Wish list

I started making a wish list before the series started, but never got around to posting it. Here is is no particular order –

  • Bowling team maintaining the over rate. The overs  bowled per day was quite appalling when India toured Australia last summer. There really is no excuse for poor over rates and fines/bans still haven’t done enough to fix this problem. The Indians are notorious for wasting time in the middle and the Aussies aren’t far behind when it comes to over rates. Take Day 1 of the second test for instance – the Aussies ended the day 5 overs short. Sure, there was some time wastage when Gambhir was hit on his helmet and fireworks stopping play (it will take me some time to get over this farce), but that can’t account for more than 2 overs (and I am being very generous here) and if play wasn’t extended by another half hour, we could have been well over 10 overs short for the day!
  • Good pitches for the series. That means no flat tracks (with no result in sight even after 5 days) or dust bowls (that yield a result in two days). It remains to be seen how the pitch holds up in Game 2 – so far, it has been quite flat with not much help to the bowlers, but the condition of the pitches change quite dramatically in India in just a day or two.
  • Result not decided by the toss: The pitch plays a huge role in this and is almost an extension of the previous point. If the toss is such a huge factor in the result of the game, we may as well just call the toss and then go home.
  • Play cricket and not the sledging game. I pay to watch the two teams play cricket and get entertained. I really don’t want to see a sledge fest.  Fortunately, we haven’t seen much of this in this series yet and I hope it stays that way. Unfortunately, the players are still baiting the opposition outside the field. Take Zaheer Khan for instance or Ricky Ponting. What’s up with the holier than thou attitude? – “We go about our cricket in different ways”. Nuff said about that. I just want the players to let their batting or bowling to do the talking.
  • Better umpiring. I don’t want to be too critical of the umpires – it is a hard job and mistakes do occur. But they also tend to alter the direction of the game and that is just not right. I am frankly disappointed that the review system isn’t being used in this series. Oh, well! Hopefully, we don’t see too many bad decisions that alter the course of of this series.



4 responses to “Wish list

  1. Good pitches for the series, Result not decided by the toss, Better umpiring these should really be given some serious thoughts by the ICC….

  2. Mahesh,

    Re Slow over rate, time wasting etc

    Already Law 42 has a number of clauses for penalties for batsman wasting time, fielding side wasting time etc

    Penalties include 5 runs to the opposition, a bowler being taken out of the attack even if he is not the culprit and one of his fielders is the offender.

    Unfortunately , the paper that the Laws are written are not even used for wiping one’s shithole!!

    Every tour has a different overriding clause that negates a number of Laws of cricket

    It is for the same reason that ICC will not use revision of decisions–they will find some reason not to upset players

    I can remember only one occasion in international cricket where this 5 run penalty was used a few years ago

    In Sth Africa, a couple of years ago, there was a 15 minute delay as to who can come in next at the fall of a wicket–as Sachin had been off the field for a long time–yet the next batsman to come in was not TIMED OUT—because this would have World War III

    When A Ranatunga held the game up for 30 minutes on Australian cricket ground –while talking on the cell phone to the authiotities in far away Colombo, the umpires should have awarded the game to the opposition—for conceding or refusing to play on—they didn’t

    We know what happened to D Hair when he STUCK to the Laws of Cricket–people abused him of lacking common sense, because it didn’t suit them!!
    For some time, fines were imposed—didn’t make any difference–just like fining tennis players 5000 dollars when they earn 10 million a year–the fines are paid by others anyway

    Or there will be appeals and protests–and we know the outcome!!

    ICC can not do anything–as the Officials of different playing countries tell what is good and what is bad for the game!!! In turn, these officials represent their valued commodity who bring in the money–STAAAAAAARS !!!!!

    The longer the umpires are castrated by the player and official controlled ICC, this thamashas will continue for eternity.

  3. Mahesh,

    Another Law changed to suit players.

    Law 42 Fair and Unfair Play

    If a fast or fast medium is bowled and goes over the head of a batsman in upright position, first one is a caution, second one Final warning and after the third, the bowler is taken out of the attack for the reminder of the innings.

    This is not followed in any of the International matches–instead it is called a wide!!! Tour conditions–if one wants–can override every one of the 42 Laws !!!!! Law is not only an Ass but it can be replaced by an ugly mother-in-law !!!
    Lee, Flintoff, Malinga, Ntini, Akhtar, Sharma et al are allowed to get away with harassing batsman by bowling over the head short pitched balls!!!

    A few years ago, in a Grand Final in our local competition, I and fellow umpire took the opening bowler out of the attack after 4 overs for the same offence and his team lost the match–what happens next?

    The clubs wanted the local players have the same rules–not LAWS–as for the inernational TV stars and the changed rule was brought in , to please the players and clubs!!

  4. I refer to the over the head high BOUNCERS

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