Hours away to Eruption – God to make his appearance!

I have informed folks at my office that I will be arriving late to work tomorrow because of personal issues. Little do they know (I am going in with a great big assumption that they are not cricket followers and visitors to this website) that my personal issue is more of personal anxiety. I have decided to stay behind and watch Mr. Sachin Tendulkar take to the field tomorrow at the Wankhade Stadium. Millions in India and around the world are anxious to see what the little master has to offer in his first IPL game. Pressure has always been on Tendulkar throughout his career, nothing less is expected this time around as well. Dileep Premachandran, in his article in cricinfo, puts it very well when he states, “In many ways, it’s a lose-lose situation, but the man who has been a winner for 18 years will surely find his way“. .

The fact that he gets to play his first game against the Chennai Superkings doesn’t help, does it. Where do my loyalties lie? Given a choice, I’d much prefer that Tendulkar score a hundred and Chennai squeeze through in the last over. Unfortunately, all I can hope for is hope. I would like to watch the game without any preconceived notions, without any expectations, and enjoy all that is offered. But alas!, it is not going to be easy. Sure, this personal anxiety at its worst. Can’t be worse than going to work and refreshing cricinfo every 30 seconds, can it?

In general it has been a strange few days in IPL and otherwise. Vijay Mallya’s shenanigans described earlier by Sanjay, Royal Challenger’s miserable outings, Delhi’s sudden loss of form, emergence of Shoaib Akthar, hattrick by L. Balaji, the unfortunate acts of terrorism in Jaipur and its potential impact on the game, and now the much awaited arrival of Mr. Tendulkar. Let’s hope all’s well that ends well…

– Srikanth


4 responses to “Hours away to Eruption – God to make his appearance!

  1. I remember hearing someone say, even before the IPL started that we’ll know the IPL is a success only when a Kolkata Knight Riders supporter starts dancing in Mumbai when Tendulkar gets out.
    It may well be that he is the one, the only, man who stands above this competition.

    If he gets going, I hope he’s not too harsh on Gony – I’ve got him in my fantasy team.

  2. For all other unfortunate souls like us cricinfo is the only salvation.If there is any team I want to see lose is Knight riders not because of any dislike for Ganguly or Kolkatta or even SRK.It just seems hypocrisy at heights to include akhtar in the team.On one side BCCI wants PCB to ban ICL players and other side it is ok for players banned by PCB to play in IPL.This guy would have been thrown out years ago for his behaviour in any another self-respecting team.
    And I have a very good feeling the slapgate inquiry will also be a complete farce with harbhajan getting off easily.Neighbours do influence us.

  3. govinda iyer

    I agree with Harinee

    Show pony gets his chance because he is a drawcard

    Will Bhaji be allowed to play for a county in England while under suspension?

  4. Srikanth I remember that you were saying Sanath should be sent home. What do you say now? He is match winner thats why they paid so much for him. Yes he doesnt deliver all the time but when he does. YOU SAW! HE Rocks

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