Anil Kumble censured…

The BCCI has slapped Anil Kumble’s wrist for divulging selection matters in the media.

In response to a question from a Mumbai Mirror reporter on why two wicketkeepers were chosen, Anil Kumble indicated that he insisted on two ‘keepers for the tour. He added — and this is perhaps where the BCCI has developed a rash under its collar — that while the selectors pumped for Rahul Dravid as a second ‘keeper, he insisted on a second ‘keeper and got Parthiv Patel picked for the job.

His comment on this was:

“As captain I am aware that there could be problems if the specialist were to pull a muscle or have a runny stomach on the morning of a Test. There was a suggestion that Rahul (Dravid) be the second wicketkeeper, but I persuaded the committee to view things from Indian cricket’s point of view and advantage.”

Is this wrong? Perhaps. Does this deserve a public censure from the BCCI? Perhaps not.

I think the BCCI would do well to issue an open letter to anyone that seeks and gets a BCCI media accreditation pass that the media are to refrain from asking questions on selection. Plain and simple. The BCCI wants to control what gets said, written and reported in the media. Surely, the only way to control this would be to control it at the source!


2 responses to “Anil Kumble censured…

  1. If I was Kumble I would tell the BCCI to shove it. His comment was reasoned ,polite & gave to the public some of the thinking behind selections.

    His comment was totally appropriate and was informative to the fans who, after all are the ones who pay EVERYBODYS wages

  2. You know who likes secrets…

    Do you like to fight injustice?

    Yes, that is truly an exceptional quality you have.

    Please sign the Save our Bill Lawry petition to keep the Corporate vultures from ending the career of our favourite excitable one.

    Think of the children.

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