Deep Thoughts on IPL…..

It is early days in the DLF-IPL innaugural tournament. However, I figured there were some interesting observations that I could share. Here goes..

1. Deccan Chargers must be seriously contemplating on their million dollar investment, Mr. Andrew Symonds. He has been pretty ordinary in the two games so far.

2. The owners of Mumbai Indians would seriously hope and pray that they are the most expensive franchise for a very strong reason, Sachin Tendulkar. He did not play in the first outing and seems unlikely to figure in tomorrow’s game against the Chennai supermacchis. Their bowling lineup has more of a kanga league look and less of an international offering.

3. Mike Hussey surely has strong reasons to feel disappointed for being cheaper than his brother, his innings against Punjab was truly special and very professional. Assuming he will be auctioned again next year, his stakes will a lot higher.

4. In general, the big money winners have not recorded anything out of the ordinary yet barring possibly McCullum and Ishant Sharma. On the contrary, some of the icons have been more of an embarrassment to their respective teams. Captains of Royal Challengers and Deccan Chargers come to mind.

5. Delhi Daredevils certainly look like the team to beat. It seems they do not require more than three batsmen in the side, the first three seem to finish off totals. It is a fantastic outfit and I was way out of mark when I predicted early that they would make it to the last four.

6. I am quite impressed with a few of the youngsters. Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma certainly have a bright and guaranteed future ahead. Rajat Bhatia, Siddharth Trivedi, Pazhani Amarnath, Shikar Dhiwan, Virat Kohli, and Badrinath are quite exciting to watch.

7. As I said it is early days, but the fun has certainly begun. Fortunately, thanks to a repeat telecast in addition to the live broadcast here I am able to watch all the games in total when I get home from work.



10 responses to “Deep Thoughts on IPL…..

  1. very well played

  2. Our cable guy finally took pity on us and has started showing the matches.The cheerleaders and the filmi sideshow is a bit annoying.It gives a US high school feel.More annoying is the coverage in channels like timesnow, ndtv etc.Timesnow had Shriya(tamil actress) talk about IPL for 1/2 hour almost.Shriya ?cricket ?.I am sure today we will have Vijay saying something in all channels.

  3. All said and done it is a success.

  4. Some of the matches have been spectacular and really unpredictable! My dream team is performing better than I expected. Want your very own fantasy team? Try Free registration and huge prizes!
    enjoy 🙂

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  6. Harinee – Shriya has excellent credentials to talk about cricket. Did you know that Shriya was a great Football and cricket player in her school days? So much so that the producer of her very first movie was impressed and made her character a very young football coach to a college football team? If the movie were about cricket I am sure they would have made her the cricket coach as well. So please know someone’s background before you flame them!

  7. Excuse me prabu understand that you have a soft corner for Shriya.But being good at school cricket is hardly a credential to comment on International cricket.
    By that standard a contributor of this blog has actually won trophies in school cricket and should be on TV.And a film producer/director’s judgment holds no water, they are known to make up stories about their lead stars for publicity reasons.
    And timesnow was certainly not going by that credential of a former school cricketer but for a glamourous actress who will attract more fans to watch a channel which is more and more substandard with no real news.In absence of sanjay dutt or sachin they need some other supporting cast to run the show.

  8. Harinee – I guess you didn’t get it! I thought it was quite obvious the way I wrote it – apparently not. I was only being sarcastic…..

  9. Anyway, Happy Birthday Sachin!

  10. Yes I didn’t realise you are being sarcastic.I take back my post, your point is well made in sarcasm.

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