No joke this one

I knew the match had started, but was away in a meeting. What is going to happen in one hour, right? Nothing spectacular, I would imagine. When I got back, I went over to CricInfo to check the scores. Imagine my surprise (shock!) to see India on 56 for 8 – that’s right 56 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in the 16th over! For a brief moment, I even hoped CricInfo was trying to pull a late April fools joke on us.

Surely the pitch can’t be that bad. Will have to wait and see if India even end up crossing 3 figures. This is one match that is likely to yield a result and it won’t favour India for sure.


11 responses to “No joke this one

  1. just cant believe that india was bundled out in less one session of a test match in ahmedabad this morning. some of the senior players who have either scored 10000 runs, or nearly there, couldnt even face few balls and bat it out. it is a real real pity and as siva says that “it is totally unbelievable” of the india’s performance. in all probability south africans will show their batting strength and this test should, in my opinion, end likely in three days or a bit … all in all not a good sign for indians unless they put their mind and soul in their hands !!!!

  2. I wonder if the curator’s house will be there tomorrow morning–for preparing an un-Indian pitch with a green top. The Govt and BCCI should arrange high level protection for the curator and his family

  3. Don’t despair
    SA will have a lead of 150, then India will bat for 2 days and have a lead of 250 runs and when the pitch crumbles, SA will have to bat last!

  4. @govinder

    That means you expect India to score 400 runs in two days or 180 overs. A run rate of less than 2.5 when the wicket is at its best

    What are they planning to bore the Saffers to death!

    I see Bhajji has taken another so the Saferrs are 3/100 off 25 ( that’s 4 per over)

  5. Curious that four of the first five Indian wickets were bowled with six bolwed overall

    Don’t usually see that propportion of bolwed and if a wicket is decking about then perhaps you would expect more catches.

    Batsman plays the line, ball moves away. to take the edge.

    I haven’t seen footage but this stat indicates they were either playing extravagent shots or not getting in behind.

  6. The Pav,

    If you live in Australia and have Foxtel, you can watch the game live via setanta sports for $ 14.95 per month

    Otherwise, try website and it is free on the computer–live games of this series as well as ICL matches!!! My nephew watches it in San Francisco–I have tried and not working for me

  7. Indian batsmen come out in their true colour. Remember Wadekar team’s 42. Little bit of pace and/ or swing, wickets tumble. Even before you tie your shoe laces the innings is over.

  8. For a moment I too thought it was an April Fool prank by Cricinfo. Even wondered if the boys mistook this to be a 20/20 😉

    The blame game will pick up as the match progresses – current candidates are captain, curator and batsmen. Pretty soon it will expand to the chef, waiter and even vaastu of the pitch or their dressing room.

    Talking about media bias – here’s a gem from Redif: “India were in trouble quite early in the match, having lost both their openers by the fifth over, and in the absence of Sachin Tendulkar, the hosts were faced with an uphill task.”

    Gimme a break, this is a guy who failed to open his account on a creamer of a pitch in Chennai 😉

  9. Gary Kirsten :)))

  10. Srikanth Mangalam

    Usually it is Ganguly who reads the pitch early and discovers a strange injury to pull out. Not this time though! Either he did not wear his contacts, decided to take the risk and play!

    No one has really considered that Indians might just be plain tired and exhausted. Anyway it will be quite the feat for India to come out of this test alive.

  11. @govinder

    Thanks mate but there is no way I’m giving Murdoch any of my hard earned readies

    My PC at home hasc died & gone to a better place so that gives me an excuse to get a new one!!!

    For the present I’m restricted to using work PC and I suspect the firewall will stop live streaming.

    I did see some video later as a highlights package.

    Some many played on I couldn’t believe it.

    Really poor foot work & technique. There was a bit in the deck but nothing untoward

    I also think it was just one of those days that cricket thows up. On another day those edges will snaek pass the stumps & be four.

    Well done to the Saffers tho’ and a reality check for India. Greatness is consistency

    Again I suspect injury management failings are hurting (pardon the pun) the team.

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