The Triumph of Simplicity…

This is a wonderful article on M. S. Dhoni in Tehelka. A must read, in my opinion.

— Mohan

17 responses to “The Triumph of Simplicity…

  1. I don’t understand this hype about Dhoni. True, he played a couple of good knocks, but his batting style is so pathetic to watch that it switches me off.

    He didn’t do anything in the T20 world cup (I mean batting), and in the Aus series he was just blocking balls that someone else could have blasted. I hope he fails and gets out of the team so no one can speak of this abomination called Dhoni.

    Winning Ugly is not Indian style. Especially in batting. Dhoni is sure to break this legacy.

  2. Dear Subhash,

    You are so wrong.

    You should praise a player who has sacrificed his game for the team. He has led from the front. He has been an example of what can be done in a hostile surrounds.

    “Winning Ugly is not Indian style. Especially in batting. Dhoni is sure to break this legacy.”

    What a silly comment.

    The only legacy Dhoni is breaking is the won of Indian cricket being a loser

    Neither of those wins were ugly. In the CB finals SSacchin’s batting was sublime unless you have a different view from the rest of the world. If that is the case please leave the planet!

    If you want a pretty bunch of losers then sure sack Dhoni and the rest of the cricket world will sigh in relief!!!!!

    You want style over substance. I’ll take the substance.

  3. After the big 4 or big 5 of Indian Cricket, who are “proven” talent over the years, Dhoni was the next best talent. Now, Ishant Sharma is probably more talented than Dhoni and RP Singh is another talented player.

    Sehwag was the emerging star, but he faded away and now he is making coming back. Kaif has disappeared. Yuvraj is keeping up with the “Yuv” and as of now only a potential. I do not think, he will get anywhere near the class of the “Big 3 – Sachin, Dravid or Laxman”

    I am disappointed with Dhoni’s albeit arrogant interview – wanting to send a message for the Seniors.

    Finally, a Senior rescued them in one-days – Sachin. But for Sachin, and Gambhir and Ishant, India would have failed miserably.

    Not sure what Dhoni’s accomplishments to send a message to a class player like Rahul Dravid. IMHO, Dhoni will never get to the stature of Dravid as a player.

    Keep in mind, Dhoni was a failure in the tests and could not handle a good bowling side.

  4. @gnbmdr

    Before the “Big 5” the “Big 5” were not the “Big 5”!

    It may be that Dhoni was misquoted. His interview was about the message that needed to be sent to the detractors of the selection. In that sense “the message”, I believe needed to be sent to the media and not to the seniors.

    It was a team-effort that won the CB series. Not just one senior.

    In anycase, Dhoni got the team he wanted. He won. He has earned his stripes to speak. The detractors have to shut up and listen, for if he had lost, the knives would have been out.

    — Mohan

  5. Mohank,

    I agree with you (my god will miracles never cease!). I don’t consider telling it as it is to be arrogance so I don’t consider the interview arrogant. He didn’t knock the previous players but just stood up for his team against detractors

    Most importantly at the end he stressed the need to continue to improve & win. Not to rest on their laurels. He put the win in context & set the agenda for the future.

  6. dhoni is a typical jharkhand guy. He talks and thinks later. When he wins matches, typical indian mentality is to worship him and build temples. His true colors come out when he is under stress
    The incident where he blamed Rohit Sharma for one loss doesnt speak well of him. Only some fools will praise thar he talks straight. One of the leadership qualities is to not talk low of your members in public.

    The CB victory was solely due to Sachin. Without Sachin, they wouldnt have won it. So it was due to senior. The youngsters need to prove themselves. If you recollect the t20 match loss to Australia, that was what the youngsters did without Sachin

  7. @sriranga

    You say, “The youngsters need to prove themselves. If you recollect the t20 match loss to Australia, that was what the youngsters did without Sachin.”

    So what do you make of the T20 wins in South Africa by the youngsters then?

    — Mohan

  8. it just means that they’re an inconsistent lot and the same problems which plagued team india are still there- they play like princes sometimes, but most of the times they play like paupers

  9. Sriranga,

    What is typical Jharkhand behaviour? Please explain–in comparision with a Madurai tamil or Udipi kannadiga or a Chittoor manawadu!!

