Two good games and two lucky wins!

Rohit Sharma should be drafted into all forms of the Indian team in a hurry. With the talent that he possesses and the kind of form that he is in it would be a grave mistake if he was not part of the national side. He played another little gem for the Deccan Chargers and in vain again. They threw away a game that they should have won comfortably after bowling well and getting off to a great start while batting. It was sheer magic to watch VVS Laxman and Rohit Sharma while they were at the crease. This side has looked so close to winning most of its games but the points table tells a completely different story. The sides seems to possess the same kind of luck that its captain has had through his career. The one huge gain for that side and for India has been Rohit Sharma. It is not surprising that I have become a big fan of his approach to the game.

Punjab Kings X1’s casual approach in the last 10 odd overs almost cost them dearly. After a wonderful spell of seam bowling by Sreesanth and more significantly Irfan Pathan, they seemed to go into ” I am bored” zone. Also, Yuvraj may have made some tactical mistakes by not bowling Piyush Chawla when the Knight Riders were 50 for 5. It would be a great time for the leg spinner to bowl at David Hussey and Saha and attempt to get them to hole out. It was not to be. While VRV Singh and Gagandeep Singh bowled reasonably well during that stage, it let Hussey and Saha settle in to take them in the final stages. Irfan Pathan’s smart bowling in the last over denied a Warne like repeat performance. Piyush Chawla’s assault on Ishant Sharma in the last over may well have been the difference.

Tomorrow’s matches bring all teams at level as far as number of games played are concerned. Irrespective of the results, the point table will indicate that there is not much between the top 6 teams with possibly Delhi slightly ahead of the rest. I can’t wait to see the Tendulkar – McGrath/Asif and Warne – Dhoni/Murali challenge(s).

– Srikanth


6 responses to “Two good games and two lucky wins!

  1. Hail Rohit Sharma! The kid is a new star! Terrific sense of balance when he plays shots, such a calm presence on the crease and a wonderful striker of the cricket ball. In a short time he has already made it clear he is ahead of the pack for a middle order slot. Yuvi will find it tough to get into the Test team now.

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  3. Rohit should be first in line should one of the “big four” retire soon.

    But I think the best thing to come out of the IPL is the sight of Indian youngster performing really, really well. It gives me a lot of heart.

    Chawla, Gony, Yousef Pathan, Gambhir – they all have stuck it to the best players in the world.

  4. Rhoit is great. He has capability to have a fun in any format.

    He can hit in T-20 can score runs in ODI and can be usefull to get all skills in test matches

  5. How the mighty have fallen! It was an extremely bad performance from Dhoni and co.Though Rajasthan played great, I can’t say they beat chennai, it was more chennai playing horrible at all levels and losing.They couldn’t bat, bowl or field and dhoni was having a off day in captaincy.Fancy this team was rated the best just a week ago.

  6. harinee – I think that underlines the pure nature of T20 cricket. No one team, no matter how good they play one week, can be totally assured they will win their next game. It lends itself to very difficult predicting of match results, which I spose adds to it’s excitement.

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