Chennai woes

Chennai is on a losing streak. Three matches lost and the team has some big problems. The auctions left them with a situation where 3 key players won them 4 games and just left. Of the replacements only Albie Morkel has more than justified his position and worth to the team. So what can Dhoni do to revive his team’s fortunes.

1. Drop Parthiv for a game. The guy has scored 96 runs in 7 matches and this is simply not good enough. Either get the dasher Aniruddha to open or bringing in the rookie Abhinav Mukund, who atleast is a specialist opener. Definitely persist with Fleming at the top.

2. Get Raina or Badrinath in at no 3. This floater no 3 is not working. Raina has shown promise and if he comes in early he can get a few balls to settle. Badrinath is also a technically correct batsman who can come in at 3. Either way I think numbers 3 and 4 should be Raina & Badrinath in any order.

3. Dhoni has to come in at 5. That is his best spot in the batting order.

My batting order for today’s game Fleming, Aniruddha, Badrinath, Raina, Dhoni, Vidyut, Morkel, Joginder, Gony, Ntini, Muralitharan.

— Sanjay

9 responses to “Chennai woes

  1. How about dropping ntini and bringing amarnath back? Ntini has been very ineffective and whatever runs gony was saving, ntini was giving away.

  2. DHONI DROPS BADRI FOR PARTHIV , DDD Seems to have more TN players playing than CSK.

  3. govinda iyer

    Sad day for International cricket

    Gavaskar resigns as Chairman of ICC cricket committee

    Arjuna Ranatunga will be an ideal replacement approved by the sub-continentals

    But then Mumbai Indians could sign him up as a replacement for S R Tendulkar!!

  4. Update: Chennai made 4 changes in a desperate measure. OUT – Parthiv, Ntini, Joginder & Aniruddha, IN – L Balaji, Amarnath, Vidyut & Kapugedera (just drafted in from SL). A totla mess of a half a dozen run outs means the Superkings chase 188. May be a tough ask. Let us see.

  5. I am not fan of Dhoni or his “hot hand” theory.

    In computer networks, there is something called “hot potato” routing – i.e. use the same route for a given destination until the route fails.
    But it is important to estimate the best route first.

    For Dhoni that best route calculation is his intuition based on his limited experience, which can be wrong.

    For e.g. I never understood Joginder Sharma bowling the last over in a T20. Finally, he was taken to the cleaners.

  6. I can’t believe that moderators are allowing these kind of posts.Please stick to cricket.

  7. you racist Indians 🙂 – Is it really important to talk about Brahmins poonal and Kadavettu here?

  8. Though I am from chennai, I am finding it really hard to support CSK in this league. Reason: Dhoni. The aura that sorrounds this guy who can’t connect a decent hit to the stand is irritating to say the least. And as someone pointed out, asinine judgement like the one of giving Joginder sharma even a place in the T20 team. For all this nonsense about him being cool under pressure (which is probably right), he gets the basics of wicketkeeping and batting wrong every single time, pressure or no pressure.

    The guy who bought this player for $1.5 million must have been smoking weeds.

  9. csk even have chances of goin out of the tournament

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