IPL Team Promotional Videos

I thought I’d place all the IPL Team Promo videos in one place for all to see/enjoy/despair/malign/sigh/drool (use as appropriate)!

It is interesting to see Vijay Mallya in the Royal Challengers’ video, striding out purposefully and smilingly with the rest of his team! However, now that the team is propping up the rest of the teams from the bottom of the points table, the tables have turned and Vijay Mallya has suddenly donned on his owners’ hard hat. He has cut no slack even to Rahul Dravid and has proceeded to suggest that his cricketing nous is perhaps better than Dravids’!

Bangalore Royal Challengers:

Chennai SuperKings:

Chennai SuperKings (variant) for Sonata:

Mumbai Indians:

Kolkata Knight Riders:

Rajasthan Royals:

Deccan Chargers:

Delhi Daredevils:

Kings XI Punjab:

— Mohan


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