Shades of blue appear to take over IPL

Jaipur’s continued dominance and Mumbai’s emergence from the darkness have changed the complexion of the DLF-IPL since initial projections. Yes, I spoke to early about Mumbai and have been impressed by the performances of its unknowns as much as I have about its senior citizens. The consistency of Jaipur has certainly puzzled me and all I can attribute it to as of now is some amazing captaincy by Shane Warne. We are also given to understand that Kevin Pietersen is in line for a record IPL deal with a team owned one of the wealthiest Indian families. Any guesses? Is Mumbai going to become superstar possessed next year?

The ugly celebrations amidst strangely vociferous reception to Shoaib Akthar came to an abrupt end with Mumbai handing them a resounding thumping. Kolkata Knight Riders aren’t too high on “my favorites” list and will find it a rough ride if they ever make it to the semis. If Chennai wins tomorrow, which I hope they will, Kolkata’s chances grow slimmer. My choice of the semi-finalists would be Rajasthan, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. It would mean that Punjab would have to play horribly from here on and Kolkata loses all or most of its games, both of which seem possible. Having said that I would think it is going to be mighty fight amongst Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata to get the semi final spots with Rajasthan and Punjab most likely going through. The remainder of today’s game between Delhi and Punjab (as I write this) and tomorrow’s games are going to be quite crucial.

– Srikanth


8 responses to “Shades of blue appear to take over IPL

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  2. I too disliked the celebrations.A totally partisan crowd with srk thumping standing in the ground as if the opposite side didn’t exist and a world cup was being won.It must have been extremely demoralizing/insulting to the opposite side.One needs to be graceful even in victory.

  3. I don’t think the IPL organisers could have scripted this much better. I mean first season, and they’ve got a battle on their hands to make the semi-finals, which makes for tight, tense cricket. It’s great!

  4. Looks to be a very keen contest for the Semifinal spot. My predictions

    Rajasthan vs Punjab
    Mumbai vs Chennai

    Rajasthan and Punjab look through to me.

    Mumbai and Chennai will really have to fight it out with Delhi and Kolkata for the SF spot.

  5. Semis 1: Mumbai beat Rajasthan
    Semis 2: Chennai beat Punjab

    Final: Mumbai beat Chennai and thalaivar lifts trophy! 🙂

  6. Bravo is ideally suited for T20. He can make a quick 25 and that is it.

    He is a class player no doubt, but does not have the temperment for a long test innings or to fight it out.

  7. Will be interesting to see how Mumbai go once Bravo leaves for the Australian series. He’s been their star player in a few games now.

  8. govinda iyer

    KKR owner SRK banned from players room and dugout

    Why can’t be listed as a masseur and get easy access

    Good to see Md Azharuddin sitting next to D Vengsarkar at the last Mumbai IPL game

    I suppose his rehabilitation is over and all is forgotten

    What next–a trophy in IPL named after Hanse Cronje?

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