I am back

I never actually left, but I haven’t blogged in i3j3 for a long time and thought I’d break the silence with a post today. So, what’s been happening in Indian cricket lately?

India won the ODI series in SL

After a horrid start to the series, India made a good comeback to beat SL in SL – a big achievement, really. They’ve never done this in the past and the credit should go solely to MS Dhoni. After the pathetic performance in the tests and the 1st ODI, I had (like many others) written this side off, and somehow they managed to pull through to win the series. Well done, guys.

The Champions Trophy got postponed

I am usually glued to the idiot box when the Champions Trophy is on, but that doesn’t mean I fully approve of this tournament. It is kind of like a World cup, but isn’t. It doesn’t have the importance or stature of the World Cup and International Cricket could well do without this tournament in its already packed schedule. ICC could get rid of tournaments like this and the Afro-Asia cup and nobody would miss them.

India not playing any tournaments during the Champions Trophy gap

What the …? This came as a surprise to me – I am really glad BCCI didn’t sign up for a quadrangular or triangular or some x-angular tournament to fill up the gap created by the postponement of the Champions Trophy. They apparently want to use the time to prepare for the upcoming Australian Test series. What the…?

Cramped Tour Itinerary for NZ tour announced

Yes. That sounds like the BCCI we have all come to know and love. For a very brief moment I thought BCCI was actually changing the way they think. Oh, well –  back to reality, now.

India are going to be playing 19 days of cricket in 33 days. The longest gap they get between any two matches will be 2 days. Yep, that’s right – 2 days. Unless, of course we finish the 5 day test matches in 3 days…Going by what happened in NZ in the previous series, we are sadly quite capable of doing that.

Indian selectors to be made paid positions

We have advocated this in this blog in the past, and I am very happy that the BCCI has decided the positions in the Selection committee are to be made paid positions. Ok, they are only recommendations made by the working committee at this stage, but I would expect this to be accepted soon. Now they will have more accountability and responsibility.

Next step – getting selectors from overseas. Oh wait, What am I am thinking? They first have to move away from the mentality of appointing one selector from each zone…


4 responses to “I am back

  1. Mahesh,

    “Next step – getting selectors from overseas. Oh wait, What am I am thinking? ”

    Nothing wrong with that at all. Coaches, Physios, Head-shrinks and bowling coaches from overseas are all part of the game now.

    The BCCI must cut the Gordian knot of zonal considerations. A good way would be to appoint selectors with a track record of instituting change.

    P.S. I had my tongue in cheek when making a similar comment to Paddy’s post, however the tongue is now emerging from its warm confines!

  2. +1.

    Couldn’t agree more about overseas selectors. Remember that Rod Marsh was a selector for England a while back. I think it does remove a fair bit of zonal bias too…

    Of course once you are a selector, you have to watch a lot of domestic matches. You know who would make a great selector for India – Greg Chappell 🙂

  3. @10yearslate – I hadn’t read your comments to Paddy’s post when I wrote the article and the response to your comment.

    I was actually serious about appointing an overseas selector 🙂

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