Money flexes its muscle

Two interesting news items concerning the IPL clearly shows that Mr Money will flex its muscle much more than in the conventional Indian cricket scenario under the BCCI.

The firs is the popular story of Vijay Mallya’s charge about Charu Sharma and Dravid not handling the auctions well. He has been careful about not saying too much about Dravid but Sharma has had to take it quite strongly. Afterall Mallya has put in the money and he will expect results. If 5 flights of Kingfisher did not take off on time for 10 days in succession some big heads in the company will roll.

The other story is about the Kolkata Knightriders asking some of its players to go home as they may not feature in the scheme of things this year. Is this a case of cost cutting? Afterall some of these players like one guy from Nagaland has to be put up in hotel and all his expenses taken care for him to just warm the bench. Maybe not even that unless he is in the squad. Chennai on the other hand seems to follow a kind of rotation policy as far as its substitutes are concerned so that everyone gets a piece of the dugout/dressing room action.

But these stories highlight the thing that BCCI never did. How many times have the BCCI pulled up its players for non performance? How many times have team selection blunders been ignored? How many times have prejudices and biases dominated team selection without anyone questioning or raising the issue?

If a team can send players home because they may never get a piece of the action, why can’t the BCCI stop sending huge contingents of officials on paid holidays?

— Sanjay

6 responses to “Money flexes its muscle

  1. Sanjay: That is the difference between spending “ooran veetu sothu”(public money) and “sondha veetu sothu” (personal money). For an organization with no accountability, junkets are not surprising.

  2. I’m sure if the BCCI was on the kind of budget that the ECB or Cricket Australia run on they wouldn’t be having so many support staff jet-setting around the globe.
    They’ve got money to burn & there’s no sign of it drying it, so why should they worry.

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  5. govinda iyer

    There must be more to it than meet our eyes

    Mallaya has to give public explanation re reasons and what was the pay out to Sharma

    Re SRK and Kol;kata players—there has to be human element to these guys and their families–are they getting paid the sign on fees etc

    Otherwise–take it from me–some guy will hang himself in the bedroom –which is not uncommon among young college students in India these days

    While it is easy to have a go at BCCI, IPL can not have free reign over human values

    I hope Sanjay realises that money is not the only commodity in this cruel world

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