i3j3Cricket Rated…

The CricBuzz cricket website recently published their “Top 51 Cricket Blogs on the Web” and rated i3j3cricket as one of these top-51!

— Mohan

5 responses to “i3j3Cricket Rated…

  1. I found you on that list and you have been blog rolled at my site.

  2. Rightly deserved chaps – keep up the stellar work.

  3. you thoroughly deserve it guyz and thanks for sharing the crizbuzz link which links top blogs on cricket.

    Keep up the good work .

  4. govinda iyer

    Beer Baron Mallaya doesn’t like Charu Sharma, Rahul Dravid and Venkatesh Prasad

    For all his contributions to Indian cricket in general and Bangalore IPL team in particular, he deserves a gong–and a cheer.

    How about calling the inaugural Best dancing and worst dressed cheer squad trophy as The Mallaya trophy.

    And the winner is


    Royal Challenger cheer squad , all the way from Washington D.C.

  5. People like Mallaya are real specimens.

    They want to make money out of sports and at the same time, they don’t have the patience and maturity to handle defeats.

    I was in India during the initial stages of IPL, when B’lore lost the first game. Mallaya arranged for a party for its players to chill out.

    He is all about Pomp, Show and Publicity. See what he did to FORCE India..

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