Will the IPL force transparency in selection?

In continuing the selection theme raised by Sanjay and Mohan, I was wondering if the performances at the IPL be really counted in the selection of the Indian team. By and large, the selection retained the team that played in Australia except for a couple of changes as mentioned before. The selectors have also stated various reasons for the same. But are those reasons really valid? Wouldn’t the performances and the state of mind of certain players be a factor? Take the case of Praveen Kumar. He looked jaded, lost, and disinterested. What would make him suddenly change all that?

On a more general note, I believe that the performances of IPL will eventually make a big differences particularly for the unknowns and new players. The public hardly cared about regional tournaments before and neither did the selectors. It is going to be extremely difficult to ignore the performances of the individuals anymore because of the exposure to the game. Additionally, the performances are against teams with international players. Some of the senior players cannot take their place for granted any more or hide behind some external source of influence. Take Dinesh Karthik, for example. I do not believe he has much chance of coming back to the Indian side unless he performs miracles soon. Players like Takawale and Goswami are going to knock on doors soon. The same may apply to bowlers like RP Singh, Zaheer Khan, Sreesanth etc. IPL might be T20 cricket, but it certainly forces different thinking processes for the longer versions of the game. Most certainly, in the make up of team compositions…

What say?

– Srikanth

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