What will Kumble do?

While an Indian win in this test is still not a foregone conclusion, it is pretty close to one. Whatever the result, Amit Mishra has certainly arrived! It was masterstroke on the part of Dhoni and the selectors to resist the temptation of playing Munaf Patel or RP Singh on a perceived paceman’s pitch at Mohali and instead introduce a genuine replacement for Kumble. Mishra has bowled beautifully and, as Mahesh has stated, the ball to get Michael Clarke captured it all. The question that remains is what will Kumble do if he is fit enough to play on his “home”ground in Delhi. Ferozshah Kotla has been a favorite hunting ground for Kumble where he took all 10 wickets in an innings against Pakistan, has captured nearly 10% of his 616 wickets at an average of 15.41. Will VVS Laxman get unceremoniously dumped to accomodate the captain? Will Mishra make way despite a great start to his career to let the senior statesman continue his extended career? Will they play an unusual combination of two leg spinners and leave Harbhajan out? Will one the senior batsmen get “injured”? Will Kumble continue to remain unfit? Will Amit Mishra “injure” himself? All this remains to be seen… Interesting days ahead. In the interim, an interesting test match lies ahead.

– Srikanth

10 responses to “What will Kumble do?

  1. I think Kumble with naturally replace Amit Mishra for the next game. Thats how ideally it should be.

    Its a very positive sign than Mishra stepped up and bowled so well and he should be defly be aware that if even he doesn’t play in the next game, his place in the Indian team is sealed as a successor to Kumble.

    the other closest option I can see Laxman giving way to Mishra, But I see very less possibility.

  2. I agree with Karthick. The fact that Mishra has bowled well augurs well for Indian cricket. His turn will come. If he is fit, Kumble should play the next Test at Delhi, and probably step aside after the England series this December, knowing that there is someone in the wings ready and able to take over.

    Like Karthick, I would not like to see Laxman sit out the next game to make way for Mishra either. And the less we speak about Dravid opening (for Gambhir to sit out the game) the better!

  3. Srikanth Mangalam

    While I understand the fact that Mishra is a replacement for Kumble and will have to make way for Kumble to return, Indian are on a roll and Mishra has a lot to contribute to that. The Australians are struggling to pick him and, additionally, Kumble is really not in good form. Would India be able to seal the series in Delhi with the Kumble/Harbhajan combination? Is it worth risking the series at this point? I am certainly not saying that Kumble should be dumped. But it is a tricky situation for India, a good one to be in I suppose.

  4. Yes, as Ian Chappell says in Cricinfo, that is a good headache to have! Kotla is a made-for-Kumble pitch. He will play. Mishra will have to wait his turn!

  5. What about our selector Cheeka !! A brilliant move to select Amit Mishra for the tests instead of Piyush Chawla.

    Cheeka was a consensus builder as a captain and he was unceremonious dropped like other TN players – after sucessfully captaining the Pak series.

    I have a feeling that Cheeka is a lot more feel for the players than Dilip.

    On another topic, Lala Amarnath is the best Indian selector ever. Lala selected one player called GR Viswanath, after GV played only 3 balls in the nets and Lala said next. The next morning the guy who played only 3 balls, GR Viswanth s was selected for the test team, much to his surprise.

  6. gnbmdr,

    Re Vishy and lala

    I grew up in Bangalore watching Vishy graduate from local matches–including Sunday tennis ball tournament with BS Chandrasekhar and he did have talent

    Lala’s selection nearly misfired

    Vishy was out in the first innings for a duck in his debut against the Aussies–then he made a majestic 137 in the second innings

    Incidentally–in that match India played Bedi, Venkat and Prasanna–with Guha as an opening bpwler and Solkar was the all rounder and the other opening bowler

    For the Delhi test in 2 weeks – Laxman could be dropped, Zaheer plays as the bowling all rounder and open the bowling and 3 spinners in Anil K, Bhajji and Mishra make up the spinning triplets!!!

    History repeating itself!!!!

  7. To evaluate the talent of a youngster in the nets after playing 3 balls – in the days when there was no video – is amazing. Everyone would agree, that GRV is one of the best stroke players India has produced. GRV’s 97 Not out is probably second to VVS Laxman’s 281 ?

    Would not be surprised if VVS is dropped. VVS Laxman is the most elegant stroke player in the team – his on-drive is a picture of beauty.

  8. Laxman will not be dropped. It is in India’s interest to pack their batting so that they dont lose. In which case Aussies can best manage to square if they win final test. So for next two tests I dont think the batting will be disturbed.
    Now the danger of bringing Kumble is he will be under pressure as a bowler.He will also be compared with Dhoni in captaincy tactics.Best option if for him to admit that he has not recovered fully and await English team which will be easier to take wickets and win.
    For this series Dhoni should lead and Mishra should play

  9. @Shankar

    I don’t really think Kumble and this Indian team cares a monkey’s backside what the press in India think! So, the only people that do comparisons with Dhoni — the idiots in India — can go screw themselves really! Kumble and this strong Indian team are winning despite these goons. So, why pay attention now?

    I think the team will do what’s best for the team.

    Unlike you, I think India should look to win in Delhi AND in Kanpur. There is only one way to play — like the Aussies used to! When you have your foot on the pedal, you never take it off! So, to even think in terms of a draw in Delhi is to admit defeat in my books.

    India should think of winning in Delhi.

    — Mohan

  10. Mohan, The previous comment was not posted by me, who is a regular at your blog. This is someone else or somebody masquerading as me!! I just thought I should mention that…

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