India Vs Australia :: 1st Test :: Bangalore :: Day-2

At the end of day 1, the SBS score card read 2-1, mainly because of the wicket that fell in the last over of the day. From the Australian point of view they still had 6 wickets in hand and they had already scored 254 runs. Plus, Mr. Cricket was still at the crease.

From India’s point of view, a couple of early wickets in the morning could put them in front. Watson, Haddin and White – the next three batsmen had good first class batting averages, but were untested at this level. The first session was going to be crucial for both teams.

Pre-lunch session:

Shane Watson started the day positively with a single of the very first ball. Here is an all rounder who just hasn’t lived up to his potential and this was his big chance to prove that he belonged at the highest level. Sadly he lasted just 14 balls. He survived a close LBW call of the first ball of Ishant’s second over and was bowled out a couple of balls later. Australia had just added another 5 runs to their over night total and India appeared to be very much in the game.

This brought Haddin in to the crease. He started out tentatively and Ishant seemed to trouble him a bit, but he hung in there and by lunch time stitched up a fine 74 run partnership with Hussey. They went in with the score on 333/5. In spite of the early set back, the session belonged to Austalia, and the SBS score card at that stage was 3-1 in favour of Australia.

Post-lunch session:

Hussey was not out on 92 when play stopped for lunch. The spinners were not that effective -  Harbhajan didn’t trouble the batsmen a great deal and Kumble had already conceded 100 runs without taking a wicket. Ishant Sharma opened the bowling right after lunch and had an impact straight away. He almost had Hussey as a thick inside edge missed the stumps and went to the boundary to give Hussey his hundred.

Ishant’s spell was  outstanding. In his 2nd oveBut more r  after lunch, he gave India the break through they were looking for – he had Haddin caught at short cover of a slower ball and 2 overs later, White followed suit in a similar fashion. All three wickets in the day at that stage had fallen to Ishant Sharma who should be complimented for getting something out of a otherwise flat wicket that offered no assistance to the bowlers.

The partnership between Hussey and Haddin yielded 91 runs and the score at the fall of Haddin’s wicket was a round 350 runs. When White was out, the score was 362 for 7.  India was hoping to quickly wrap up the tail and should consider itself unlucky that Lee wasn’t given out LBW to the second ball he faced off Harbhajan Singh. (The BDS should read 6-2 in favour of Australia at this stage). At Tea, Australia had moved to 416 – they had added 83 runs in that session losing 2 wickets, and the SBS scorecard was still in favour of the Aussies at 3.5 to 1.5.  But more importantly, Australia were looking at a 450+ score at that stage

Post-tea session:

I am not sure what Zaheer had during the Tea break, but whatever it was did the trick for India. In the two overs he bowled after Tea, he had Lee, Johnson and Hussey all clean bowled. The Aussies finished up with a score of 430. 9 of the 10 wickets had been taken by the fast bowlers and only one went to the spinners (and even that was a debatable decision). Kumble went wicketless even after conceding over a hundred runs and Harbhajan was just ordinary. The fielding was also very ordinary through out the day and  the Indian fans were really hoping for a good batting performance from the Indians.

Sehwag and Gambhir did not disappoint – they were aggressive and yet careful (except for the running between the wickets – which seemed very risky on a couple of occasions). In the 18 overs they played before rain interrupted the game, India had reached 68 without losing any wickets – which was pretty good going. Sehwag finished the day on 43 and Gambhir is on 20.

Sehwag in particular looked very confident and he may well hold the key to how well India respond to the Australian total tomorrow. The post-tea session belonged to India and the SBS score card should read 3.5-2.5 still in favour of Australia. There was one close shout for LBW, which hawkeye seemed to indicate would have clipped leg stump – Most umpires in the world wouldn’t have given that out, but let us modify the BDS scorecard as Australia 6 – India 3.

Notable mentions:

  • Hussey’s innings was just sensational. Without Hussey holding the middle order and the tail together, the Aussies would have been all out for a far lesser score. He is not known as Mr. Cricket for nothing..
  • Zaheer took a five-for, something that doesn’t happen often enough on Indian grounds. So, well done, Zaheer.

The first session is going to be very crucial for India. They may be 68 for no loss, but they are still well short of the Australian total. All we need is another big hundred from Sehwag tomorrow…and some good support from the other batsmen 🙂

7 responses to “India Vs Australia :: 1st Test :: Bangalore :: Day-2

  1. That man Ganguly has done it again

    Perfect timing–cunning or cowardly ?
    He knows that BCCI will not take any action during a crucial test match

    Not so long ago, PCB suspended Showy Akhtar for physical altercation with a fast bowler that could unseat him!
    Then Bhajji slapped the rapper Srisanth and copped a loss of ONE CRORE rupees , thanks to the hanging judge Engineer

    Now let us see—is physical assault more dangerous than verbal tirade?

    Physical pain will disappear in a few days

    Mental indignation will linger longer—and dada will be well aware of this

    Has he brought the game into disrepute?

    Will BCCI have the guts and balls to call Ganguly’s bluff, appoint F Engineer to hear the charges, buy a one way ticket to Kolkota as soon as the Bengaluru test finishes and hence, bring a premature retirement to the GREAT MAN!!!!

  2. What are you on about Sampath Kumar?

  3. I wonder why there was no mention of the C&B. When Haddin was about 15 he spooned one to Kumble. Kumble picked it up and just was smiling ear to ear…the appeal was unnecessary…but haddin not given. If the review system was there…Haddin would have been toast…who knows what the score may have been. In any event…key is to dominate tomorrow not loose wickets and end the day close to 350 or so…surge ahead on day 4 and apply pressure on day 5…seems well poised

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  5. Raghuram,

    Ganguly’s ravings are on Times of India, Cricinfo, Deccan Herald and a number of cricket blogsw that one can pick up by googlong!!!

    Just a few snippets ” I failed in one series only”
    ” every Tom, Dick and harry is still in the team,” ( meaning they were also failures)

    Now the mother of all pearls

    ” some of the players have had more hair changes in the past years than they have scored runs!!!!”

    Sledging an opponent is “mental degradation”

    Sledging one’s own brothers and sisters in arms—is what the traitors did during a war!

  6. Raghuram,

    Looking at the photographs of Indian test team over the past 3 years—for hair changes, only TWO stand out

    Dhoni who has had 3 or 4 changes

    Shewag–2 or 3 changes –lioke shaving his head

    Is Ganguly jealous of Dhoni and Shewag in the team?

  7. Sampath:

    I seriously doubt any sane person would commit such a Hirakiri before the retirement series…Ganguly I think, has got some grey cells left still.

    While Ganguly denies the interview, The editor of the AajKaal hasn’t confirmed that the views published are Ganguly’s. He says he needs to investigate the truth with the reporter…

    Media could have done their Job (i.e – sensationalizing)

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