All Super Kings come to a Royal End!

The IPL 2008 is over. And what a finish it was? Two teams with a similar hard approach to game gave it all and in the end the sheer brut of Yusuf Pathan saw the Royals grab the glitter. There really was no loser in the game today. Chennai fully deserved to walk away with their head held high because they fought hard and pushed it right till the end. One could endlessly argue tactics, mistakes, and opportunities but if a game ends on the last ball there really is only one winner, the game of cricket. I, unfortunately, missed Chennai’s batting but for watching the highlights ( I will catch all of it in a repeat telecast) and therefore cannot comment much on the same. Maybe, maybe, Badrinath ahead of Kapugedara could have given Chennai 20 more runs. Everything looks different on hindsight, doesn’t it.

As Dhoni rightly said, Chennai has no reason to be unhappy because they played like champions in the last few games. Shane Warne was a gentleman and a winner in his comments sharing this victory with the people of Rajasthan. In the end it was all about two champion leaders. One, who according to Ian Chappell was the greatest captain that Australia never ahead and other who is on his way to becoming the greatest captain that India may ever have. Dhoni’s approach to the game as a player and as a leader is remarkably refreshing. His transparent, straightforward, and “keep it simple” methods combined with very little ego-interference is a great sign for the future of Indian cricket.

I will miss the IPL, miss all the fun and excitement, the intensity and tension, the synergy and bonding amongst players of different nationalities, races, sizes and shapes, and wonderful cricket that was played. I cannot wait for the trades and accquistions for next year, the plans and strategies, the coup by the English players and start of IPL 2009.




8 responses to “All Super Kings come to a Royal End!

  1. Chennai did not deserve to win the final..
    They dropped catches and Dhoni made a bad decision of not sending in Badrinath..

  2. Dhoni’s reluctance to use Badri ahead of Kapugedara was bizarre to say the least. CK had 8 runs so far in the tournament @ 78 SR and Badri has been one of the best finishers with a SR exceeding 145. Dhoni’s biggest problem is his reliance with “internationals” and not on locals players.

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  4. A question asked from a position of genuine ignorance… What was Kapugedara’s role in the team? Does he bat or bowl or field? Neither was obviously evident from last night’s finals match.

    — Mohan

  5. Balaji, I think looks demotivated and needs to fire resolve to make it big again. All the guy needs is opportunities which he is being denied all the time.

    My comments were only about treatment to Badri. I think he has already given enough proof of his capabilities in this tournament.

    Kapugadera was a burden to the team today. He is supposed to be an off spinner. and I wonder why he was never used.

    I thought Dhoni would use him sometime to fill in for atleast one of Balaji’s overs so that he can get one of his inform bowlers bowl the last over.

    Anyways it was a great game of cricket.

    I’m happy Badri could at least make some money out of IPL.

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  7. I’m glad Dhoni lost!! I feel this inspite of Chennai being my team!! Dhoni deserves to lose more so people can see his high-handedness!!

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