Go Superkings! Opening match today against Punjab

Chennai takes on Punjab in its opening game today. Am all keyed up. The previews highlight the fact that Chennai is batting heavy while Punjab is the bowling team to watch. Am not comfortable with 2 wicketkeepers playing but if Dhoni is not fit enough to keep what the heck! Watch out for a couple of overs of tight off spin from Badrinath. If Hayden clicks early then we should canter home.


4 responses to “Go Superkings! Opening match today against Punjab

  1. Srikanth Mangalam

    Superkings lived up to their expectations! A phenomenal innings from Hussey. I was most impressed by Suresh Raina’s batting today.

    I am predicting the Chennai Superkings, Deccan Chargers, Punjab Kings, and Kolkata Knight Riders in the semis.

  2. Srikanth

    I agree that Chennai, Hyderabad, Punjab and Kolkata look strong early favourites. But don’t write off Delhi DareDevils…

    I’d be very surprised if the Bangalore Royal NoHopers or Jaipur Masala make it…

    What an unimaginative set of team names though? It looks like India’s fascination with Kings and Royalty hasn’t diminished one bit. Sad. Very sad.

  3. Srikanth,

    I am surprised, you’ve already written off Mumbai Indians…

  4. HA HA!!! Come on grow up Kids. Its’ going to be Chennai Superkings claiming the coveted first IPL Crown. And where’s the question of Mumbai even going past their 8th ranked status in the rankings. Worst teams include Bangalore – an absolute no-good hopeless team to the core. Look out for Deccan Chargers though. Good overall unit they are. But its’ Chennai that’s the Best. COOL!!!!!

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