Silver Lining…

India’s loss to Sri Lanka in the Test series, with the Flab Four indulging in a “rabbits in headlights” muddle through, resulted in a silver-lining for a perpetual recent bridesmaid of Indian cricket. Thanks to Sachin Tendulkar injuring himself in the 3rd Test, Badrinath got a call-up as his replacement for the ODIs.

Earlier, Badrinath had spoken out fiercely for the first time on being overlooked yet again. The appalling aspect of his initial non-selection was that none of the selectors bothered talking to him about where he actually stood and whether or not he was at all in the frame. Surely, this is not the way to go about team selection! If selection is all about putting a team on the park for the next game, any dill would do!

Badrinath said earlier, “I’m lost, I don’t know where to go from here. None of the selectors have ever told me where I actually stand. I would love to know where I am lacking so that I can work on that.”

Worse still, after being “over taken” first by Rohit Sharma and then by Manoj Tiwary, the last straw for him was when he was over-taken by Virat Kohli.

When asked, Bupinder Singh Sr, one of the selectors, said that selection matters were confidential — so much for transparency!

Anyway, Team India’s Test Series loss, and Sachin Tendulkar’s injury meant a silver lining amidst a dark cloud.

Subsequent to this loss, I can’t imagine that a “do nothing strategy” will work for the selectors. It has worked quite elegantly for India up until now. There will be shrill calls for team change — often the only way change really happens in India!

Effigy makers are already rubbing their hands in glee as they hear their cash registers ring! I guess that’s the only way change is possible in Indian cricket! Sigh!

After all… When a “Why fix it, unless it is totally and irreparably broken?” mantra is the over-riding philosophy, what’s the point of a strategic plan? Crisis Management is the name of the game. Always.

Anil Kumble has been horribly unlucky with the “Review” system in the Test Series against Sri Lanka. He is bound to head back home dejected and disappointed not merely because of his misfortune with the “review” system! But because he has a far more important “Review” on his hands as he heads back to Bangalore to cool his heels. He would need to carry out a fearless and frank “Review” of Indian cricket’s strategic road-map. One is needed desperately and neither the BCCI nor the selectors have shown either the wherewithal or the interest or the courage to carry it out. It has to be up to Anil Kumble. He needs to “Review” Indian cricket and where it is headed in the next 5 years, which, despite the doomsday-ness of my postulation, is in desperate need for a large dose of courage.

Currently, when it comes to a strategic roadmap for Indian cricket, Anil Kumble has the luxury — another silver lining perhaps? — of having a blank piece of paper to work with. The people charged with this responsibility seem to have their hands only on confidentiality clauses and, of course, the cash register! That lot and the effigy-makers are making the money while Indian cricket suffers!

Meanwhile, more meaningless ODI cricket awaits us. A few wins there will make us forget this tragic loss, which, one hopes, will not be brushed under tattered and listless carpets.

— Mohan

7 responses to “Silver Lining…

  1. not yet confirmed mate .. that badri would replace … and I wonder if they’d use him … these guys are stupid enough to say that one experienced chap ought to be replaced by another .. some ganguly or dravid ….

  2. For once some other sport took the day today. India’s first ever olympic gold in shooting is cause for celebration!!

  3. Dhoni is a smart cookie – look at the way he made himself unavailable for the Test series! A double whammy for him: it proved what a flop the ‘seniors’ are and showed himself in fav light.

  4. Well, I’m happy he got his chance finally. But then, we’ll have to wait and see if he will get to actually play or be relegated to the sidelines by his skipper. In the tour game, VK got the go-ahead…

  5. Mohan, I agree with you. The test was lost after the dismissals of both sehwag and gambhir. In my opinion they were the best batsmen we had, and the seniors were a big disappointment.

    Kssuresh, I’m not sure how or why Dhoni would want to do that. Sure, it made the seniors look bad, but Dhoni isn’t some sort of a magician batsman, nor has he proven to be a prolific test scorer to show himself in fav light. If anything India missed him at the gloves and that’s about it.

    The Test series was lost due to our batting. Our bowling was sufficient enough to give us a chance of a win, assuming the batsmen would perform.

    Hopefully the selectors will start to systematically replace the seniors one by one with young blood, and within a year we should see a different team, any knee jerk reactions will only result in more disappointments and embarassing series losses.


  6. Badrinath deserved a chance after his notable performances in the IPL… I guess he has waited too long for comfort and as you said, he would have felt really bad when Virat Kohli was considered ahead of him.. Lets hope he gets to play atleast a couple of games… Dhoni step up!!!

  7. Chance to win one day series.

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