Now it is official…

Tony Greig in an interview posted on the Cricketnext website has spelt out something that most of us long suffering fans of Indian Cricket have known.

‘Indians don’t retire, they’re kicked out’

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The Black Irishman

4 responses to “Now it is official…

  1. Badrinath squanders another opportunity to seal his place in the team whereas Virat kohli grabs the opportunity.And we keep wondering why TN players don’t get selected in the national squad!

  2. Paddy,

    This issue is as old as the hills. Unless things have changed recently, this is even more so in state cricket.

    You might remember Vishy captaining Karnataka well into the early ’90s. (He finished in Tests in ’83 if I recall) when he was well past his prime. He would regularly score four or five runs and toddle off. Nobody had the guts to drop him.

    The import of coaches is now accepted worldwide. It is now time that Selection Committees also become guns for hire. The BCCI should boldly offers Messrs Hilditch and co a three year contract to pick the central contract list, add and importantly, prune as necessary.

  3. This was posted yesterday…but didn’t show up. Let me try again…

    harinee, I agree with you about Badri squandering an opportunity today but it also doesn’t help that Virat opens the innings while Badri is a no:7 bat.

    In general, I feel that both Badri and Rohit Sharma are being wasted so low down the order. I know Dhoni has been very consistent, but my line of thinking is that guys like Yuvraj, Dhoni etc can provide impetus in the middle and end of the innings…they don’t need to build the innings. On the other hand, both Badri and RS are players who need a little time to settle down and then start ticking. Besides, if quick wickets fall, you do have Yuvraj and Dhoni to back on. So my batting order would be Virat, Gambhir, Raina, RS, Badri, Yuvraj, Dhoni and the others.

    In the post match ceremony, Dhoni mentioned that he had fever the previous day and that’s why he was so visibly struggling during the innings. That begs the question, then why promote yourself? If either RS or Badri had come in at that time, they would have also had the time to build their innings and Dhoni could have come later and thrown his bat around.

    I know there is another line of thinking that any player should be able to play at any position…I feel that applies very well to T20 cricket but in the ODI format, there still is the need to build an innings..and I would utilize players according to their skill sets. Fro all their success, I’m quite sure Dravid, Laxman and even Sachin have done better coming top of the order rather than finishing an innings. Again I don’t say this as a comparison or wanting to send someone scurrying after stats!! But closing the innings is a specialist job (Jadeja, even Dhoni has done it superbly in the past) and I feel the batting order must reflect that.

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