Bad loss

What a bad loss. Being beaten by an innings and 90 runs – that too at home – It’s gotta hurt. Not just the fans, but it must hurt the team members too.

India needed to bat out of their skins to save the game, but they didn’t. Sehwag started with a couple of sixes, but left in a hurry. When Dravid got out, the writing was already in the wall (pardon the pun). Jaffer went soon after and then it was left to Ganguly and Laxman to stop the slide. They started putting on a partnership and as it happens so frequently, Laxman got out against the run of play with his score in the thirties.

Ganguly and Dhoni tried to prolong the inevitable, but a poor umpiring decision put an end to Ganguly’s innings. Dhoni scored a fighting fifty and Pathan chipped in with some runs, but India was well and truly beaten.

India have made a lot of progress in the last year or so – one big loss shouldn’t take that away from them. But they seem to play better when they are the underdogs. The favourites tag doesn’t sit well with them – every time they are pronounced the favourites in a tournament or match, they seem to put in  a poor performance. I don’t think anyone would consider them to be the favourites in this series anymore…

In the series so far, Kumble hasn’t been his usual self and the fast bowlers have been ineffective. Ishant Sharma’s inclusion should boost the bowling. But it was the batting that let India down. The decision on whether to go with the extra bowler as they did in this game or pick Yuvraj as an additional batsman is going to be tough one. Will have to wait and see how this one unfolds.

But it is time for India to forget this match, regroup and try to level the series in Kanpur. India may be ranked No. 2 in the World, but at the moment they don’t look anything like the second best team – not by a long shot.


11 responses to “Bad loss

  1. All out for 76; that too all out before lunch must feel like one of the minnows. Indians played well at Perth – Ahmedabad wicket should not have been that bad.

    And After RSA scored 400 + first innings lead, the match was over. The only way to fight back was to have huge partnership in the early stages of the innings – 300 for 1 or something like that. Once we have 3 wickets down, the match is over and can not be saved.

    Indian are missing the Rahul Drav id’s form – that way he used to play 2 year back at the fulcrum of Indian batting.

  2. I agree, RD has not been in good form since England 2007.

    Though he has scored a few fifties and one Hundered, those were sisyphian efforts.

    Players of his class can score fifties even when they are out of form, But then when they are fazed with some quality bowling their lack of touch is exposed.

    I’m just hoping that RD regains his form.

  3. No One take credit away from Team India on their great win down under. They did a commendable Job, No questions asked.

    But then I somehow feel, the win can also be attributed to poor cricket from AUS. This is the worst cricket I have seen them play for a long time.

    Its high time, Team India regroups comes of out of the Illusion created by success down under.

    As Cullinan had mentionedin Cricinfo put it, India seems to be lacking focus. They looked Tired and dull.

    Plus I sincerely feel IPL has been a very big distraction to the team.

    Team for the Third Test.
    Jaffer Looks very ordinary.. He is getting far more number of opportunities than he deserves.

    I don’t understand MSD’s value in the Test Setup. Even if BCCI feels otherwise, I think its time he is rested before he breaks down with serious injury.

    Inspite of all this dissappointment, I liked the way Bhajji Bowled in this test, He bowled much better than he did in Tests against Aussies.

  4. India didn’t win down under.

  5. JB

    You have jumped the gun too soon

    Karthick didn’t say that India won the test series down under

    India DID win in Australia–Perth test, against all odds

    And the ODI series.

    I rest my case.

  6. Govinda Iyer,

    Thankyou for taking the time to explain what

    “No One take credit away from Team India on their great win down under. They did a commendable Job, No questions asked.”

    really means.

    I wrongly assumed that this meant a) Test Match Cricket (not ODI) and b) Test Match Series (not Perth).

    Glad we cleared that up.

  7. I guess there was just one way to save the Ahmedabad Test and that was to paint the grass on the track. Traditionally, the green makes our pampered lot of batsmen see red, it’s all in the mind. I bet grass that’s not green would not have triggered such a collapse.

    Anyway, do have a look at my blog (which sports a Shoaib-obsessed look these days with the last 3 pieces on him!) and if link exchange interests you, plz leave a comment so that I can add you.



    Not sure, if they had one such preparatory camp for the India SA test 🙂

  9. Where will R Powar field if he does play—already Ganguly is fielding at silly mid on–because he can’t be trusted to chase the ball in the outfield. Or will he bowl his overs and go to the den while a fitter Kaif fields for him–I am sure G Smith won’t allow that

  10. I liked this comment in today’s Hindu
    “The Indians will no doubt, hit back. Their batting can be a sight for the Gods, but it’s the nature of sport that makes one look to results for reinforcement”.

  11. India is a T20 Champions.. So they just want to play only 20 overs … LOL

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