Sri Lanka lose second test (to Delhi!)

The two Delhi openers and their opening fast bowler (on the final day) with a significant contribution from their Punjabi neighbor won the test for India handsomely. The Sri Lankan batting looked very ordinary on the final day as the Indians through some lethal pace bowling and good catching ran through the line up. It was a good team performance on the final day but it is impossible not to recognize that this test match was hardly an Indian victory but for the fact that Sehwag single handled carried the Indian batting. While it bodes really well for the future that we have a really good opening pair, Ishant Sharma is not a one series wonder, and that Harbhajan can still trusted as a test winner, the famous five did not make it count.

The top Indian batting has to absolutely click in the final test if India wants to consider itself as serious contender for the test championship title. The Indians should consider playing Rohit Sharma in the next test match. I am not going to speculate as to who should be replaced but the replacement should happen if India has any long term plans. Also, I do not think it is a bad idea to test Parthiv Patel out in the next test match. Realistically, I fear, India will claim to play it safe and play the same eleven in all the three test matches.

This post is not to meant put a dampener on the victory but the victory did not seem to taste as sweet as the ones in England or at Perth! Interesting days ahead!

– Srikanth

8 responses to “Sri Lanka lose second test (to Delhi!)

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  2. Veeru really clinched it for us. I was pleasantly surprised with Harbhajan’s performance. Frankly I would have definitely dropped him but I guess I have to accept that Anil Kumble knows more cricket than me! Personally though the 56 run partnership between Dravid & Sachin yesterday evening in about 13 odd overs was crucial. This was the phase when India had just lost Gambhir to a peach from Mendis and Dravid had still not settled in completely. But Sachin and Dravid batted positively and showed everyone how a couple of mature heads can handle the situation. It was unfortunate that Sachin got suckered into and Dravid got a rough won on the review. India had done well abroad in the past because of the performance of its pacemen. Ishanth was terrific today and I hope Harbhajan keeps it going. Interesting third test to look forward to. Though not very spectacular this is an important victory. especially since the Indians were not very well prepared in the aftermath of the IPL and a couple of ODI series. But they are coming into the groove nicely now.

  3. Srikanth

    Nice one.

    One way to look at it is “If the Indians could do this well with the Fab-Five not contributing much, imagine the possibilities if they do fire?”


    Sehwag played a terrific hand and that is why he is so important in the overall scheme of things.

    [Soap-box-rant commence]

    I really do despair when people say, “But for Sehwag, India would have lost the game”! Duh! Sehwag plays for India! Moreover, I’d counter with “If Sehwag had got out early, Ganguly would have made 200”. I’d look like a goose saying it — and I just will not say it — but there’s no way anyone can disprove that statement other than resort to a “balance of probability” argument! Just as Smith played a terrific hand to seal the series in England for RSA, so did Sehwag in this match. Someone had to stand up and be counted. He did.

    My point is that in a team game, the ideal situation is when everyone contributes bits and pieces to the victory (Perth and Leeds spring to mind), but then there are lone hands too that win team games and I despair when people say “But for X, Team-Y will not have won.” It just rankles and goes against the spirit of “team”.

    This is not an attack on your view Srikanth. So please don’t take it that way. Its just something that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest and used this as a soap-box-opportunity!

    — Mohan

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  5. Mohan

    Whilst your point is valid Sehwag is there and so you would expect him to perform but the danger is that perhaps it masks underlying problems

    The overall margin was 170 runs. India had opening partnerships of 167 & 90. SL had 4 & 4.

    The game was won & lost by the openers, bowling & batting.

    Not only that but I think the only other 50 scored by an Indian batsman was by the other opener. Perhaps his influence is greater than just the runs

    Three SL batsmen got 50’s but no 100’s

    Sehwag got a double hundred. It was an extraordinary effort & I suspect one of the great innings of all time.

    As you say somebody else may have stepped up to the plate (although given the time available the opportunity was there & they didn’t)

    The danger is that the win will cover up the need for generational change. I think the subsequent post regarding the future was very relevant.

    How Sehwag was not initially selected for the Australian tour remains a mystery but perhaps as a wiser man than me recently wrote (albeit about the English selectors

    “form is temporary but selctorial incompetence is permanent”

  6. Srikanth Mangalam

    Mohan, your point is well taken. The fact remains, and I agree with The Pav, that the opportunity was there but was not taken by the Gangulys and the Dravids.

    Sanjay, while I agree that the 13 overs played by Dravid and Tendulkar and especially the way Tendulkar approached the game was a key passage, I was disappointed the way they got dismissed.

    Anyway a victory nevertheless. It will always appear in Kumble’s record books and the fab four were there….

  7. Mohan, Great article, You hit the nail on the head. If it wasn’t for the startling hitting of Sehwag India would have definitely lost the game and the series. what amazed me the most was the way he composed himself during the first innings carrying the bat throughout and even supporting his lower order like the way he did. He clearly was not looking to score the double century, he was looking to put as many runs on the board as possible for India, and to give India the best chance he could to win the match. Before this match, India had won only once out of four matches when Sehwag had scored atleast a double century.

    The Famous five have a lot of thinking to do.

    If you guys want, read my blog if you get a chance, I just started it to share my thoughts about the cricket world, matches and such.

    Great article

    – CWO

  8. I apologize for the mistake, I meant to say “Srikanth, Great article”. I just happened to be reading the article right above this as well. Please edit my comment and delete this, if necessary to save bandwith.

    – CWO

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