    Dhoni is a very astute and clever person first and a captain / tactician later. He chooses his words and times them exceedingly well–better than most politicians and cricket administrators.
    Aussie commentators have annointed Rohit Sharma as the next tendulkar. So, Dhoni decided to nudge Rohit a bit–before he loses his way, like Kambli did!!

    It is not easy to stay on top in India–in any field. For a new comer, he is a bit of fresh air. Let us enjoy it while it lasts.

    Or do you want him to behave like Freddie Flintoff or a leg spinner –not from Australia–but from Tamil Nadu, whose career ended because of his liking for the whiskey!!???

    If we rely totally on techniques, then we need to clone G Chappell, GR Vishwanath, Zaheer Abbas or D Vengsarkar. Dhoni curbed his instincts in ODI–because he realised that the tail will not carry on without him being at the end. Sachin used this ploy most of his career. S Waugh trusted his tailenders more than any other batsman or captain.

    Dhoni is an ugly duckling with the bat–nevertheless his mother loves him–so should we!

  10. Mohan,
    Yeah, that was one good read. Like the comments here.
    Good one Govinda!

  11. Sriranga, I take exception to the comments you made about “typical Zharkhand behavior” It is one thing to make an informed and astute comment about cricket and quite different when those comments are lowered to regional (or God forbid racial) bias! What is the difference between your bias and bias shown by Darrel Hair against Asian teams?

  12. noflylist,

    Darrel Hair DID NOT show bias against any Asian teams. He followed the Laws of Cricket

    Inzie should have completed the game and in his captain’s report, complained about the way Hair handled the matter of tampering with the ball. Then the match referee could have acted on Hair and Doctrove.

    Incompetency or errors of judgement are just that–it is the victim that sees bias–more so, if one is on the losing saide and / or from a society enriched in discrimination from cradle to grave!

  13. @GovindaIyer,

    Right, technically Hair may have followed laws of cricket, but those laws of cricket are onesidedly applied to Asian teams bias as the motive is very hard to ignore. About Inzy, no evidence was found in later investigation and was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing. And if, like you say, Inzy had followed the law and wrote a report later, it would have been swept under the rug. Other Hair incident with Murali, Hair was at odds with other Umpire in the match, also ICC has cleared Murali. Also in a match against India in 92 I believe, Indians got the wrong side of Hair’s LBW decisions. Also, Hair is liked by Australia, England, NewZealand and disliked by India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh – this says something about Hair.

    So his incompetancies are affecting only subcontinental teams!

    In spite of all that if Hair in his new avatar does a fine job, good for him and cricket.

  14. Noflylist,

    Hair–like other umpires is human

    Murali did chuck when he was called by Hair–he has changed his action since then

    ICC did not clear him–it merely told umpires not to call him during matches!!!! Every one knows that what he does in a Lab is different from on the field

    Hair did make a mistake in Adelaide agaqinst Craig McDermott–a catch of the arm–Windies won that match. So, he is not biased in favour of Aussies

    Re LBW—it is always subjective and the Law is clear–” in the opinion of the umpire”

    Players from the sub-continent do not like Hair’s strict interpretation of the Laws of cricket

    Any player–if you give an inch, they want a foot m if you give a foot, they want a yard and so on!!! Players worry about their next million as their wicket is worth a million dollars!!!!

    There are no Indian umpires in the Elite panel–it has 2 from Pakistan. Why/ or Why not? Even ICL has 1 from Pakistan and 1 from Sri Lanka.

  15. Dhoni seems to be the flavor of the day in Indian Cricket. However, this guy seems to have what it takes to keep things in perspective. Whatever was said about the seniors..had to be said. Its time for some of them to start thinking about the conclusion of their stellar careers. Atleast, I’d love to see retire gracefully, with the accolades they truly deserve. Ganguly’s legacy is the present Indian squad. He is truly the architect of the new breed of Indian players. Its sad that he may have overstayed his welcome…but, he did show us how to win…especially at a time when Indian cricket was at its lowest. I just hope that the current bunch have learnt their lessons from the past…now if only the A-holes in the BCCI could change and become a bit more professional…

  16. I think its a terrible article…… especially with its godfather obsession….

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