Tendulkar in WC2011 and other news trivia!

Tendulkar, in an interview with a TV channel, has hinted at hoping to fulfill a dream of winning the World Cup. WIll he be present at the WC 2011? I would personally like to see him perform on home soil and help raise the cup. In the same interview, Tendulkar has also somewhat surprisingly claimed that Nasser Hussain, in his opinion, has been the most inspiring captain. Nice pat on the back for a great competitor and certainly one of my favorite commentators.

The match fixing saga continues. Thanks to Shoaib’s claim, the ICC is back at it again. Per his allegations, India and South Africa continue to be in the picture, no surprises there! I thought I was joking when I made the comment of match fixing playing a part in the Ahmedabad test. I still think that is the case, however, I am not sure match fixing is a story of the past.

Gavaskar is at it again. He has sharply criticized the Indian team for being terrible catwalkers! It seems that the Ahmedabad test has been a terrible distraction for them from being able to “walk the walk” at the IPL team launches. His accusations of the attitudes of certain players, if true, is certainly appalling. Having said that, Gavaskar is, well Gavaskar!! There has never been a better politician in cricket than the little master himself.

On an absolutely trivial note, Laxmi Ratan Shukla should feel proud with the decision he took to remain a “legal” player. Sometime back, Shukla joined the ICL and pulled out when Bengal offered him the captaincy. Ever since, Shukla has not only lead the team’s revival but played an important part by performing well especially in the one day variety. Shukla, who was once touted as India’s next Kapil Dev, may still hope to make it to the Indian team.  Meanwhile, Saurashtra’s workhorse, Sitanshu Kotak, helped his team through to the final of the Vijay Hazare trophy by beating Vidharba to meet Bengal. Bengal had earlier beaten Mumbai in the other semi-final.

More news trivia as they trickle in and catch my eye,



5 responses to “Tendulkar in WC2011 and other news trivia!

  1. I am (almost was) a big fan of SRT. There can be no two opinions about his class and contribution to cricket. But, he is one of the greatest and not he only one. And, his recent years in cricket are not adding to that glory, except for record keepers. As other great players did, he must recognize that the time has come for him to hang the boots and pave way for others.

    “I am enjoying my cricket at the moment …” has been repeated way too often recently. Now he must ask “Are you enjoying it?”. A duck in a belter in chennai, combined with 3 days of absense from the field is a fair indication of his fitness or lack thereof. I think IPL, with the shorter version of the game would suit him much better as he gets closer to the twilight of his career.

    SRT, and for that matter SG, RD, VVS & AK – all deserve nothing short of a fitting farewell, I’d hate to see any of them do a Kapil Dev and eventually get dropped.

    WC 2007 was an opportunity SRT missed, we can’t keep trying 2011, 2015 until he realizes his dream. After all, this is not you SSLC board exam where you can keep going October to October via March until you finally pass 🙂

  2. In the recent series at Australia, SRT proved that he is still in form – both tests and one-days. So, he is like an energizer bunny. SRT can never be dropped.

    SG and RD have been dropped from one-days, based on the implicit/explicit input of one-day captain Dhoni. VVS would be dropped from tests soon, claiming that he is a handicap in fielding.

    In my view, SRT can play the big matches , but not against minnows – Bangladesh, Zimbabwe or even the current WI (who are near minnows).

    It is sad that Smith and Mckenzie broke the opening partnership record against Bangladesh, but not against a good side or Hayden’s 380 against Zimbabwe.

  3. It is good to know that Sachin has a dream about winning WC. But what about the dreams of those who are warming the bench and watching the years pass by as Sachin does a McCain and refuses to retire?

    Ok, asking him to retire or even suggesting that he be rested based on his fitness would take Indian cricket fans close to civil war. How about rotating him out slowly?

    It is one thing to say he can still play the big matches, but his performance in big matches are for everyone to see. I dont want to get into that slippery slope here.

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  5. I want Ganguly also to play 2011 world cup ..

    He is not a better fielder.. but he is a great batsmen who can serve his country at a needed stage ..

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