Daily Archives: 26 July 2008

Spin – A forgotten art for the Indians

At the risk of being criticized for being critical of Indian team after the defeat, I am going ahead and writing my views on the just concluded test match. Indians lost the game simply because we have forgotten to play spin bowling. The Indian batsmen have not encountered spin bowling in India for more than 10 years now. We have lived under the pretext that Anil Kumble is a spinner all this while. How pathetic can it be when the Sri Lankan spinners have claimed 20 wickets between themselves and Kumble did not even manage to get one. The big four rarely play games in Indian domestic cricket and even if they do so, they get exposed to mediocre spin bowling. The Indians have fallen to Michael Clarke, Andrew Symonds, Shahid Afridi and Arshad Khan in recent times leave alone the quality of Muralitharan and now, Mendis.

Tendulkar (partially in the second innings) and Laxman seemed to be the only players to have the ability to play out some of the quality bowling and, I guess, more out of memory than real practice.

India cannot simply rely of fast bowlers to get them out of trouble and win test games. The current pacemen are good, exceptional in exceptions, but not world class. They are certainly not a dependable bunch. India can still pull out victories from nowhere in other countries with the pace battery but a win in Sri Lanka is only possible if we match spin with spin. We need spinners, quality spinners. Kumble and Harbhajan don’t seem to cut it.

Expecting grenades,

– Srikanth