Daily Archives: 22 June 2008

More thoughts on the ‘switch’ hit

Firstly let us look at the LBW law. batsmen are not given out LBW when a ball is pitched outside the leg stump because an umpire may find it difficult to judge if the ball will hit the stumps or not. Now with switch hit being allowed, technically a batsman can be out to a ball pitching outside the leg stump! So if he can be out when he switch hits why can’t he be given out when he straight hits!

Next what could prevent a batsman like Ganguly to take a right hander’s stance every time a fast bowler runs in and then quietly change around. Since he becomes a right hander by their ruling he cannot be given out LBW when the pitches outside his ‘current’ off stump  because he took guard as a right hander! Similarly for right handers, they can just take guard right handed and turn around as the bowler begins his run up.

Also batsmen can now take guard anyway they want to confuse the bowler further on which side of the wicket they have to bowl! Great time for batsmen I say! My son will never practice bowling in school!

— Sanjay