The Super Kings – Super Macchi!!!

The Chennai Super Kings demolished Punjab Kings X1 in what ended up being a one sided game, not unlike the other semi-final. The underdogs that represent the most fair, the most cool, and yet the most authorative team in the competition are on a roll and ready to take on the Royals. A test of two captains awaits the final. Their performance today was nothing but brilliant, reminding me a lot of how the Australians have played their cricket in recent times. Their bowling up front was thoughtful keeping in mind the nature of the wicket, their fielding led by the scintillating Muralitharan was sharp, and Dhoni’s captaincy simply magical. Manpreet Gony cannot be ignored anymore, the selectors will have to fit him in the side. He bowls hard, hits the deck, moves the ball of the wicket and keeps improving by the day. Suresh Raina has proved again why he is the man for the future for Indian cricket. His batting is sheer class and you combine that with his fielding and you’ve got a winner.

While I do not intend to spoil the mood, the Super Kings do have one problem to solve. The Chennai players on the side barrring Badrinath (and Balaji in one game) have been nothing but ordinary. The Tamilnadu opening batting syndrome continues. Take a look at history; K. Srikkanth, WV Raman, S. Ramesh, Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan, Anirudha Srikkanth…All supposedly talented players but fairly ordinary careers. I sincerely hope that Abhinav Mukund does not go their way. I also hope that the attitudes and approach to the game from the more successful players on the side is rubbing off on the TN wing of the team. It may also not be a bad idea for VB and his team to try and recruit some oneYo Mahesh for the next season.

Having said all that, the more immediate expectation and excitement surrounds tomorrow’s game. As VB and Dhoni pointed out today, one cannot simply look at the previous performances and go into the game. It is how the teams perform on that day. On that count, it is extremely difficult to predict the result for tomorrow. Rajasthan Royals are certainly a beatable team, and my bet is on Chennai expectedly…

Go Super Kings!!!

– Srikanth


5 responses to “The Super Kings – Super Macchi!!!

  1. Even People ike Badri who are good will never get in… I’m sure Dhoni has something against him. its very apparent.. after the two brilliant innings he played , I don;t know why Badri was demoted to No.6. and again in the finals he got kapugadera ahead of Badri , dunno why..

    I’m sure cricket is not for players from TN.

  2. Well, it doesn’t help that most TN players have had to fight against the system to be recognised and selected into the team as well. After Srikkanth’s time, there haven’t been people at the top to really highlight and “push” TN players into the team (which is the reality in Indian team selection anyways).

    For instance, like I said earlier, Dhoni does seem to have a beef against Badri. Who in the right mind would promote Kapugedera instead of Badri when you had almost 5 overs left in the IPL finals? who would be your choice…Kapu, a player who had hardly played (or contributed) throughout the tournament or Badri, who has proved in the limited chances he has got and is one of the most successful batsman in domestic cricket currently? Infact players like Morkel should be preserved for the end overs and Badri should have played at 2 down (ahead of Dhoni) through the whole tournament. Even in the India A selection, I see a bias. In the previous tours, Kaif was the captain and Badri his deputy. Now Parthiv is appointed as captain (even though he doesn’t captain the zone) whereas Badri, the captain of South Zone is again relegated as deputy.

    Again coming to Balaji, I would use him as first change bowler, considering he is coming of a major injury and not keep him for end overs. He is easing himself back into the game and does not have tha pace he had earlier. A bowler like Morkel would be more useful for the slog.

    Anyways, I hope Dhoni’s attitude towards these two really opens the eyes of those who are unabashed Dhoni supporters. When the going is good, all the faults get swept under the carpet…

    When it comes to Badri, he is getting a raw deal!! Pity not many people can see that…

  3. Srikanth Mangalam

    Give it a break. Badrinath’s demotion, on hind sight, may have been a strategic mistake. But, with Balaji, the best time for him to bowl today was during the break between the innings. He absoutely had no clue where to pitch the ball. In general, I was a bit surprised that the Chennai bowlers did not hit the deck as much today.

    I do not believe there is any form of bias against the TN players. I just do not think that they have done enough to being given a look. Badrinath has not done much in high profile games (outside IPL). While I think the selectors should still give him a chance, I do not see anyone else from the TN even in the horizon. The only hopes, if at all, are Abhinav Mukund and Yo Mahesh.

  4. Totally agree Srikanth.

    To say that Balaji was bowled at the death because of a “bias” is nothing short of weird! Balaji was somewhat clueless last night. To say that his bad performance was due to a bias indicates a deep-rooted mistrust that needs rapid cleansing. It also indicates that the original commenter feels that Dhoni contrived to lose the game, through expressing his wickedly Machiavellian bias in this manner! This is conspiracy theory gone mad, in my view!

    I am personally tired of TN fans being the first to say that “zonal selection is the bane of Indian cricket” just as I am tired of TN fans bemoaning the fact that their players are not “pushed” enough. You can’t have it both ways!

    — Mohan

  5. Mohan, unfortunately you read too much between the lines and get it all mixed up!! I don’t think it says anywhere that Balaji is being bowled in the slog due to “bias”. It’s just poor captaincy on Dhoni’s part!! I do agree Balaji is nowhere near local (let alone international) class, yet if Chennai had to use him due to a paucity of players in their ranks, then they should have used him wisely. That was my point. It’s Dhoni’s attitude towards local players that is infuriating. Of course, Mohan…you can’t see it that way…I’m quite convinced you are blind!! 🙂

    And Srikanth, it may be wise to do some research before talking about Badri’s form. He has scored plenty of runs in all forms of cricket. He is among the leading scorers in India A matches (both home and away). In your opinion, if high profile matches are matches involving international stars, then he has to first be given an opportunity to show what he can do before you evaluate him. It’s like the chicken and the egg, remember? Please do some research before enlightening everyone about your ignorance about Badri!! 🙂 And if you have followed Indian cricket as passionately over the last 25 years, you will understand the pattern of bias that has always existed against TN!! Oh..BTW, Badri’s demotion was a strategic mistake (in every game?!!)…wonder how you can put up with a skipper who never learns from his mistakes!! Like I said, when somebody is in a purple patch, all his faults will go unnoticed!! Dhoni’s day of calling will come…

    Mohan, you can get tired all you want…it’s the truth unfortunately!! Zonal selection is the truth in Indian cricket and so is the “push”. As a culture we have tended to accept many wrong things as part of the system and this is also one!! My grouse was there was none to do the needful for TN!! And yes, I’m a passionate cricket fan and also a huge TN fan!! You can pretend to be the know-all and support unworthy guys like Uthappa all you want…ultimately class will prevail!!

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