebbit — Margret Tatchers’ right hand man — got his knickers in a horrible twist. He asked for a “cricket support litmus test” to be applied to every new immigrant from the sub-continent. Soon there were cries for all Liverpool supporters living in the East of London to leave!

    In a global village, boundaries are only in the mind.

  41. Mohank,


    Here is a story that illustrates the point.

    Through a friend not long ago I met some English guys who live in Australia. In a recent soccer game they supported Japan over the Aussies, they were really passonate too. Now that annoyed me and I asked them why they would do this. They said that they don’t like Aussies or Australia. HUH??? Why live somewhere that you don’t like?

    But if it was England vs the Aussies, no problem at all.

  42. JB

    This is for you..,9191,23326560-2882,00.html

    Please read that part about an Indian supporter being bashed and one intoxicated Aussie disrespecting another countries flag.

    This is not a stray incident. I have personally copped both verbal and on one occassion slightly physical abuse from the Aussie spectators during the last Indian tour ( at two venues). Why? Becasue I was supporting India passioately ( In your grammar, an Indian born migrant is alright to support India .. right…. and thanks for that).
    That day.. when I had by haeadphone radio pulled off my head and my family being taunted (both byintoxicated and highly patriotic aussies)…. I had deicded not to return to the stadium to watch cricket… though cricket is my religion. I surely felt my family did not deserve those stupid abuses.
    Would you call this racial???
    Are we allowed to show our objection to this … because we need to feel belong here? Or should we RUN AWAY.
    I believe it is a two way passage.

  43. Sriram,

    I would call that racial. And it is unacceptable. I totally agree and it saddens me when these sorts of things happen.

    There are dickheads everywhere. I was once assulted by an Aboriginal man on the street. But I don’t feel that every Aboriginal behaves that way.

    Enough from me.


  44. @JB

    Honest Reply mate, well done and
    Totally AGREE there are Dickheads
    Everywhere,even in India.

    In my Opinion No one should Lower their Standards of Decency & Fairness in the Fear of being called UNPATRIOTIC.( unaustralian or unindian) Shamefull Crap !!!!

    One thing I must finish off by Saying
    People, no matter where they are From
    Don’t like being Told who to barrack
    for, as this is seen and rightly so as
    Bullying & Arrogrance.

    For instance IF I was an Australian
    Living in India and my Indian friends
    Suggested I should Barrack for India
    because I was living in India, I would
    Tell them where to GO Quick Smart.

  45. Vandy,

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Thanks for the discussion guys.

    And for the record. I hope you beat South Africa in the next series.

    I would uch rather you guys be on top of the ladder than them!

  46. @ jb
    Did i call you racist.. ??
    i dint.. read properly.

  47. Cool off guys. Step back, relax, take a deep breath. Yeah that’s better. Now start posting 🙂

  48. govinda iyer,

    As a high earner, (Elites Tripe) the likes of Mohan keep some of your unemplyable (Error)and the unwilling dole bludgers (Less than 4% Unemployment), hence the need for Mohan’s skills, no offence ment) alive on a diet of ciggies, beer (Drink More Wine)and pokies(Tax on the Stupid)

    It is your forefathers and foremothers that killed off aborigines by giving them the grog, syphilis, malnutrtion, diabetes etc when the bullets ran out

    You changed the laws to suit the white sycophants, jailed whatever number left –after killing as many as possible of aborigines for fun.”

    We never said we did’nt, we at least recognise the fact.
    Can you!!
    We dont burn missionaries of any religion including their children, we dont have a caste system, we dont disfigure poor children to beg on the streets, we dont look at poor old widowed women as a burden, we dont look at aborting a perfectly good baby because its female as a legitimate life style choice,
    we dont phone Indians around dinner time to offer them a $39 mobile cap.
    We dont forget the importance of universal health care, schooling for all children including ,the indigenous, We have welfare for those cant look after themselves.
    So please send more of your country men & women to us, we know that they’ll like it & us and hopefully more than a handful will stay, top up our team, & stick it back to the old country, like us poor desperate convict ridding families did to the British, see there is a common enemy even if you cant see past the skin colour KNOB

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  50. I hope folks keep the topic to cricket and do not lower themselves to racist diatribe.

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  52. Not to sound too elitist, but there may be a silver lining after all to this brouha surrounding Bhajji, Hayden, Symonds and their exploits on and off the pitch…

    I do sincerely hope that our Aussie bretheren have realized that not every Indian is a curry munching taxi driver or 7-11 worker… Yes, despite all the problems of caste, religion and whatnot back home, many of us choose to live away from India but we are proud to hold our blue passport…

    Now that should be enough to give us the right to support the Indian team wherever it plays around the world, innit?

  53. Chak De India

    India added another glory to its kitty after the 20-20 world cup.

    It was a golden moment in the history of Indian cricket. I came across some other golden moments of Indian cricket history at

    I enjoyed reading the article with great piece of information. Hope the same for other cricket buffs too!!!

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