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Gary Kirsten in the wars with BCCI!

Team India cricket coach, Gary Kirsten, has been warned by BCCI secretary, Niranjan Shah, to stay away from the media!

This, after an interview that Gary Kirsten gave to Times of India, in which he commented on the different styles of captaincy of Anil Kumble and M. S. Dhoni.

Niranjan Shah reacted angrily to this interview and retorted that “it is selectors’ job to decide about the captaincy issue.”

Sure it is the selectors job to decide on who will be Team India Test captain, but I, for one, do not believe that Gary Kirsten was saying anything profound that would sway the decision on the captaincy issue one way or another!

So, what did Gary Kirsten say?

He said,

“(Dhoni) is ready for (Test captaincy) but there is no need to rush as of now. Anil (Kumble) has done an exceptional job. He is a great leader and he is toiling in many overs for India. He is prepared to do 30 overs in a day. But he is on the other side of the physical side of the game. MS is a great thinker. He has got fantastic skills in terms of understanding the situation. He is the best ODI batsman in the world. He plays every situation really well. He is a very good keeper as well.

Their characters, their strategies are different. Their thinking is different but they both are exceptional cricketers and in different formats of the game they have proved their worth. They lead from the front and lead by example.”

It seems to me that that is a Coach’s assessment of the relative strong suites of Dhoni and Kumble! It seems innocent enough to me except, perhaps, the comment around “there is no need to rush as of now”. But surely, that is not a “let us get our knickers in a knot” moment! Perhaps Niranjan Shah’s knickers are perhaps made of thinner material.

Would it not be in the best interest of Indian cricket if BCCI issue a gag-order on Niranjan Shah?

— Mohan