Indian heat too much to handle?

Is Ponting finding the Indian heat too much to handle? And I am not talking about the temperature. There is the saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Ponting, the tough character that he is, hasn’t handled the situation well, though. Here are the signs that all is not well –

  • Ponting’s captaincy: Ponting has earned praise for his captaincy in the past. But in this series, it has been uninspiring. The Australians have been very defensive in this tour so far – whether it is their batting (defensive and slow) and their bowling (again, defensive and spread out fields) – and that is a direct reflection of the captaincy. IMHO, this is the main reason they couldn’t win the first test after being on top for the most part. And it is again the main reason, they are so much behind in this test.
  • Ponting losing confidence in his main strike bowler: For one whole session yesterday, Brett Lee didn’t get a bowl. He may not have had the success with the ball in the series so far – but bowling Hussey before Lee? Australian papers have written about this in detail (see Herald Sun, The Age and everybody’s favourite The Australian) and I don’t intend to go over it again. The sooner they resolve their differences, the better it is for the team as a whole.
  • Talking the walk: Did Ponting expect Sehwag to walk when he edged it? Surely, he doesn’t expect that. Or maybe the situation changes when you are close to 400 runs behind, desperate for a wicket and the opposition player nicks it. Ponting’s reaction seemed to be just that. Coming from a person who has always defended the players right not to walk, it comes across as a bit hypocritical. Or maybe Ponting was just wishing Sehwag on his birthday and we misunderstood everything…:)
  • Does Ishant have the wood on Ponting?: Ponting’s excellent century in the first test not withstanding, is Ponting struggling against Ishant. Yesterday’s dismissal was a classic. He set him up by bowling to him a bit fuller and dragging him forward. The one that got him out was a beauty pitching outside of off-stump, just short of good length and cutting back in sharply beating both bat and pad, thudding into the stumps. He had him plumb in the first innings too with a similar delivery. I am not sure if Ishant has the wood on Ponting (yet), but there is some vulnerability there and I am sure Ponting doesn’t enjoy the first few overs when he comes into bat and finds Ishant and Harbhajan bowling in tandem.


6 responses to “Indian heat too much to handle?

  1. Mahesh,

    Warne and McGrath enjoyed picking their BUNNIES in pre match predictions

    Can we expect I Sharma to do the same —pick Ponting–before the Delhi test , in front of his home crowd ?

  2. Brett Lee should be dropped for the next match.

    Australia missing McGrath + Warne + Gilchrist

    The fab five for Australia are: McGrath + Warne + Gilchrist + Ponting + Hayden

    After the retirement of Ponting and Hayden, Australia will be beatable even by West Indies.

  3. Pontings still 4 years from retirement, and there’s plenty of batting stocks back home waiting for a shot at the baggy green.

    Time to call up Shaun Marsh for Hayden…

  4. Spot on with your comments Mahesh. Punter has the dubious distiction of losing to B’desh in World Cup, losing the Ashes series and losing to SA after scoring 400+ in ODI. This series vs India, he has completely lost the plot if Greg Chappell has had ‘significant’ input into that, we can only thank GC for that. As I write, Haddin is gone. Go India, Punter can’t take the pressure he is only used to applying it on other teams.

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  6. @gnbmdr

    Brett Lee will not be dropped for the next game. I do not know why your solution to all known human problems is to either “drop” someone or “hit them with a stick” or “kick them in the backside”! He is a proven champion performer who is going through a rough patch.

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