Daily Archives: 26 April 2008

Mumbai Indians – Are they down and out?

A pathetic performance from the Mumbai Indians has put them in a terrible position after the 3 games. Are they being done in by too much star power or the lack thereof? They have been unfortunately hampered by the absence of Sachin Tendulkar (it is a convenient way to earn a million dollars by the way!). I am sure Sachin Tendulkar must be feeling terribly hurt and disappointed by the goings on. Sanath Jayasuriya has not turned on the screws. Harbhajan Singh’s captaincy has not been too impressive and add to that, he has been reported to have hit Sreesanth on the face leaving the fast bowler from Kerala in tears.

The team with what seems to be Shiv Sainik support staff (an all marathi support cast!) lacks a winning instinct. Can Tendulkar return soon and turn things around? The sunday game against another surprisingly disappointing team, Deccan Chargers, will be an extremely important game. I, personally, have mixed feelings about Mumbai. While it has GOD in its team, the line-up looks very weak on paper. It certainly does not carry enough ammunition especially being the most expensive side.

My loyalty undoubtedly continues to lie with Mr. Dhoni and his men. They have played very professionally and tomorrow’s game against the leaders, Kolkata Knight Riders should be a humdinger.

Play on…

– Srikanth