An interesting parallel

Going into the Delhi test brings up an interesting memory…..

Several months ago, the visitors has been soundly thrashed by the completion of the second test. The third test venue was a fortress for the home team (Perth) and the only question at the start of the test was the margin of defeat for the visitors.

Sound familiar? Well, the visitors have called up a fresh opening batsman , just like the visitors had done back in Perth.

Dream on Oz fans 🙂

The Black Irishman

8 responses to “An interesting parallel

  1. Marsh is actually an exceptional talent . . .for all you know he might just help Australia level the series! Then again, if our bowlers keep up the good work we can easily wrap up the series . . .perhaps even 3-0?:)

  2. India were soundly thrashed in the Sydney test?

    You can’t be serious.

  3. The parallel as you say is interesting…There is a quandary re Kumble as well…the last 3 times he played there, he was man of the match.

    The only comment I would add would be India were not “soundly thrashed” in Sydney. India were playing 11 against 14 (if you include Proctor). I must say that the Indian fans made much about Bucknor not referring the Symonds stumping when he was 140 to the 111 umpire…the Indian team needs to figure out how Pointing can get Broad (referee) to talk about the decision (Broad said that Koertzen shd have sent it up for review)

    All that said, no room for complacency…India will have to fight hard to dominate at Kotla

  4. @raj

    Why is there a quandry with Kumble? What is the quandry?

  5. Kumble’s quandary is along the lines of ‘should I play or should I go?’ Is he even going to be fit? If so, do you drop VVS for Anil, or do you drop a guy that has just taken 7 wickets on debut?

    As for Shaun Marsh, I am quite surprised they have overlooked both Brad Hodge and Chris Rogers. Rogers was supposedly in contention with Jacques for JL’s spot, but hasn’t been mentioned since.

  6. theblackirishman

    Just to clear the air….I said “soundly thrashed by the completion of the second test”. That implies the first 2 tests combined.

  7. chris hutchinson

    @ theblackirishman

    I admire your guys ability to gloss over what you think is an “Indian negative.

    We dont need to dream in Oz!

    We’ve been DOING IT for ten years all over the world!

    Good luck on your journey to be No.1. If you get there. You may even stay!

  8. @mohankaus // 23 October 2008 at 8:28 am

    You ask what quandary re Kumble…Dileep Premachandran …talks about the quandary…

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