Mumbai Indians – Are they down and out?

A pathetic performance from the Mumbai Indians has put them in a terrible position after the 3 games. Are they being done in by too much star power or the lack thereof? They have been unfortunately hampered by the absence of Sachin Tendulkar (it is a convenient way to earn a million dollars by the way!). I am sure Sachin Tendulkar must be feeling terribly hurt and disappointed by the goings on. Sanath Jayasuriya has not turned on the screws. Harbhajan Singh’s captaincy has not been too impressive and add to that, he has been reported to have hit Sreesanth on the face leaving the fast bowler from Kerala in tears.

The team with what seems to be Shiv Sainik support staff (an all marathi support cast!) lacks a winning instinct. Can Tendulkar return soon and turn things around? The sunday game against another surprisingly disappointing team, Deccan Chargers, will be an extremely important game. I, personally, have mixed feelings about Mumbai. While it has GOD in its team, the line-up looks very weak on paper. It certainly does not carry enough ammunition especially being the most expensive side.

My loyalty undoubtedly continues to lie with Mr. Dhoni and his men. They have played very professionally and tomorrow’s game against the leaders, Kolkata Knight Riders should be a humdinger.

Play on…

– Srikanth

16 responses to “Mumbai Indians – Are they down and out?

  1. AI think 20-20 is more a captain’s game than other formats because in other formats there is more room for mistakes.Which is why I think India’s best captains are winning.
    Asking symonds to bowl last over was a captain’s blunder for DC and still feel mumbai can do better under a differnt captain.Kolkata has the slight advantage of having another great captain in the team.
    Its time Harbhajan toned down and shut up.He is certainly cracking under pressure and his behaviour is more and more convincing that Australians may have a point after all.

  2. Siddharth Subramanian

    “The team with what seems to be Shiv Sainik support staff (an all marathi support cast!) lacks a winning instinct.”


    The most cosmopolitan city in all of India caricatured as a Shiv Sainik stronghold…The people from the backwaters that is Chennai need to step out and see the world around them, once in a while.

    And write us off at your own peril… coz once the Aussies, Kiwis and Windies go,Dhoni and his boys ( yeah boys.. coz thats what they are) will be reduced to caricatures themselves..

    By the by, how many Ranji’s has your great state won?

  3. Re Bhajji–Sreesanth ALLEGED incident

    Would BCCI take a leaf out of PVB’s handling of S Akhtar vs Md Asif

    Sreesanth is trying to play the incident down—like an accessory after the incident!!

    Would BCCI have the courage to suspend Bhajji and Sreesanth for lengthy periods from IPL as well Tests and ODIs and fine them half their sign on fee for the IPL games!!!

    Not likely—

  4. That should be PCB–Pakistan Cricket Board

  5. Pls link my blog as I’ve done regarding yours..tks a ton..CRICKETAHEAD

  6. The T20 Cricket on display over the first week has been interesting to start with, but, the interest level has been gradually and definitely flagging – did someone mention the laws of diminishing ….
    Dhoni and Warne stood out as excellent captains – Saurav was just about OK. Others seemed to be dithering along. While there is little to choose among the various teams, the Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Kings seem to have clicked well, both individually as well as collectively. Other teams have had a few flashes of brilliance (?) but nothing more. However on paper, all teams seem to have the capability of producing great performances.
    Mumbai was a terrible disappointment as have been Deccan. Both had the potential to do well, but messed up whatever opportunities came their way. Let us see what happens after Sachin joins the team. In addition, after the Australian, NZ and other players leave, all teams will look quite different and it remains to be seen if Chennai and Rajasthan will hold on to their places of honor.
    As regards, Harbachan and Sreesanth, what happened at Mohali was pathetic. Both of them should be punished. At least a six month ban for Bacchi for committing a Level 4 offence and Sreesanth should be banned from the entire IPL for his antics that are clearly becoming an embarrassment for India.

  7. If the allegation againstBahji proves to be correct
    I personally believe a 12 month ban appropriate.

    This sort of Behaviour MUST NOT be Tolerated.

    This sort of incident is just what the Aust Press
    needs to further critise the IPL.

    It has been reported Sreesanth said to Bahji
    after the game “Hard Luck”, then Bahji allegedly
    slapped him and told him to F### Off.

    The BCCI need to make a Strong Stand here.
    Apparantley vision of this incident has been sent
    to BCCI.


  8. I think Mumbai will win today. Change of captaincy should help.

  9. well looks like I was way off mark.What a thrashing by Gilchrist!

  10. @Siddharth Subramanian

    “The people from the backwaters that is Chennai need to step out and see the world around them, once in a while.”

    Hey kid whats’ all this nonsense about ur Bombay culture. A rubbish city gone to drains years back and on the verge of exploding like a Obnoxious Gas Balloon. Hypocrite Marathi people – double standards adopted by runaways’ like you – on the whole a useless City which needs no mention in world Cities.
    Hah!!! talk about Chennai – we are the best amongst the Best – and as for IPL its already etched in the name of Chennai Super Kings. Other Cities can do the gasping and lick their wounds – as we Chennaites stand TALL.

  11. Siddharth Subramanian


    you prove my point …

  12. @ siddharth…. heyy ur right..
    @ rns …..dude…chill…i like chennai too,stop comparing mumbai wid chennai man….like none can compare andaman with las vegas…..and giv team mumbai its time…it’ll b back on track…and show the colours,duniya hila denge indians:)

  13. @Siddharth Subramanian

    Hey Kids, wake up from ur slumber. Its bright hot sun outside you Mumbaites are feeling the heat. HO HO!!!
    as for mumbai where mr.god. has he retired midway thru T20 tourney. Good for cricket and hapless supporters like u guys – the indian (and of course Mumbai) cricket will do well without this hypocrite maharastrian rubbish.
    I too am a Mumbaite – but considering such overrated pays for Jayasurya and over dependency on Bravo, its frustating. We need no Ronchi’s playing here, we have better talent these second grade imports. and as such Mumbaites have a godown full of extremely local lads up their stock.
    I too sincerely wish Mumbai does well ( or atleast give a run for money stuff to other teams) but going down without a fight is terrible to watch. After all Mumbai is a premier financial city in india and the team backed by a man who own a $2 Billion house in the concrete jungle. Poor Mukesh must be having a tough time facing this humiliation ( he would have handled millions of shareholders with ease than this bunch of crazy Eleven playing for him).
    All the very best Mumbai – u can still make it I feel.

  14. Suhas Kulkarni

    well said Rns… for the kind of millions thrown on spent forces like Sachin,Jayasuriya,pollock,fernando,bosman,malinga,spoilt brat sardar…. we could own up bright upcoming youngsters from all over india.
    seems ambani is hell bent on losing & draining his money.

  15. I feel really sorry for them because they have no sachin in their team. If he has been in the team it would be a real game for them.

  16. remember the 2006/07 Ranji season? Watch for the encore..

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