Daredevils taste first loss, Mumbai dig deeper into oblivion!

Another disappointing day for the Mumbai Indians amidst a whirlwind called Gilchrist. Tendulkar called into work sick again, Harbhajan spent the day looking for DNA evidence to prove that he was indeed Sreesanth’s “brother” and Jayasuriya and Uthappa saw their stock take a tumble for the next auction. Tendulkar’s supposed involvement in the selection of the Mumbai Indians raises strong questions about his strategy. Is he out of touch as far as T20s go?

Sanath Jayasuriya is ready for retirement, period! the $900,000 odd investment is turning out to be an Enron like fiasco (Reliance should have known better!). I am willing to bet that Jayasuriya is unlikely to turn things around the way Gilchrist did. Robin Uthappa is an exciting player but to consider him as “the middle order man” was a big mistake. Mumbai should have fought for someone like Rohit Sharma (the localite) as well. Who is Luke Ronchi? He seems marginally better than a fourth division player in the Chennai leagues. How could Mumbai make such a blunder? Having done so, after having watched the Aussie play a game they should have asked Uthappa to keep and strengthen their batting order. Shaun Pollock is a great allrounder, no doubt, but past his prime to lead the bowling lineup. Ashish Nehra has hardly played cricket in the last three years or so and looks very rough. Even though Delhi invested in Mcgrath, they did go in for Mohd. Asif, Farvez Mahroof and Yo Mahesh as backup fast men. Dwayne Bravo has been a saving grace for the team, but he was not meant to be there in the first place. He came in as a replacement for the injured Lasith Malinga. The only positive I have seen so far has been the performance of Abhishek Nayar.

Why am I harping so much on the performance of Mumbai Indians? It is simple. It is extremely difficult to see “GOD’s” team losing badly. It is even more difficult to digest the fact he did not get it right as far as picking the team was concerned. Their only hope is that he comes back and comes back like the champion that he is and sets an example for the team. It is only good for the IPL that Mumbai pick up and give it fight hereon!

Punjab Kings X1 are on a winning spree. They are going to lose Brett Lee, James Hopes and Simon Katich however. Will they have the firepower in their bowling line up moving forward? They certainly have a strong batting reserve to back themselves. I am most impressed with Sehwag’s captaincy, his temperament and acceptance of defeat alongwith an amazing lineup should see Delhi remain in the top for a while.

With Adam Gilchrist setting things right for the Chargers and with the arrival of Herschelle Gibbs for the overpaid and overrated Andrew Symonds, that team certainly looks strong enough to climb further up.

All in all, an amazing weekend of cricket comes to an end with the “SuperKings” right on top and deservedly so! Looking forward to another great week of tamasha!!



11 responses to “Daredevils taste first loss, Mumbai dig deeper into oblivion!

  1. A bit bittersweet for me, since one of the two teams I’m supporting finally got off to a start today, at the expense of the other. Yeah, Mumbai “Indians” seems to have got the team selection all wrong. No clue why Abhishek Nayar is batting so low down the order and why Pollock is at 4. Other than Nayar, I also like the look of Dhaval Kulkarni. Those two, along with Bravo and Uthappa need to be given more responsibility. May not be a bad idea to open with SRT (whenever he comes back) and push Jayasuriya (and Polly) to no. 6 or 7 for the final blast.

    Anyway…Chargers are charging at last!!

  2. Agree.The sensible thing would be to push Nayar up.He really came too late in the day to save Mumbai.Jayasuriya needs to be sent home with Nehra and somebody else new should replace both.Can’t do any harm at this stage.

  3. I wonder if the linguistic Professor who saved Bhajji last time with MAA KI sounded like MONKEY can save him again

    I suppose the earth moved, Sreesanth’s head moved in the direction of the HIGH_FIVING HAND of the Sardar!!!!! Anything is possible when defending the adopted Mumbaiite by the champions and little masters of Mumbai!!!

  4. Banned for 11 IPL games!!!

  5. If Mumbai get to the Semi Finals, Bhajji WILL be back

    In the interim, he be will employed at one of the S and M clubs in Kings Cross, Sydney—for twice the fee that he will be missing from IPL!!!!

  6. F Engineer has become the biggest clown in the IPL circus!!!

    As a match referee and Judge, he has handed out a punishment—-then forces Sreenath, Bhajji, Lalith Modi and himself in a hand lock—a few minutes later, pleads with BCCI to be lenient on Bhajji!!!!!

    Bhajji should get 5 year ban from all forms of cricket for what he has done to a fellow human being

  7. hope daredevils win this tournament .
    bt they dont hav good middle order players.thats a big problem for them

  8. Wake up world winner. ur dreams are over. its practical and only Chennai Super kings are going to bash up everyone to snatch the crown. delhi will finish at about sixth place. Hard luck boy.

  9. and where’s sachin in all this harbhajan episode. dirty fellow – as usual trying to protect his image as a chocolate boy – earning the millions – without playing a match. Coward Sachin is absolutely Shit Man. Throw him out – let him cuddle with his family. no one needs dirt like sachin in the IPL.

  10. govinda iyer

    Hi guys,

    IPL games at Mohali at half price!!!

    Rs 3000 tickets go far Rs 1500

    Rs 2000 tickets go far Rs 1000

    Lot of money for most Indians—but chicken feed for the rich with black money

    Good ploy—in anticipation of revolt by spectators over the SLAPPING incident in the last match

  11. Well as for the person who wrote SANATH SHOULD BE SENT HOME.. GUESS he is VERY QUIET NOW. Jayasuriya is match winner, he may not fire everyday but when he does he is the KING. and mumbai’s early lost are due to poor captaincy after pollock took over things changed. not everybody can be captain. Lot of teams want an indian for captain that could be downfall of the team ex. Dravid (poor captain)

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