Aussies comment, Indians indulge in a “verbal assault”

These gems are from Malcolm Conn from “The Australian” — and for those of you that do not know “The Australian” or Malcolm Conn, Conn is the senior guy in the stable that produced Peter Lalor! Perhaps Malcolm Conn, like Lalor is an Indofile too huh?

Anyway, Conn screams India turns up verbal assault but Ponting sticks to his game plan.

Meanwhile Saint Ponting suggests rather demurely, respectfully, sagaciously and in his usual sanguine, pipe-in-one-hand-brandy-in-the-other statesmanlike manner, without an inkling of a verbal assault in his tone — after all, the bastards who indulge in “verbal assault” must eat different stuff or look different — that India is in a spin over Anil Kumble’s future!

Is it the water they drink at “The Australian”?

— Mohan

6 responses to “Aussies comment, Indians indulge in a “verbal assault”

  1. I agree with Dilip V. that Kumble should NOT have played the first test, if he was not 100 % fit.

    A fit Kumble in the second innings, could have bowled them out for a low score and thus India could have won the match.

    IIRC, Zaheer Khan did the same thing, played test at Melbourne, when he was not fit and bowled only 5 overs and left the burden on 3 bowlers, which is not fair.

    India goes into a match only with 4 bowlers and no all-rounder and 6 batsmen. So, if a bowler is injured, you have only 75 % efficiency.

  2. Kumble bowled a few balls at Bengaluru at 100 kmph–just a wee bit slower than A Agarkar and Robin Singh

    Hence, the team already has three seamers and just one spinner–who also likes to bowl more balls at 95 and fewer wicket taking balls at 83 kmph

    If AK wins the toss and bats today, that will give him two more days to rest and come back fresh and taunt the inexperienced Aussies

    With the selection of Australian debutant P Siddle, the average number of tests per Aussie is getting even fewer and that should certainly be an advantage for Team India

  3. @gnbmdr

    Let me get this straight! So you think it was an unfit Kumble that toiled for 43 overs in the 1st Innings? That is just the most ridiculous thing I have heard this year! I do not agree with Dilip Vengsarkar. A player of Kumble’s stature — remember he played with a fractured jaw once — is suddenly in the dock for not bowling in the 2nd innings due to injury that he picked up during the Test?

    Only in India! Only by Indians!

    — Mohan

  4. What’s happening to this world when Sampath leaves a message in support of the Indian Cricket Team…? Has the world started to spin backwards? Have we entered some parallel universe. What’s next Mr Kumar? Are you going to tell us all how good Venkatesh Prasad is…?

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