Shane Warne to change his name!

With his popularity in the IPL, it looks like the whole of India is celebrating Shane Warne after he led the Rajasthan Royals team to victory in the inaugural version of the IPL.

Prem Panicker has written about S. K. Warne’s exploits and leadership skills. Times of India, Hindusthan Times, CricInfo and everyone who has anything to do with cricket in India is writing about S. K. Warne’s exceptional cricketing abilities. Bollywood is said to be interested too.

So much so that S. K. Warne is seriously said to be considering a name change to Shane Kumar Warne 🙂

— Mohan

5 responses to “Shane Warne to change his name!

  1. Mohan,

    For his exploits , on and off the field, the more apt name for Warnie will be KILLAADI !

  2. Of course, Shane being short for Shaneeshwaran.

  3. Many years ago (I think during the 1996-97 series against the Windies), when Warne came on to bowl, my uncle said “And here comes Shani Maharaj!”

  4. He should change his name or what ?

  5. what to do with his name…lol?

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